Who is the Flash without his powers? How can he be the hero the City needs? These are the questions Barry struggles with during this episode. Last time we saw Barry give up his speed in exchange for the safe return of Wally. Zoom is still at large and has taken Caitlin and the Team have no idea how they are going to get her back! What does Barry do?

Here’s our recap and review!

Barry is now living his life without powers. Doing the commute, his job and helping out at S.T.A.R.Labs and is struggling to accept the new situation.

It isn’t helped by the fact that Harry Wells is pissed at him for giving up his speed. He has put the entire planet at risk , which includes his daughter.


Cisco vibes on Jay’s helmet and sees Caitlin in Zoom’s lair. How did they get back to Earth-2? Did Cisco leave the breach open in the last episode? Wells has managed to track Jesse down and needs to get to her before Zoom does.

In Zoom’s lair Caitlin is shackled and is refusing to eat. She won’t speak to Zoom with his mask on so he removes it and tells her that he won’t hurt her. Calling him  Hunter causes a brief flashback to his childhood before he regains his composure.

Hunter claims he has brought Caitlin here because he loves her and in time she will feel the same. He release her restraints and tells her to make herself at home before leaving. Caitlin explores the lair then comes face to face with her dopple-ganger Killer Frost.

Meanwhile, Wells arrives at Jesse’s apartment and tries to convince her to come back with him. She blames him for her being in danger and can’t forgive him for killing a man because of her. She used to look up to him but now is scared and tells him to leave.


On his way back to the lab, a man steps out in front of Wells’ van and it smashes to a stop. Using enhanced strength the man rips the door off the van and takes Wells.

Cisco gets an alert that Wells’ van has been involved in an accident and they see the footage from inside the van shows Wells abduction. Barry goes out to the scene to investigate and picks up a blood sample from the van but finds no other trace of Wells.


Wells wakes up to find the man is someone called Griffin Grey. He was another victim of the Particle Accelerator explosion. It has given him super strength but also accelerated ageing. He wants Wells to fix him but Wells claims there is nothing he can do. Griffin says that if he can’t fix him then death is his only other option.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Killer Frost have agreed to help each other. If Caitlin can break Frost out of her cell then she will build some ice stairs out of the lair. After the cell is smashed, Killer Frost betrays Caitlin immediately. She tells Caitlin that the only reason Zoom kept her alive was because she looks like her.

Killer Frost throws some ice spikes at Caitlin but Zoom comes to the rescue. He phases through Caitlin, grabs the spikes and stabs Killer Frost with them, killing her. Turning to Caitlin he says “Try that with him (the man in the iron mask), he dies too!” Whoever that is must be very important to Zoom!


Team Flash have called Jesse about her father.She arrives at the lab to help. They manage to track Griffin down and the team get together to mount a rescue.

Joe, Barry and Cisco track Griffin down to Ace Chemicals, he has been sent there by Wells for certain chemicals to help with developing a cure for his affliction. They confront him and are met with some barrels being hurled at them! Barry tries to flank him but misses with his gun and gets knocked down by a barrel causing Griffin to age further.

Barry realises that the more Griffin exerts himself, the faster he ages. All they will need to do is make him exert himself so much that he ages until he is really old and loses his strength.

Jesse and the team track Wells to an abandoned building using Wells’ Meta-human watch and expecting a fight, they have upgraded Barry’s suit with some Dwarf Star alloy (borrowed from Ray Palmer) This will allow Barry to take a punch from Griffin.

Griffin figures out that Wells has been stalling and not working on a cure and just before he kills him Team Flash arrive. Barry attacks Griffin and throws things at the rest of the team, causing him to age more.

Barry takes a huge punch to the chest, dodges a couple more but then gets knocked back by another blow. As Griffin closes in to finish it he ages so much that he collapses and dies, his body reverts to his normal 19 year old self.


Wells and Jesse have a little reunion back at the lab. Wells knows what he has done is unforgivable but only did it because after Jesse’s mother died, he swore he would never let anything hurt her. Jesse understands this but she needs him to promise he won’t go that far ever again. He promises to be a father she can be proud of if she promises to never run away again.

Zoom has locked Caitlin up again as punishment and she tells him she wants to leave. This inspires him to start out on a new mission. He used to measure his success through the number of victims, but now he is going to measure it against the number of worlds he conquers. Will we be seeing more of the multiverse now?

While all this has been going on Wally asks Joe to set up a meeting with the Flash. At first he refuses but after Wally explains he only wants to say thank you for saving his life, he agrees. The meeting is arranged and Wally tells the Flash that he is not going to waste the second chance he gave him.

At the end of the episode, Wells goes to see Barry and confides in him that he still holds a lot of guilt over the Particle Accelerator explosion, He wants to be able to make a difference and will help him get his speed back by re-creating the explosion! This can’t be a good idea!


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Barry decides to do his day job as he can’t be the Flash. What was he doing normally?! Did any of his cases gets solved?
  • He still managed to complete all his case files in the morning, so he is still pretty fast!


  • People from different Earths vibrate at a different frequency and cause cellular dead zones around them…..apparently.
  • Petty crimes have risen since the Flash has been off the streets. Those criminals act fast!
  • The Man in the iron mask is desperately trying to communicate with anyone that comes into the lair. Why doesn’t he just uses morse code, or spell things out on the floor of his cell in dirt!!!!
  • Wells’ van was still at the accident site, with no-one else around it. It had been left in the middle of the road for god knows how long and no-one thought he was suspicious?
  • Jesse has 5 different Majors!
  • Killer Frost had a brother that dies when she was younger, but Caitlin never had a brother.
  • Iris gets a cheeky feel of Barry after his first fight with Griffin.
  • Barry and Iris have a brief chat about the fact that she was the first person he saved, you can see her falling in love with him!

This episode is a refreshing change of pace. Barry has no powers but his desire to help people knows no bounds. We had some nice development on the Iris/Barry relationship and I foresee her telling him how she feels very soon!


Wells and Jesse have mended bridges and realised how similar they are. She would have done anything she could to find him just like he did, but being a touch hypocritical she makes him promise not to go too far ever again.

I like what they are doing with Hunter Zolomon/Zoom. It is clear that he is a very mentally unstable person and his logic is so twisted. Now he wants to go and conquer other worlds as he has already brought his one to its knees. How are the Team going to rescue Caitlin? Does Zoom really love her or is he playing her again?


Re-creating the Particle Accelerator explosion can’t be a good idea. It is obviously a plot device which will result in more people being given powers along with Barry (after all you can’t have the show without the Flash). But it is certain to back fire dramatically. Could this be how Jesse Quick and Wally West finally take their comic roles as new speedsters! I hope so!

And as always…WHO IS THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK???????

What did you you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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