Team Arrow have had their time to mourn the loss of the Black Canary. It is now time to get back to fighting the main threat, Damien Darhk. How is Oliver supposed to combat someone who he himself says feels unstoppable? He will have to delve deep into himself to find the answer but he cannot do it alone.

Here’s our recap and review!

The remaining members of HIVE that were not arrested are worried about Darhk’s revenge. They didn’t try to help him when he was in prison and it turns out their worry is well founded.

Darhk arrives with Andy Diggle and Malcolm Merlyn in tow. He asks the other HIVE members if he can escape from prison on his own then what does he need them for. With this one of the HIVE members fires a gun at him but Darhk stops the bullet in midair and kills them all and declares the final stages of Genesis can begin.


Team Arrow discuss how they can stop Darhk. Oliver wants to use Constantine to put him in contact with someone who can help him counter Darhk’s magic. This contact is in Hub City so Oliver tells everyone to lie low until he gets back.

After the others have left, Felicity asks Oliver what he is hiding. He is worried that whatever he learns to help fight Darhk could bring out his own darkness. There is no lengths he won’t go to to avenge Laurel. Felicity decides that she is going with him to help him out whether he likes it or not.

John Diggle goes to see Lyla and his daughter who are now hidden in a mobile A.R.G.U.S. safe-house in the back of a super-armored and weaponsied truck. Lyla agrees that it is too dangerous to go after Darhk at the moment and he should not seek his brother Andy out.


John gets a notification that his brother has re-surfaced. Tracking him down, John walks right into a trap and despite Lyla calling him to warn him off because his judgement is compromised, John goes after him and is quickly lured into a trap.


Andy has John tied up and tells him Darhk is on his way. John tries to appeal to the human side of Andy and pleads with him to think of his family. Andy simply replies that HIVE is his family and begins torturing John.

Oliver and Felicity have arrived in Hub City and go to meet Constantine’s contact at an underground casino. Felicity sits down and gets very into a game of Blackjack. She gifts some chips to a woman who has lost her hand and who turns out to be the contact they were waiting for.


She takes them through a secret door and transports them to a different plane of existence into a chamber which looks very similar to the one on Lian Yu where Reiter found the totem. Apparently both Lian Yu and Star City are a nexus for the mystical arts which is why so many strange things happen.


The woman warns Oliver that the only way to fight Darhk’s darkness is with light and hope. If Oliver personal darkness outweighs his light he will feed it instead of channeling the power.

The training begins and Oliver manages to deflect a small about of dark magic, his tattoo give to him by Constantine acting like a totem so he can channel the magic. The second attack is stronger and overwhelms Oliver.


He gets visions of his past enemies and failures and pulling him out of it the woman claims he has failed. There is no teaching him. “What could I teach you that would change what you saw?”


Felicity isn’t willing to give up. She wants to find someone else that can train Oliver but he admits to her and herself that he is the problem. She was right, he will always have a part of him that is the man that came back from the island. She was the one that gave him the light he needed. She thinks he can change the way he is. Is she warming up to him again? Will the love come forward?

While all this is going on, Thea has woken up in a strange house and we find out that her kind-of boyfriend Alex has taken her away for a vacation. There is something not quite right about the idyllic town they are in, she can’t even remember getting there and thinks the sounds in the town are on a loop.

Alex tries to calm her down and while trying to take a vitamin pill spills the bottle over the desk revealing his vitamins (given to him by Mrs Darhk) are the same yellow pills that Darhk gives to his Ghosts to make them obedient! Alex manages to calm Thea down but she is still suspicious.

John manages to break away from Andy, has the chance to kill him but doesn’t and escapes. Being patched up by Lyla in the ‘Safe-Truck’. She is not happy with what he did, he is acting like the man she divorced not the one she married. He needs to bring Andy in the right way.


We discover that Andy let John escape so he and Darhk could track him back to Lyla. They attack the truck and Darhk uses his powers to stop it dead. Lyla tells John to leave with Sarah and get to safety. He manages to burst out of the truck on a bike and Andy pursues. He has his daughter on his back and people are shooting at him! Not a good parent!

During the bike chase Felicity arrives in the Arrow van and takes out a couple of his pursuers. He gives her the baby and goes after his brother.

Darhk has forced his way inside the truck and uses his powers to pull a chip from her arms. Oliver arrives, puts a couple of arrows in his back and and beats him down before Darhk recovers and slams him up against a wall.

Darhk starts to draw the life from Oliver as he threatens to kill all of his friends. Oliver tells him “No, never again!” and forces Darhk’s magic away forcing him to retreat.


John has caught up with Andy and beats him down. Andy taunts John by saying if he puts him behind bars he will escape again, he can’t watch his loved ones all the time. Genesis is coming and he doesn’t have the guts to do what must be done. With this John surprises himself by shooting and killing his brother. He justifies his actions to Oliver by saying that Andy was never going to back off, he had to put him down.

Oliver tells Felicity the he was able to repel Darhk’s attack because of her. He heard her voice and it reminded him of all the good things that he has in his life. It appears his side of the relationship is blossoming again!

The chip that Darhk ripped from Lyla’s arm was Rubicon. Lyla tells the team that it is a Balistic launch override protocol. The realise Darhk’s plan is to wipe out the world so he can rebuild it by his design.


Thea is convinced something is going on in this town. She explores the surrounding streets and cannot find a way out. She starts panicking and runs into a group of Ghosts, running in the opposite direction she runs into and invisible barrier which encircles the whole town.


The camera pans out to reveal that she is trapped in a huge dome which is located underneath Star City, like an ark preparing for the flood!


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Oliver’s English accent is pretty good.
  • Why does Oliver not even resist when Felicity says she is going with him? She won’t be useful during his magic training.
  • Oliver is a fast learner, he is able to deflect a magic attack on his first try.
  • How many opportunities did John have to kill Andy? How many times can he fall for the same trick and get ambushed?
  • Is Alex working for HIVE or is he just brainwashed by the yellow pills?
  • Are they pushing Oliver and Felicity back together?
  • There were no flash backs in this episode!!

This episode was satisfying. HIVE’s plan is starting to be revealed (at last) and it looks like they are going to use nuclear missiles to level the city, with a few select people protected in the underground dome. This explains why Thea is trapped in the Dome. Merlyn previously stated to Darhk that the deal was to protect him and Thea from Genesis so I’m expecting a ‘family’ reunion soon.

John finally put Andy down. even though the reveal of him being a secret HIVE agent was only a couple of episode ago, it feels like this has been drawn out. It is obvious that that show runners wanted to display how much John was struggling with what he knew he had to do.


His reaction when he killed his brother was fantastic, David Ramsey is an amazing actor and has been my favourite character for some time. He will never be the same after killing his baby brother.

What did yout think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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