In the last episode Kara left the DEO. Thinking that Hank had killed her Aunt Astra made her feel like she couldn’t trust him and couldn’t work alongside him any longer. How will the DEO cope without their most powerful agent? How will Kara cope fighting bad guys without the assistance of the DEO? Let’s find out!

Here’s our recap and review!

We start off with a scene that has no context until almost the end of the episode. 13 years ago in the Phantom Zone, Kara’s pod is floating around before a strange (but familiar if you know your comics) symbol appears on a display in the pod before directing it towards a large ship, or is it Fort Rozz?


Like I said, we won’t know what this was about until much later.

In the meantime, Alex brings Kara some donuts to try and convince her to come back to work for the DEO. Kara says no and that it might be time to be her own Supergirl.


At Cat Co Cat has arrived in a bad mood. Siobhan tries to get into her good books by personally handing her a package but it backfires as Cat says it could be Anthrax! Jimmy opens the package to find a flash drive which contains a load of information from a notorious adultery website.


Instead of publishing this information Cat decides to destroy it as she knows first hand how it feels to have all her skeletons  revealed! This info may not go away however as Siobhan keeps it!

Alex and Hank are sparring back at the DEO. Alex is letting her anger out and it is putting her off, Hank has to go full Martian to stop her and suggests a different solution to venting her feelings. Alex deflects this by saying the DEO needs Supergirl, Hank just says that the DEO was around long before Supergirl was!


Kara has decided that she can’t let Jimmy tell Lucy about her true identity. Jimmy doesn’t know what he is going to do because there is nothing Lucy hates more than liars.

Suddenly, all the monitors in Cat co are hacked by the same person who sent the flashdrive. She threatens  an age of chaos and then computer controlled system all over the city start going crazy. All the traffic lights go green and Winn spots a crash that is going to happen.


Supergirl races to the site and saves the day by lifting a car out of the path of a speeding truck. That’s not the end to the troubles however, the Banks have been hacked and are on the verge of putting the whole country into an economic collapse.

Winn gets to work trying to hack the hacker but instead is met with the hacker herself coming out of his computer monitors but looking slightly different. She attacks the group and threatens to kill Jimmy and Winn while telling Kara she knows everything about her!

The DEO arrive having tracked a wi-fi signal from the original hack to Kara’s apartment, this forces the hacker to retreat back into the computer. Hank offer’s Kara the chance to come back to work for the DEO but she again rejects it.


The rest of the episode is pretty simple really. This hacker is actually a descendant of the infamous Braniac, one of Superman’s greatest enemies and has her eyes set on the destruction of the city then the planet. She is not working for Non, though he finds her and tries to get her in line, revealing that the pair may have had some kind of relationship in the past?


Not knowing where to turn, Jimmy ends up taking Kara to Superman’s fortress of Solitude to see if they can learn anything about this new threat, which can only be opened by a super-heavy giant key! Inside the fortress a Kryptonian robot give her the information she seeks.


The threat is named Indigo and was deemed to be the most dangerous inmate in Fort Rozz. formerly part of the Kryptonian computer network she was arrested for trying to destroy the planet.

Now that Kara has some background information her little team, which includes Lucy work out that Indigo is after some nuclear launch codes and plans to fire off a couple of missiles.  She manages to hack herself through a General’s phone and takes out his soldiers.

Stretching her arms to reach both keys at the same time (which looks ridiculous) she activates the launch sequence during the fight with Supergirl!

As a nod back to the Christopher Reeves Superman, Kara has to chase down a missile and take it out before it hits the city. She cannot divert it from its course so asks Hank at the DEO for help. He tells her to take out its guidance computer  by entering a code, which she does.


With the missile defused she races back to confront Indigo who does something even more ridiculous. She reaches her arm through the phone and out through the monitor Winn is working at in the DEO as he tries to administer a computer virus he developed.

Winn is the one that gets the cool finishing line as he calls Indigo a glorified Windows Vista and send the virus! As she is ‘dying’, Indigo claims that if it wasn’t for her Kara would still be in the Phantom zone. She activated Kara’s pod and started off the chain of events that lead her to Earth.


Supergirl has realised that she needs the DEO as much as they need her and agrees to work with them again. Alex can’t take anymore and tells her the truth about Astra. This is by far the best scene of the episode as Alex pours her heart out thinking Kara will hate her. Instead the sisters embrace and as Hank goes to leave, Kara reaches for his hand as an apology.

The last shot of the episode is of Non appearing to resurrect Indigo who is in pieces on a table. He asks whether she is willing to do things his way. Earlier he had told her that she only showed herself because Astra was dead. Indigo replied by saying that Astra wanted to live alongside the humans, she wanted to destroy them!


A couple of other things I should mention, Winn and Siobhan have some weird bonding during the episode. She out of the blue tells him about her father being a cheater and that’s why she wanted to release the information about the website. Later he tells her that he knows what it feels like to have a parent that isn’t who you think they are.


She kisses him quite strongly and tells him not to tell anyone about any of what she said. I hope they aren’t going to give these two a relationship story!! Ill have my fingers crossed that it will just be her trying to use Winn to progress in her career in some way.

Lucy and Jimmy’s relationship appears to be over and it’s all Kara’s fault. We have already had indications that Lucy is jealous of the relationship Jimmy has with Kara and Supergirl but things are made worse when Jimmy misses a date with Lucy because he took Supergirl to the Fortress of Solitude.


Kara sees them struggling and goes to Lucy to try and cheer her up. She tells Her how Jimmy is such a good guy and wants to be with her. Unfortunately she tells Lucy how Jimmy told her the story of his dad’s first camera that inspired him to be a photographer. Lucy never knew this story and it made her realise a few things.

Kara realises that Jimmy needs to be with Lucy and let’s him tell her the secret. As he goes to tell her Lucy breaks up with him! She realises he loves Kara, and even though she can’t admit it yet, Kara feels the same!

Thank god that relationship is over!! I don’t think Kara and Jimmy will actually get together properly but it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Kara wanted to throw Siobhan into Space!
  • Cat calls Winn Toyman Junior!
  • Indigo is played by Laura Vandervoort who played Supergirl in Smallville! That makes three Supergirls in one show now!


  • Cat is back to full sass mode!
  • Indigo looks a lot like a certain shape-shifting mutant from the Xmen universe!
  • Jimmy says that Supergirl is faster than Superman!
  • There is a Legion of Superheroes flight ring in the Fortress of Solitude!!


  • Winn somehow knows how to hack alien code!
  • Nasa covered up the story about the missiles with some rubbish “piece of a capsule” falling into the bay story.

I’m losing faith in the show. The substance of each episode is lacking and they seem to think the only way to keep the fans interested is to throw the odd Superman reference in so that you don’t concentrate on all the plot holes and inconsistencies. That said it is still a fun show to watch and I will keeping watching to the end of the season.

I think one of the problems is that the additional stories that don’t directly involve Kara or Supergirl are boring. Lucy and Jimmy’s relationship, Cat Co business stuff, the new assistant rivalry, they all feel disconnected.


I am only interested in the Supergirl and DEO stuff and to a lesser extent Kara’s relationship with Alex and Hank. Focus more on that and the show will be fantastic.

Who knows, it could get better, especially now it has moved to the CW network. I think a new energy will be injected into the show and the potential for crossovers is now limitless!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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