The last episode ended with impending doom! Felicity manages to divert a nuclear missile away from Monument Point but could not stop it wiping out a smaller town with thousands of residents. Oliver and Diggle found Damien Darhk drinking in the souls of the victims and ramping up his power! How will Team Arrow fight against an enhanced Darhk?!

Here’s our recap and review!

Starting with Damien Darhk. Oliver uses the only starting move he knows and fires a couple of arrows at him which vaporise before they reach their mark! Darhk claims that he didn’t even try to do that indicating how powerful he has grown!


Darhk quickly takes the duo down and they have to collapse the Nexus to give them a chance to escape.

In the domed city, Thea is under guard and Malcolm questions her about the location of Lonnie Machin.


The job of hunting him down has now been given to Mrs Darhk and Damien is continuing to recruit ex-prison inmates he broke out to their cause, this time it is Felicity’s hacker ex-boyfriend.


Team Arrow finally realise that Thea is missing and try to track her down. They find the entrance to the dome and enter the city! Oliver and John set about trying to locate Thea in the city and quickly find her tied to a chair. Setting her free, they find that Thea has been brainwashed by Malcolm again using the yellow pills.


She fights the pair and Malcolm arrives to assist. Oliver threatens Malcolm but he retorts by saying he knows Oliver won’t kill him so what is he going to do? Diggle arrives to rescue Oliver and they go on the run through the city, involving some awesome parkour arrow moves from Oliver!


The pair hide out in another house but are found by the occupants. They claim to be there to help but Mrs Darhk appears on their TV screens giving a broadcast to the city saying that the vigilantes are dangerous and should be killed.


The Civilians try to give them away but Oliver tries to talk them down. They reveal that none of the residents of the news city are drugged, they are true believers and think the world needs a reboot, Damien Darhk gave them hope.


This starts Oliver thinking, Darhk’s methods are horrible but maybe he has a point. The world is damaged and corrupt, things need to start again. Before he can continue with this train of thought John tells him to go and find Thea, they need to get her and get out.

Oliver find his sister quickly, or rather she finds him. She has her own bow and arrow set and threatens to turn him in. Oliver appeals to her to fight her conditioning and remember what they are fighting for, which surprisingly works!!  Merlyn turns up at the house and goes to kill John but is stopped by a recovered Thea.


Where’s Lonnie you ask? He has somehow made it into the HIVE control hub and takes control of the city wide broadcast. He calls our Damien Darhk and threatens to kill his family as well as everyone in the dome!


Oliver has had enough, he won’t let anyone else die so decides to go and stop Lonnie. He orders Merlyn to lead the evacuation of all the residents. Oliver has hope that they can save the people and stop Lonnie.

Team Arrow arrive to stop Lonnie. The room is filled with explosives making Lonnie feel invincible as the team cannot shoot him lest they set off an explosion. Lonnie goes to kill Mrs Darhk but a couple of arrows stop him, with one ricocheting and setting off an explosion.


Lonnie uses this distraction to stab Mrs Darhk with an arrow and manages to fight his way out. Mrs Darhk pleads with Oliver as she dies under a pile of rubble to save her daughter. Leaving the mother behind Oliver and co escape with Darhk’s daughter just in time to see the dome and the part of the city that was above it completely destroyed.

While all this has been going on, a large part of the episode focuses on Felicity’s family troubles. Felicity and he dad are still trying to deal with Rubicon. They bring in Curtis Holt for help. She starts off by telling him her dad is actually the Calculator and they get to work.


I didn’t like the family feud parts of the episode, so let’s summarise;

  • Donna is unhappy that Felicity is getting closer with her father;
  • They argue a lot;
  • Felicity tells Donna that she has been working with the Green Arrow and her father is helping;
  • We learn that Donna was the one that left, she ran away with Felicity
  • Felicity calls him dad;
  • Donna tells Noah to leave for Felicity’s good

Too much of the episode was taken up with this but now we can get back to the interesting bits.


Curtis has developed a way to overload Rubicon with data so that it cannot activate. Felicity’s ex-boyfriend is trying to combat this hack from HIVE HQ and sends electrical surges through their systems trying to shut them out. The three computer whizzes fight back and force him out of the system, and are successful in taking Rubicon off-line!

All in all not a good day for Damien Darhk. Malcolm tells him about his wife and that they are locked out of Rubicon. With no place left on Earth that is safe Darhk says “let it all burn”.


Oliver arrives at Felicity’s apartment and there is a brief celebration before Darhk shows up. Felicity tells him to go to Hell and he responds by saying he is going to bring Hell to us!!!


It wouldn’t be an Arrow episode without some obligatory flashbacks, the difference this time is that they are actually interesting!

Oliver and Diane are escaping from Reiter’s men and Diane gets riddled with bullets. Channelling the power of the idol she is not hurt and draws in the souls of the men she shoots! She now knows why Reiter stole the idol!


She has the strength to save her people but Oliver persuades her to start with saving the innocent people on the island.

It starts well but Diane is quickly becoming corrupted by the power as she tries to draw the essence out of a wounded man to make herself stronger. Oliver tries to stop her but she kills the man.

Oliver has no choice but to take the idol and run, straight into Reiter! Will we get a idol-powered smackdown?!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Felicity and Oliver are becoming closer again. She gives him a big hug and thanks him for not being dead!
  • Another trick arrow is seen as Oliver uses one to pick a lock.
  • How do the hackers hack without computer screens? They get blown out with the electrical surge.
  • The yellow pills cannot be overcome with torture but can be beaten with a stern talking to!
  • No body cares about the Donna / Noah relationship! Stop it!


  • Does John’s gun have sedative rounds? If not he has killed a lot of people!!
  • Team Arrow have inadvertently succeeded with Malcom’s plan from season 1! A huge chunk of the city has been destroyed and I think it is near the Glades!
  • Lonnie calling Thea ‘Mommy’ all the time is really creepy!

If you remove the Smoak family parts, the episode was really good. Fast paced and lots riding on the actions of Team Arrow. The revelation that the residents of the domed city weren’t brainwashed was surprising. How many more people support HIVE because they believe in what they are doing? This could lead to something much worse now that these people are presumably back in the city.

How powerful is Darhk now? He has the power of thousands of souls. Unless Oliver comes up with a way to ramp up his own magical power set before the final showdown I can’t see anyway they can win.


Of course this is Arrow so a successful plan will come out of nowhere but I am expecting there to be more heartbreak in the finale, possibly another member of Team Arrow losing the fight? Or will they settle for the Calculator sacrificing himself to protect Felicity?

Finally we had some decent flashbacks, they were short but are building up to an epic battle between Diane and Reiter with Oliver caught in the middle. The underlying issue I have with the Flash backs is that we are creeping closer to the time that Oliver gets rescued.


I think from now there is only a year before he returns to Starling City, so in the meantime all the other people on the island need to disappear and Oliver needs to be left alone to grow his beard and live like Robinson Crusoe. I think they may have forgotten how they started the show!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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