Now that Barry has his speed back he will be faced with an army of Meta-humans brought together by Zoom. Things will start to ramp up in this episode as it is the penultimate one of the season. Can the Flash save Central City from the forces of Zoom?

Here’s our recap and review!

Zoom’s army of Metas are laying waste to the city. The police are trying to fight back but they are more than outmatched. Joe is one of the officers leading the defence but gets surrounded in his car as the Metas trash it.


The Flash arrives to save the day, not only stopping the Metas attacking Joe but apparently stopping hundreds of them within seconds of each other. He has stopped the majority of Zoom’s ‘Metapocalypse’ (as Iris’ article calls it) already and is super positive about the teams chances of stopping Zoom for good.

That appears to be the main story point running through the episode. Barry’s time inside the speedforce has given him renewed confidence and he says himself that he is not scared anymore. ‘The universe is with them’. The rest of the team think he is being far too overconfident and it will end badly.

One of the team in particular that is worried is Caitlin. Zoom has let her go (for no apparent reason, I think this will be an important point in the future). She doesn’t think they can stop Zoom as she has seen what he is capable of.


Throughout the episode Caitlin is struggling being back on the team. She keeps getting flashes of Zoom and appears to be suffering from some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder. She tells Cisco that she is scared all the time and won’t ever be the same again, but being his usual positive self, Cisco tells her that she will.


A new threat has entered the field as one of Zoom’s commanders. The Black Siren, Earth-2 Laurel Lance is collapsing buildings with her Meta-human Canary Cry! The people at Arrow did say that we would see her again!


She uses her powers to collapse Mercury Labs and The Flash has to do some awesome rubble traversing the save the people inside, including Dr Mcgee who has figured out who he is! Is there anyone that doesn’t know the Flash’s identity?!

Meanwhile, Wally is trying to be a hero. He is following through with his promise of not wasting his second chance and wanting to help people. He appears to be tracking Meta-humans and helping Central City Citizens.

He quickly gets in over his head when helping a mugging victim, the Meta almost beats him down before Joe arrives and fires the Boot stopping him in his tracks. Joe of course tries to give him a dressing down but Wally won’t hear it, he needs to help!

Joe later asks Barry to talk to Wally  to try and convince him to stay out of the fight, at the same time as subtly telling Barry to not be to confident. The talk doesn’t go as Joe hoped as Wally convinces Barry that the fight is everyone’s. They all live in the city so it is their responsibility to fight back!


Zoom calls Barry out by burning the Flash symbol into the side of CCPD. Zoom tells Barry that they are the same. Same past, same powers but says that he will never win because he always has to be the hero, he can’t let people suffer and that is how Zoom will beat him.

Barry is sick of Zoom’s presence. He wants to stop all the Meta’s at once and the team get to work trying to develop something.

The Flash comes face-to-face with Black siren an hesitates, seeing the face of someone who was a close friend. She knocks him down with a sonic blast stunning him until Wally arrives and side-swipes her with his car, and providing an escape.

Reporting back to Zoom, Siren  tries to boast that she can take the Flash down. He didn’t think she would be able to and reveals that Siren is just a distraction so the Flash doesn’t see what he is really doing.


Team Flash have come up with a plan. They have developed a device (with their usual super-speed science) which will broadcast a signal that will disrupt the vibrational frequency of all the Earth-2 Metas and knock them out.

They have also developed some headphones that will protect Wells and Jesse from the signal but need more time to set the device up. Siren is active again so Cisco and Caitlin try to delay her.They disguise themselves as their Earth-2 counterparts Reverb and Killer Frost.

They try to convince Siren that if they work together they can stop Zoom and take the world for themselves. Siren works out they aren’t who they say they are almost immediately and goes to use a sonic blast but is knocked back by a ‘vibe’ blast from Cisco!

He tries it again but it doesn’t work and just before Siren hits them with a blast, the Refractive field and broadcast signal become active, spreading across the city knocking out all the Metas.


Jesse’s headphones aren’t working so Wells takes his off and gives them to her, leaving himself to be a victim of the signal.

Zoom cannot fight this signal so he makes a breach and leaves through it! How can he make them?!


The Team are recovering, Caitlin is feeling better for working properly with the team again. Barry is on clean-up rounding the Metas up. Barry tells Joe he won’t talk to Wally again as he is too much like Joe. He has that need to help ingrained in him.

In celebration, Iris throws a party (which is always a sign that things are going to get worse!). Henry and Dr Mcgee appear to be ‘getting on well’ wink wink!. Barry suggests that he and Iris give them a go and see where it goes which she excitedly agrees with. Joe tells Wally that he is proud of him and they all toast to family!


Cisco has been having vibes and seeing dead birds, at first I thought this was a reference to Laurel, the Canary being in the city but his next vibe during the party reveals the real reason. He sees Earth-2 Central City being destroyed! Has he just vibed the future? What is destroying the city?


Before they can try to figure out what his vision means Zoom bursts into the party and takes Henry. Barry gives chase and is lead back to his childhood home. Zoom says that he needs him to see how similar he is and will now experience what he had to as a child.

With that he thrusts his hand through Henry’s chest!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • There is a ‘Blackest Night’ reference, a very popular Green Lantern story.


  • Zoom really doesn’t care if his army is stopped, he was watching Barry clean up the city at one point!
  • Mercury labs apparently has it’s own ‘black box’, were they expecting it to be destroyed?
  • Jesse had asked Caitlin to test her for any genetic changes, she wants to see if she has powers now!
  • Hartley Rathaway (Pied Piper) is still working with S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • All Earth-2 dopplegangers are mirror images of their Earth-1 counterparts.
  • Cisco references Hitchcock’s Birds film when seeing dead birds in his vibes.
  • After the Metas are dealt with the CCPD Captain finds out about other Earths but doesn’t want to know any more. Surely he needs to know about threats to his city?


  • Wally now knows that Barry is the Flash. At last!!!!


Barry’s overconfidence was ultimately his downfall. Barry felt Invincible and knew they could stop Zoom but now he might think twice. As soon as we heard that Henry was staying for good his was basically signing his own death certificate. The scene was done really well and the mirror between Zoom’s origin, and Barry’s own past was really good to see. Barry has now seen both his parents taken away from him, just as Hunter Zolomon did. Will this put Barry on a dark path?


I like how both Wally and Jesse are pushing themselves to see what they are capable of. Jesse is looking into her Meta-human potential and Wally is doing all he can to help people. I’m still waiting for one of them to have some dormant powers activate, my money is still on Wally to get some speed powers soon. Maybe he will get caught in the crossfire during the final battle with Zoom and this will unleash his potential. Maybe he will need to fill the boots of the Flash in the next season? We’ll have to wait and see.

Overall it was a good episode. Caitlin seems to have recovered from her PTSD very quickly but this might come out again later. Why did Zoom let her go? It was good to see Laurel again, even if it was in the form of a villain but it was good to see her darkside!


How will Barry deal with his Father’s death? Tune in next time for the finale!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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