We finally have an answer to the question that has been in our minds for months! Who is the person in the grave? If you watched the previous episode of Arrow then the assumption is that Laurel Lance, good old Black Canary would be the one to be put to rest. And you’d be right!

Here’s our recap and review!

A funeral starts us off this week and though we are led to believe it is Laurel’s funeral, when Laurel herself stands up to give the eulogy in place of Oliver Queen, we discover this is a flashback to Tommy’s burial. Oliver is hiding in the background as it is too hard for him, still blaming himself for Tommy’s death.

laurel funeral

Back in the present we return to the hospital, minutes after the ending of the last episode. Lance enters the room to see Laurel lying motionless on the hospital bed before breaking down again.


Detective Lance’s mental stability is tested throughout this episode, especially when the Black Canary shows up in the city. She stops an arms deal and steals the weapons which leads Lance to think Laurel could have come back from the dead (and let’s face it he has a good reason for thinking that, it has happened before!).


The rest of the team take a more logical path and whilst all individually blaming themselves for Laurel’s death, Diggle in particular, they discover that Laurel’s sonic device has been stolen from her belongings.

The fact that the device is keyed to Laurel’s vocal cords and shouldn’t  be able to work for anyone else supports Lance’s argument that she could be back. Oliver takes him back to hospital to show him that Laurel’s body is still there, she is gone.


Thea’s sometime boyfriend Alex is now working for the new mayor and earlier gave a statement to press saying that Laurel was killed during a riot at the prison. Talking in a bar, the pair are attacked by the Canary, who is clearly not Laurel! She screams “You work for them!” before using the Canary Cry and knocking them both down.


The Green Arrow chases her down and confronts her in an Alley. Asking who she is and what she is doing, the girl claims that he left them at Reddington, you failed this city. She uses her cry again and escapes.


Back in the Arrow Cave the team discuss Reddington. This was the place that Damien Darhk took them after kidnapping them earlier in the season. The same place he was experimenting with the gas. It appears that this canary was one of the children that were being held at the facility. For some reason she blames Team Arrow for something and not Darhk. The Team decide to try and find and help her.


Meanwhile, Lance has contacted Nyssa Al Ghul and asks that she take Laurel to the Lazarus pit. Disappointed that she has destroyed it, Lance is determined to find another way to bring her back.

Felicity blames herself for Laurel’s death because she wasn’t there. If she had been she could have made a difference. Oliver tells her that he blames himself because it gives him a reason to keep going, to try and redeem himself.

Talking of blaming, Diggle has disappeared. Oliver finds him attacking the new Mayor’s car. He has gone to a dark place and threatens to kill her until Oliver stops him shouting that he can’t attack the Mayor!! He is so angry at himself and Andy, he wants to bring his brother down but Oliver says that his anger and revenge won’t bring Laurel back.


Following this attack, Mrs Darhk gives a press conference where she calls for arrest warrants for all Vigilantes beginning with the Black Canary. The team need to find the girl before the police do as she will destroy the reputation of the canary and all that she has worked for.


Nyssa tells Oliver what Lance is trying to do which leads him to verbally smack Lance around the face with reality. Laurel isn’t coming back, he would do anything he could to bring her back but there is nothing to be done. Lance collapses again as he can’t go on without Laurel.


The fake canary attacks Mrs Darhk at a gala, the Team arrive to try and stop her but Oliver gets a bullet to the chest for his trouble. He manages to talk her down in front of the whole crowd by saying it’s not what the Black Canary would want. She drops the gun and escapes


The Team feel like Black Canary’s legacy has been destroyed and because of the propaganda coming from the Mayor’s office, the city thinks she was nothing more than a criminal. Oliver has plans to restore this legacy.

We then get the full Funeral scene that has been teased for months. Laurel’s mother is there convinced that she could come back like Sara did, but Lance tells her that it isn’t going to happen, they have lost her.


Oliver gives the eulogy at the funeral, an inspiring speech and tells everyone that she was a hero, she was the Black Canary! Her gravestone has the words “Dinah Laurel Lance – The Black Canary”


Oliver and Felicity are in the back of the limo as we have previously seen. She tells him that he has to kill him (presumably talking about Darhk) Oliver admits to not knowing how to stop Darhk. He has gone up against magic likes this before, Darhk feels unstoppable. Felicity tells him that he has to find away!


The flashbacks in this episode were different from normal. As this was a much more intimate episode, they feature flashbacks to Laurel and Oliver’s relationship following Tommy’s death. Firstly we see Oliver blaming himself for Tommy’s death and telling Laurel she would blame him if she new the whole truth.


Then we see them looking at old photos and Laurel saying that she wants to save the city with Oliver’s help. They share a kiss which completely surprised me because I had forgotten that they were together at this time.

Lastly, we see Laurel reading a letter from Oliver in which he tells her that he is leaving (at the time he voluntarily returns to LianYu), to try and find some answers. The flashbacks were good in fleshing out some of their relationships that we hadn’t really seen, and they were much better than the usual flashbacks we get!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • The wig Paul Blackthorne wears in the funeral flashback is really bad! (This was before he shaved his head in the show)
  • When Oliver calls Team Arrow to the cave Felicity shows up as well, even though she had not long ago said she can’t be part of the team any more.
  • It is never explained how Evelyn adapted the Sonic device to work for her!
  • Could this all have been planned? Mrs Darhk wouldn’t retreat from the Canary, hoping it would destroy the reputation. Did they release Eveyln so she would try and get revenge?
  • Laurel had a really creepy picture of a statue in her apartment!
  • In the graveyard scene, when Barry Allen leaves he speeds away. Currently on The Flash he has no speedforce, so when is this episode set? I thought the two shows were parallel!


I have really liked the last two episodes. The story has been a lot more personal but still with the action that Arrow is known for. I don’t know whether the cast have been saving their acting ability up this season but they all seemed to have ramped it up!

Diggle is going to a dark place which will surely lead to something bad, but on the flip side the situation has brought Felicity back into the fold. She and Oliver won’t necessarily get back together but the team isn’t the same without her.

With only a few episode until the end of the season I’m sure things are going to get pretty heated as the team, and especially Oliver, will be out for blood. He knows he has to kill Darhk and is willing to do it, he just doesn’t know how.

I was surprised they did a major character death at this point in the season. You would think they would leave it right until the last minute, maybe in the final throw down between Team Arrow and Darhk and then keep you guessing between seasons if she was going to come back or not. This aside I am happy with how it had been treated. They haven’t glossed over the death, they have shown that even heroes can fall and the ones that remain will be changed forever.

Bring on the fight Darhk!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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