What the hell happened at the end of the last episode? Kara had just dealt with Bizarro and was sad that they had to put her back into a coma. Returning to her apartment via the eternally open window, she finds a weird plant thing on her coffee table and gets attacked from behind by some other weird looking thing! Any ideas? Nope, me neither.

Here’s out recap and review!

Kara wakes up and finds herself back on Krypton! How did she get here? And how is her mother still alive? Alura claims that she has been suffering from some kind of fever that has given her hallucinations. Kara is so confused!

Back on Earth, Kara hasn’t shown up to work so Jimmy and Winn call Alex for help. They break into Kara’s apartment and find her on the floor with a weird plant looking things attached to her chest.

Seeing no other choice, Alex takes her to the DEO bringing Jimmy and Winn with her. Hank Henshaw is pissed that she has brought yet more people into their secret headquarters but she shouts him down by saying that they are Kara’s family!


Jimmy threatens Hank that if anything happens to Kara he will come after him. Hank simply replies saying that if something happens to her he won’t stop him. The DEO can’t work out what to do so Alex goes to Maxwell Lord (who is still locked in their cell) and demands he tell her what this things is.


Lord claims to know nothing about it but Alex can’t accept that. She almost goes out of control before Hank pulls her back. He believes Lord doesn’t know anything but threatens to let Alex back in the room if he is lying!

Attempting to remove the thing from Kara, they realise it has a symbiotic relationship and will kill her if they try to remove it. Now that we have spent most of the episode unsure of what is going on, we get a scene that explains things.

Non and Astra talk about the next stage of their ‘Myriad’ mission. Astra is worried that Kara will stop them and is having second thoughts about their plans. Non tells her that she won’t be a problem because he set a ‘Black Mercy’ on her and she is experiencing her deepest desires.


Back on dream Krypton, Kara thinks what she is seeing is an illusion and her memories are being used against her. She will figure out what is going on.

Cat Grant is becoming suspicious that Kara hasn’t shown up to work, coupled with the fact she is still upset that Kara broke her son Adam’s heart, she threatens to fire Kara is she doesn’t show up within the hour.


Alex asks Hank to pretend to be Kara so that her job will still be there for her when she wakes up. He reluctantly agrees and we get to see some really funny exchanges between Cat and Hank/Kara! He is not good at pretending to be a woman!

On Dream Krypton, Kara is starting to forget parts of her Earth life and trying to find a way out, she keeps running into her parents. Not only that, but Astra turns up, not as a criminal and reveals that her husband Non was banished. We also get to see a young Kal-el who has been growing up normally on Krypton.

On Earth, Astra surprises Alex, who shoots her a few times before being disarmed. She is here to help Kara and notices a photo which shows the sisters as children. She knew there was more to their relationship.


With the advice of Astra and help from Lord, the DEO develop a virtual reality headset that will allow Alex to go into Kara’s dream state and interact with her. Kara will need to reject the illusion herself if she is to escape so Alex has to convince her.


Before she goes in, Alex makes Jimmy promise to stop Hank if he tries to pull her out before her job is done. If she doesn’t come back with Kara, she won’t be coming back at all.

Meanwhile, Hank thinks the recent Solar disruption and Kara’s situation are linked and could mean the Kryptonians are planning an attack. He enlists the help of Winn to analyse the satellite systems to try and figure out what is going on.


Astra and Non are prepping their troops and he questions her devotion to their plan. She manages to persuade him she is still confident but the doubt is clear on her face.


Inside the dream, Alex finds Kara and her family but Kara doesn’t recognise her. The dream family restrain Alex and knock her out! They put Alex on trial and sentence her to the Phantom Zone. Alexc pleads with Kara to remember her and her Earth life. As Kara starts questioning the illusion, the building starts coming down.

Kara finally snaps out of it when Alex calls her Supergirl but her family won’t let her leave. Just as the sister reach out for each other, Alex wakes up! She is pissed that Hank pulled her out of the dream, but he didn’t!  The Black Mercy slides off Kara and dies on the floor.

Supergirl is back and wants to find whoever is responsible!


Non and Astra have sent their troops to various sites in the city to plug some devices into the city’s servers. Supergirl finds Non and delivers a huge flying smackdown on him. She starts laying into him, her rage beginning to boil over as she screams at him that he made her lose her family all over again!

Alex has found Astra and starts shooting! A heat-vision blasts drops Alex to the floor and before she can recover, Astra is on her ready to hurt her. Martian Manhunter arrives to save the day and a brief fight ensues.


Astra bests J’onn J’onnz and is about to deliver the killing blow when she gets a Kryptonite sword through the chest! Alex has mortally wounded her.


Realising he is currently outmatched and wanting to follow through on their plan, Non damages a nearby Satellite dish to distract Supergirl so he can escape. Alex calls Kara to tell her something has happened to Astra.

When she arrives, Hank takes responsibility for making the killing blow. Astra uses her last breath to warn Kara that Non is too strong and project Myriad cannot be stopped.


Hank tells Alex that he lied to Kara because Alex is her hero and he doesn’t want her to see her in any other way.

Kara tells her friends that her dream was about Krypton because she has been feeling lost recently. But now she knows that she belongs on Earth and her friends are her family. Alex almost tells her that she was the one that killed Astra, but changes her mind at the last minute instead telling her about Hank pretending to be her at Cat Co.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Are the solar storms artificially created by the Kryptonians? Or is it just luck? Did they predict them?
  • Winn was worried that he had missed his chance to smooth things over with Kara, but by the end of the episode they are back to being best friends.
  • Alex asks the Alura hologram for help but draws a blank. It seems both she and Kara forget this things is effectively a computer and not an actual person!


  • Superman has finally been on the show, well, at least a possible young version of him in Kara’s dream state.


  • Maxwell Lord has now seen the inner workings of the DEO and was very interested in the Black Mercy thing! Will he try and use this to take down Supergirl?
  • Hank manages to convince Cat to give the fake Kara the day off is disgust by pretending to cry in front of her.
  • Hank thinks of the Danvers girls as family.


  • Winn fanboys over the DEO computers!
  • How many Kryptonian weapons do the DEO have?!

It wasn’t the best episode of the season but I enjoyed it all the same. I liked seeing a possible version of Kara’s life had Krypton not exploded with her having a happy family.


This makes the events of her real life all the more upsetting. As Kara tells Non, she has lost her family twice now and is out for his blood! The scenes where Supergirl rages are some of the best of the season.

I’m a little confused as to where this Black Mercy thing has come from, and for that matter where have the Kryptonians got all their gear from. The DEO have confirmed that the Black Mercy was not on Fort Rozz prison when it crashed so how did Non get hold of it? Have they got off world contacts?

I like the family that is developing around Kara. She felt alone but now she has Alex, Jimmy, Winn, Hank and Cat, although she is more like the crazy aunt. When will Kara find out that Alex killed Astra? Her last relative, effectively cutting off any connection with her old life. Maybe it is what she needed, she can now move on with her life on Earth.


What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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