Last week we had the obligatory ‘villain of the week’ episode following a major plot development. Barry has lost his speed but the team manages to take down a super strong opponent who wasn’t from Earth-2 for a change! He was a victim of the original Particle Accelerator explosion. This week we are back to important developments. Will the Flash return?

Here’s our recap and review!

The Flash is back in Central City, or at least something that looks like him. In reality it is a hologram of the Flash controlled by Cisco with Barry doing a kind of live-action motion capture. This decoy is used to make the criminals think the Flash is still around and trick them into being caught.

The hologram has had some success so far but Wells is convinced it won’t take long for people to notice that the Flash can’t go in doors or touch anything! The only way to get the Flash back and protect the city is to re-create the particle accelerator explosion and give Barry his powers back.


The rest of Team Flash are not so confident and think the explosion could go wrong and have similar effects to the previous one.

Barry needs some time to think so he goes to see his dad who is living in a secluded cabin. Barry explains about losing his speed and that he thinks he can’t help people without it. Henry tells him that isn’t his speed which makes him a hero.


He can be the Flash without his speed but should he be? Henry decides, completely out of the blue that he is done hiding away and is moving back to Central City for good.

Zoom has decided to conquer Earth-1. He brings Caitlin to the CCPD (where Joe and Wally have just been talking about his need for speed and desire to help people – MORE FORESHADOWING!). He claims the city as his own tells the officers to leave the station.

Later, Hunter Zolomon tells Caitlin that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore, she can be with him, he has seen the darkness inside of her, all she needs to do is unlock it. He really is like a disturbed child, he needs comfort.

Cisco has had ‘vibes’ of his brother Dante. This prompts him to go see him to make sure he is okay. Their relationship has not improved since they were last kidnapped together. Cisco thought the experience would have brought them closer. The usual brotherly hate exchange is interrupted by a news report on Zoom’s takeover of the CCPD.


Cisco leaves, quickly followed by Dante who wants to know what is going on. As they reach the car they are attacked by a masked person with a really fancy energy-releasing scythe. This person knows Cisco is Vibe and claims that Cisco killed his brother. Removing his mask briefly, we see that this new threat is Dante’s dopple-ganger!

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Jesse and Wally are put in the Time Vault to protect them from Zoom should he attack the lab. Henry tells Wells  and Joe that they shouldn’t encourage Barry to go through with the plan. Barry overhears this and tells them that it is his choice alone.


To make things even more complicated for Barry, Iris chooses this moment to tell him that she has feelings for him, she is available and wants to see if they have a future together. It doesn’t matter if he is the Flash she will feel the same.


The Earth-2 Dante calls himself Rupture, Zoom told him that Vibe killed his brother Reverb and now sends him to kill the Police officers that have set up a base of operations a few blocks away.

With Zoom distracted, Caitlin has manages to get hold of a mobile phone that just happened to be in a nearby evidence box, she sends a warning to Team Flash about the pending Rupture attack.


Barry has decided that the procedure proposed by Wells is too risky. He doesn’t think the explosion can be contained so refuses to go through with it. He will fight Zoom in any other way he can. Cisco has to tell Dante about his powers after he finds a note that Cisco wrote to his family before he left for Earth-2.


The Team decide to try and use the Flash decoy against Rupture. It works and lets the police take him down! The success is short lived as Zoom arrives and kills all the police officers super-fast! Barry pleads with him to stop, instead Zoom kills Rupture and talks straight to the camera and tells the city about the fake Flash that has been running around. There is no one to protect the city.


These events prompt Cisco to try and reconcile with his brother. Having seen what Zoom did and now understanding the responsibility that Cisco has, Dante agrees!


Wally and Jesse, who are still inside the Time Vault, decide that they want to go and help the others. They get to work trying to open the door to the vault.

Barry has changed his mind. He wants to go through with the procedure as he knows Zoom will now recruit as many Metas as he can and conquer the planet. In preparation for Barry’s change of heart, Wells has adapted the particle accelerator to fire the dark matter energy directly at Barry.


They will also recreate the lightning strike by using the weather wand to channel a lightning bolt into the machine, combined with the same chemicals that got into Barry’s system before.


Barry is strapped into the machine and tells his dad that being the Flash is the best version of him, that is why he wants to do it. The explosion is triggered, Zoom sees what they are doing and races to the lab.

This is where everything goes wrong, the explosion starts to go out of control and the energy rips Barry apart! He disintegrates in front of everyone and the excess energy spills out into the surrounding corridors at the exact same time that Wally and Jesse have hot-wired the time vault door and they both get hit by the energy wave!

Zoom arrives, picks up a piece of the Flash’s outfit and taunts the team, saying “You killed the Flash”!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Garrick is Henry Allen’s mother’s Maiden name!!!
  • Cisco is dishing out loads of references – Leroy Jenkins, Fringe, Harry Potter and Back to the Future!
  • Iris has the worst timing!
  • Has Barry become one with the Speedforce?
  • Barry had three dads in this episode, Henry, Joe and Wells.
  • The Time Vault clearly isn’t the safest place for Wally and Jesse to be held if they can hot-wire the door open!

The episode was very engaging but only because it helped answer a few questions that I have had for a while. The last half of the episode was really good and it ended really well but it took too long to get there. I’m hoping the next episode will pick up with the same pace this one ended!

So Jesse and Wally have been exposed to the particle accelerator explosion energy. Surely they will get speed powers now. Both Wally West and Jesse Quick are speedsters in the comics with Wally taking up the mantle of The Flash. This will be how he can help people and feed his thirst for speed. If he doesn’t get powers then all the hints throughout the season have been for nothing!


Henry Allen’s mother’s maiden name was Garrick. This quick line has convinced me that the man in the iron mask is Earth-2 Henry Allen but going by the name of Jay Garrick. This could explain where Zoom got the name from to pose as him. It would also mean that on Earth-2 Barry’s father is the real Flash. Zoom could have taken his speed and then kept him prisoner as his ace in the hole when dealing with Barry from Earth-1. Watch this space! That is my prediction!!


What happened to Barry? I’m going to assume that he isn’t as dead as it would appear. There are still two episode left until the end of the season and Zoom is still at large so he will come back at some point. Has he become one with the speedforce? Let’s tune in next time to find out!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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