Last time, Oliver began and failed his Defence of the ‘Darhk’ Arts lesson but was still able to fend off Damien briefly. Thea woke up in a picturesque underground city and HIVE have their hands on the Rubicon program, ready to take control of the world’s nukes. Could things get any worse? In a word, yes!

Here’s our recap and review!

Broadly speaking there aren’t a lot of things going on in this episode. The events that are happening are major but there aren’t many. Let’s start with the smaller things. Donna Smoak guilt trips Quentin Lance into signing an affidavit for his disciplinary hearing which details his knowledge of Laurel’s activities as the Black Canary.


“I Love you and I know you will do the right thing!” Works every time!

Inside the underground Dome City, Thea is now under guard and gets a visit from Malcolm who explains why she is there. Genesis is going to burn the world because it needs a do-over and it was part of the deal to have him and his daughter protected from it.Thea says she is willing to co-operate but only if she is allowed to see Alex.


Thea tries to convince Alex that he is under the influence of the yellow pills but is unsuccessful. Before she can try any further they find out that Lonnie Machin aka Anarchy has somehow made it inside the Dome. He has sabotaged the air filters meaning if the nukes go off above ground, the people in the dome will still be poisoned.


Merlyn and Thea go looking for him. Thea tries to talk him down and dodges some really creepy comments from Lonnie claiming that Thea is his mother because she gave him the scarred face. Merlyn ruins things by shooting him with an Arrow, and Lonnie escapes.

Thea thinks she could have stopped him but Merlyn points out Anarchy had set some charges that would have blown regardless of what Thea did.


Later, Anarchy finds Thea and says he has some time to kill before Darhk arrives so they have a fight! Anarchy seemingly kills Alex by electrocuting him but Thea takes Anarchy down and finds that he is merely unconscious.


Above ground things have got serious. HIVE have activated Rubicon which has taken control of the worlds Nuclear arsenal. They are going to launch in 21 hours to raze the world. Felicity is unable to hack into the systems as Rubicon was designed by ARGUS to be un-hackable.

The only way to hack it is to get her father, The Calculator, to help as he had some dealings with very similar code. The problem with this is that HIVE knows the Calculator has a chance to stop Rubicon so they send Brick and some Ghosts to find him.


Team Arrow track the Calculator down to a cabin he used to share with Donna Smoak but so have HIVE (somehow!). Brick offers his usual death games to the Calculator but Team Arrow arrive to save the day! Diggle fights incredibly well and Felicity gets her dad into the van to escape.

The Calculator agrees to help the team to stop Rubicon but he needs a piece of experimental tech from Palmer Tech to do it. Yet another obstacle presents itself, Felicity has been terminated by the Palmer Tech Board over concerns she was going to give away the spinal chip for free. She no longer has access to the lab and cannot retrieve the tech they need.


In true vigilante style, the team infiltrate the building, complete with Oliver doing some parkour take downs. Felicity and the Calculator make it to the tech but cannot access it, instead the Calculator copies the data using his special device but they have to flee from security forces before they are able to complete the download.


The team go to the Star City data Centre to start hacking Rubicon with the data they obtained, Felicity and her father will have to do a lot of manual programming to compensate for the missing data so will need time. Lyla brings in some ARGUS soldiers to help defend the hackers.


Brick and HIVE attack the centre with mixed success. The defenders are able to fend most of them off but old sewn mouth gets through and fires a shot at the hackers. The Calculator blocks Felicity from the bullet and she manages to finish the hack which has stopped all but one nuke from launching!

The missile is heading for Monument Point (another awesome but unlucky comic famous city). Rubicon is still trying to launch the other missiles but the Calculator has put the system into a loop which prevents them being activated.


Prior to this, Oliver and John have been trying to find the Nexus in Star City that his magic teacher told him about. They learn that the Mayor’s office has been evacuated and realise that the reason HIVE wanted to have control of City Hall even though the city was to be destroyed must be because the Nexus is located underneath. Off they go!

Felicity cannot deactivate the missile, it is going to hit Monument Point unless she can change the GPS location of the city. She does this at the last possible moment and instead of hitting the city which would have killed millions, the missile hits a smaller town called Havenrock but still resulting in 10s of thousands of deaths!

Oliver and John explore city hall and find the Nexus through a secret door. Rounding the corner they find Damien Darhk with his idol, drawing in the life forces of all the casualties the missile has just caused. Will he now be unstoppable?


Here are a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Malcolm Merlyn has a new bionic hand!
  • Oliver and John talk about why he lied to Lyla about how Andy died. Oliver doesn’t want John to turn into him.
  • Felicity goes full Meta and says to her father the people HIVE sent to attack him are basically last year’s greatest hits!
  • The Calculator asks Oliver for advice with Felicity, Oliver says leading a dual life doesn’t work.
  • Team Arrow’s outfits get likened to Halloween costumes which Oliver is not happy about!
  • John is surprised that the government has only taken the country to Defcon 2 in the face of nuclear disaster! They don;t want to create panic apparently!
  • Felicity is going to be racked with guilt. She essentially chose who died, an impossible decision.

A fast paced but not crowded episode. The flash backs didn’t add anything other than revealing Reiter to still be alive and after running away with the totem, Diane appears to be possessed by the spirit in the totem! This peaked my interest a little bit but it was completely overshadowed by the events of the present day.

Will this send Felicity into a spiral of darkness? She will feel like she has the deaths of thousands on her hands. Oliver needs her to be his light so he can fight Darhk, will this mean he cannot defeat him? Will Oliver have to save her from her own darkness and then ultimately bring them back together? I can’t see that happening but it’s clearly not going to be an easy fight for Oliver now that Darhk has thousands of souls powering him.

A few other questions came out of this episode:

How did Anarchy get into the dome? He said he tortured the information out of a Ghost but we have seen before in the season that this doesn’t work.

Was the calculator wearing a bullet proof vest when he was shot?

How did Brick and HIVE find where the Calculator was hiding?


Why did the show bring Vinnie Jones back? He was bad enough the first time around.

Was HIVE’s plan to take City Hall just to get to the Nexus really worth it. Couldn’t they have tunneled under or something?

It was a high stakes episode and I can’t wait to watch the next one. With only two episodes until the end of the season out hearts are going to be racing the entire way! How will the team stop Darhk?!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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