Would you kill a child to save others? That is the question the Team have to ask themselves during this episode as they travel to the year 2147 in their latest attempt to stop Vandal Savage. This is the time that Rip said would be the most dangerous for them because it is so close to when Savage takes control of the planet. Can the Team stop him now?

Here’s our recap and review?

The Team arrive in the Kasnian Conglomerate in 2147. Rip tells them in about 2080 the World’s governments gave way to corporations and is now run by them. 2147 was the Zenith of the World, almost a Utopia, but they only have 5 good years before it all falls apart.


The current leader Tor Degation’s son Per Degaton seizes power and becomes one of history’s worst ever dictators. Rip, Sara and Snart head into the Kansian HQ to look in on a Shareholders meeting run by Tor Degaton, with Savage one of the attendees.


Savage tells the rest of the group that there is an overpopulation problem and it must be thinned using some kind of virus before they can go forward. Tor Degaton shuts this argument down as he is not willing to ‘thin’ his populace!


Following Savage out of the meeting, Rip sees him talking to Tor Degaton’s young son Per Degaton. Savage appears to be Per Degaton’s Tutor of some kind and is obviously grooming him to take his father’s place!

Rip decides they need to kill the child before he can bring about Savage’s rise to power. This causes a rift in the team as some of them are not willing to stoop to the level of killing a child. Stein challenges Rip about this by asking would he really kill one child to save his own?!

Eventually the team manage to convince Rip that they should just remove the child from the time-line instead of killing him so they hatch a plan to kidnap him.

Sara uses a sniper rifle to take out one of Per Degaton Guards so Rip can take his place. Snart then confronts the group and takes out a few more guards so they can snatch the kid. The kidnapping goes surprisingly well!

Meanwhile, Ray, Stein and Jacks go to investigate the local security forces who appear to be autonomous robots based off the Atom Suit’s design. They are given a tour around the facility by Dr Bryce being played by Jewel Staite (Kaylee from Firefly).


She gives them a brief history of the company then shows them a bust of her great, great, great grandfather, the man who started it all and became the father of the robotic age, he bears a a shockingly resemblance to a certain Ray Palmer!

Ray is angry that his Tech is being used for population control but more than that he cannot believe that this woman is a descent of his. He must have had a child that he didn’t know about before they left on this mission. He avoids telling Kendra about this revelation for the moment.


Gideon informs the team that kidnapping Per Degaton did not change the time-line significantly. Rips tries to convince the team that they need to kill the boy to remove all chance he will assist Savage.

Jacks, with support from Sara suggests talking to the boy to try and convince him to change his ways and realise how Savage is using him. Rip ends up taking the boy off in the jump ship alone and turns off the tracker so the team can’t follow.

Kendra comes to Ray and tells him that she has been having flashes of memory from her previous lives. Particularly the one where she and Carter have their son Aldus and are still on the run from Savage.


She feels like she is cheating on Carter with Ray and can’t stop the feelings that come with the memories. Ray uses this opportunity to tell Kendra about his descendant. “Where do they go from here?”

Later, Ray tells her that he is worried she will fall in love with Carter again when he comes back. She tells him not to give up on them, she has decided that Ray is her future.

Rip has taken Per Degaton to a lake and points a gun at him. He tells the child what Savage is planning and tries to convince him to reject the teachings.

He wants to exchange the boy’s life for his own son. Per Degaton is confident Rip won’t kill him, he can see it in his eyes. Rip tells him to be the man your father wants you to be, not Savage.


While Rip is away, Savage and Tor Degaton’s troops attack the Waverider. The Team fight back and we see one of the best groups fight scenes yet. Atom is awesome but gets shot down but the Atom robots. Instead of fighting on Atom and Hawkgirl go to the Robot Control Centre and take control of the bots.


Dr Bryce confronts them and Ray confesses to being her ancestor. But he got it wrong, her ancestor was Sydney Palmer, Ray’s brother!! (who knew he had an identical brother?) They manage to convince Dr Bryce to help shut down the robots but Savage has managed to capture Sara (somehow).

Rip arrives and offers Per Degaton in exchange for Sara, Savage refuses but Tor Degaton agrees as his son is more important to him than anything. With this the team retreat to their ship and Tor Degaton pulls his forces back.

It turns out that their actions have made things worse. Gideon tells the team that the release of the virus has been brought forward meaning Savage seizes power sooner than he originally did. Per Degaton wants to continue his studies with Savage and we see him kill his father with a dagger that Savage gave him.


Rip wonders if not killing the boy was the right thing to do.

Don’t forget about Mick Rory! He is still locked up in the brig on the Waverider. While all this is going on various members of the team have been going to see him. Rip apologises for recruiting him under false circumstances and that he was the one who told Snart to deal with him.


Sara compares their current mission to deal with Per Degaton with having Mick locked up. Snart could have killed him but he didn’t, he is a loyal friend. After her conversation Sara tells Snart to go and talk to him to deal with the issue.

Snart proposes that he and Mick solve their problems with their fists and steps into the cell. They have a brief punch up and Mick comes out on top but stops himself from finishing it. He claims there is a bigger threat on its way. The Time Masters have sent more Bounty hunters after them called “The Hunters”. They won’t just kill the team, they will erase them from existence. Mick says their only hope is to run!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Kendra senses that Vandal Savage was nearby but he didn’t seem to sense her, is she stronger than him now?
  • Snart gets a cool updated version of Google glasses!


  • During the history lesson, Dr Bryce says that S.T.A.R. Labs took control of Star City.
  • Gideon can monitor dreams and tells the team about Sara’s nurse dream!
  • Mick very quickly overcomes his desire to kill Snart.
  • They may have said the word Hitler a few too many times, but the Nazi imagery is very clear.
  • If removing Per Degaton from the time-line doesn’t work how would killing him be any better?
  • This mission was another example of the team making things worse instead of better!
  • Instead of just hunting Savage down, they should be concentrating on training Kendra to be a better fighter and find a guaranteed way of taking him out for good!

I am still unsure how i feel about this episode. I like the future setting and how they showed Vandal Savage carrying out his plans from the shadows. I don’t like the fact they didn’t explain why taking Per Degaton out didn’t make a difference to the time-line. Are we supposed to assume that Tor Degaton takes the advice of Savage after his son disappears? It was left unexplained.

If Gideon can predict the changes to the time-line so far in advance why can’t she just tell the team exactly where and when to go to have the greatest effect? Instead it is left to Rip to decide where and when they go and he is almost always getting the team into a bad situation.


They really need to stop forcing the Ray/Kendra relationship. Ok we get that they are in love but we really don’t need to be continually reminded that she was destined to be with Carter and now he is gone she still feels guilty about being with Ray. Just have them be together and deal with it when Carter comes back. It is boring!


Who are the Hunters? Is Mick now back on the team to help them fight back? Where will the team go next? Is Rip starting to unravel so much that killing a child is his only way to move forward? One thing is for sure, he isn’t fit to lead this group anymore!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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