Team Flash is distraught. The end of the previous episode took Barry away from them presumably dead and there was nothing they could have done. The recreated particle accelerator explosion went wrong and Barry was obliterated before their eyes. How can they go forward from here?

Here’s our recap and review!

Cisco cannot accept that Barry is gone. He thinks he might have been bounced somewhere by the explosive wave but cannot find any trace of him in the city.Team1

Meanwhile, Joe and Wells have found Jesse and Wally sprawled out on the floor. Wally wakes up appearing to be fine but Jesse won’t open her eyes. Everyone is in shock, Joe is the only one who seems to keep a level head. He tells Iris to take Wally home then asks Henry to help Jesse as he used to be a Doctor. Henry hesitates out of shock but eventually gets up to help.

jesse wally

Cisco cannot find Barry so he decides to vibe on the remnant of the Flash’s suit left behind. He sees Barry inside some kind of vortex! He is still alive!

Barry wakes up in his childhood bedroom just as he remembers it. He goes downstairs and sees Joe in his old uniform taking notes of the crime scene of Barry’s mother’s death. He quickly realises that this is not Joe but struggles to understand when the person tells him he is basically the physical manifestation of the speedforce.

‘Speed Joe’ as I like to call him, gives Barry a very brief explanation of the speedforce. It has always been and will always be around. It chose Barry because he is the Flash and is the source of his power at the same time as not being. Confusing I know but don’t expect a more robust explanation!

Barry says he needs to get back to his friends and ‘Speed Joe’ says he can, if he can catch an incredibly fast moving shadow running through the town.

Back on Earth, Joe promises Henry he will find and get Barry back but for the moment he needs to concentrate on helping Jesse, he is the best person for the job.


She is not waking up and Iris and Cisco explains how its is exactly like when Barry was struck by lightning. This gives Henry an idea, he sends Cisco and Iris to go and get the data from when Harrison Wells treated Barry before, it should help him save Jesse.

Going down to the S.T.A.R. Labs ‘morgue’ (because where else are you going to keep the dead Meta-humans?!), Cisco and Iris are attacked by the re-animated body of Girder! He still has his powers but the pair manage to escape before he hurts them.

Barry is chasing the speed shadow and comes across someone we shall call ‘Speed Iris’ at the place that he and the real Iris kissed for the first time. She tells him the Speedforce is disappointed in Barry because he gave up his speed and wasted it.


Now it is the turn of Wells to get the traditional Joe West pep talk. He is struggling to cope with Jesse’s current condition but Joe tells him Henry is the best person to look after her and he is the best person to try and rescue Barry from wherever he is.

Wells adapts the device that disintegrated Barry to amplify Cisco’s vibe. He should now be able to pin point Barry’s location, and bring him back. The machine works and Cisco finds Barry!


Barry sees his friend trying to reach him and pleads with the Speedforce to let him go. The Speedforce says he can go back, but if he does so it will be without his powers. Barry turns away from Cisco and goes after the shadow again. Cisco has to close the connection and loses sight of Barry.

Zombie Girder has been rampaging through the city on a seemingly random path. The Team work out that he is looking for Iris, some part of his brain that was reactivated by the explosive wave has restored his desire to get Iris. Because of this Iris volunteers to be the bait so they can lure him to lab and take him down.

Barry’s next visitor is ‘Speed Henry. He takes Barry to his mother’s grave, which Barry has never actually been to in real life. ‘Speed Henry’ tells Barry that he has never accepted his mother’s death.

It is this that is holding Barry back from being the Flash again. His mother would not have wanted Barry to die for her. Barry goes after the shadow again unwilling to accept what he knows to be true.

The Iris bait has worked, Cisco has rigged up some huge electromagnets that should take down Zombie Girder but of course they don’t work! Now plans A through G have failed, Cisco and Iris have to retreat further into S.T.A.R. Labs.

Barry ends up back at his old home and sees his ‘Speed Mom’. She tells him that he needs to find a way to accept her death, and that his mother is proud of him.


She starts reading from Barry’s favourite childhood book ‘The Runaway Dinosaur’. Barry takes over reading the book and the words apply to his current situation.


Barry is the man he is because he had the mother that was perfect for him. Even though he has lost her, she will always be with him and now he can move on. Barry stands up and catches the shadow which turns out to be himself, in his Flash outfit!

Back on Earth Zombie Girder is breaking through the door to the lab where the Team are hiding. Cisco decides to go in and try to get Barry again but this time Iris insists she go with him as he is confident she can bring him home.

Inside the vortex Iris reaches for Barry’s hand, after what seems like an eternity he grabs her and is pulled back into the real world! Cisco utters the amazing line “I’m so glad you’re back cos we are about to die!”


Girder breaks through and Barry (who has his speed back)tries to fight him but is knocked down. Instead Barry lures him away so Cisco and Wells carry out Plan H, repair the magnets and super charge them. They didn’t repair them in time so Barry has to circle Girder really fast and uses his speed to charge the magnets. It works and Girder is down.

Barry goes to see Jesse, knowing there is something he must do but not sure how he knows it. Holding her hand we see a small charge cross between their hands and Jesse wakes up! Has she now got speed powers?! Did Barry transfer some of the speedforce to her?


Barry now understands that everything happens for a reason and cannot live in the past anymore. He has finally made peace with his mother’s death. He and Iris go to visit the grave where he lays some flowers and the book his mother read to him.


Iris tells him she never liked the book because it was about a child who always had a mother there for them, which is something she didn’t have. “We never had anyone who was just right for us”, but Barry says “didn’t we?”. He says he doesn’t know what this thing between them is but he knows the sound of her voice will always bring him home.


The last scene we get is Zoom telling Caitlin that she needs to work with him or he will show her the same level of mercy he will her friends. She needs to decide if she is with him or against him. With this Zoom goes out to the lobby of CCPD and gives a rousing speech to a whole load of Meta-humans. He has collected them together to they can take this planet for themselves!


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Cisco has the best lines by far “A Zombie? For real?”
  • Walking dead references throughout the episode!
  • The Big Belly Burger Bar makes a cameo!
  • And who is coming out of Big Belly Burger? None other than Jason Mewes, long time friend of Kevin Smith who directed this episode!
  • Iris tells Wally Barry is gone, does this not sound suspicious and how will they explain that he is now back?
  • Joe tries to see if Wally has speed powers by dropping a cup, which smashes on the floor! Apparently he doesn’t.
  • Henry tells Barry that he is staying in Central City and isn’t going anywhere. If this isn’t foreshadowing I’ll eat my hat!

This episode felt different. It wasn’t the heavy super-powered, action orientated story, it was much more personal. Barry has finally made peach with the death of his mother and if you didn’t well up even a little bit when he was talking to his ‘speed mom’ then you are heartless! Things are also moving along with Iris and even though they missed the chance for a decent kiss I can see them properly getting together before the season ends.


Have Jesse and Wally got their powers? I predict they both have dormant powers as a result of the explosive wave and will need something to trigger them. Jesse is my favourite for developing her powers first as the made a point of showing a connection with her and Barry. I think Wally might go to save someone and his powers will emerge but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these doesn’t happen until Season 3.

Now that Barry has his speed back how is he going to fight Zoom. An army of Metas has been assembled and The flash normally struggles one on one, he is going to need help (maybe from some new speedsters?!) There are dark days a head for Barry and I expect that Team Flash will suffer before the season ends.


What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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