It seems that Supergirl is going through a series of episodes that try to answer some of the questions that have come up early in the season. We have had some background to Martian Manhunter’s story, Cat’s son Adam has turned up and they are building a relationship, and now we move onto the mystery that is Room 52 in Lord Industries!

Here’s our recap and review!

At the end of the previous episode, Kara and Alex see a news report showing another Supergirl active in the city.

This episode starts with a flashback to 3 months ago showing Maxwell Lord injecting something into the mysterious woman and declaring that she is alive (just like Dr Frankenstein).


Fast forward to the present day and we see that Lord has put this woman through a series of procedures and she now looks exactly like Supergirl and is willing to do anything he says!


Alex, Kara and Hank discuss who this woman could be. Alex immediately suggests the possibility that the woman Hank saw in Room 52 might have something to do with with but Hank dismisses this because when he saw her she was barely alive!


The DEO are not the only ones trying to work out who this woman is. Cat Grant is leading a meeting with her staff where they are trying to come up with a headline for the story. Kara speaks up and says that the woman isn’t Supergirl and must be an impostor. Cat takes this and picks the headline “Supergirl?”.


Cat is being super-nice to Kara because she has a date pending with Adam, she even got her own coffee and one for Kara as well! When Kara asks Jimmy and Winn (who she is now talking to like normal) to help find some clues on the new Supergirl, she gets a text from Adam and tells the guys about her date, this prompts a few awkward looks between Jimmy and Winn.


Lord has programmed the Supergirl clone to hate and want to kill Supergirl using techniques that are very reminiscent of scenes from ‘A Clockwork Orange’.


Kara and Adam’s date is going very well but a superhero’s work is never done, there has been an accident at the nearby tram-way so Kara rushes off leaving Adam alone.


We then have the first meeting of the two Supergirls!


The pair fight and end up damaging the tram way further causing a tram car to fall. Supergirl catches it just in time but in doing so has given the clone a chance to escape. Back at the DEO Kara tells them how similar this other Supergirl is. She is worried but Alex suggest that if she is the same as Supergirl then she should also be weakened by Kryptonite.

Back at Cat Co. we see that Cat took Kara’s place on the date and had dinner with her son. Adam thinks he must have done something wrong to scare Kara off but Cat assures him it is her and not him. Kara attempts to make up with Adam with an awkward hug and Cat is very disappointed that they haven’t even had their first kiss yet.

It would appear that in Supergirl Cat Grant is filling the shoes of Cisco from the Flash. She names those characters that don’t already have one. She is at it again this week by giving the new Supergirl the name of ‘Bizarro’.


Meanwhile, Winn has uncovered some medical documents which show that Maxwell Lord had 7 women transferred from hospitals to his private facility and presumably the woman Hank saw in Room 52 is one of these!

Alex goes to see Lord to confront him. She outright tells him that she thinks he is responsible for this ‘Bizarro’. Lord doesn’t deny it and even explains that he got Supergirl’s DNA from the Red Tornado arm Alex gave him to examine.


He also hints that he knows there is a more personal connection between Alex and Supergirl and threatens to release this information.

Alex wants to take down Bizarro but Supergirl wants to go after Lord instead. Take him down and Bizarro won’t be a problem.

Kara and Adam try their date again and they bond over stories of Kara’s dead parents. They share their first kiss but Kara is whisked away by Bizarro!!!

The pair fight and we see that they are very evenly matched (even if the wire work has returned to embarrassingly bad quality). Bizarro has ice-vision to counter Supergirl’s heat and fire breath to counter Supergirls freeze breath.

The DEO arrive to help and fire a bunch of Kryptonite bullets at Bizarro. They have the opposite effect by making Bizarro stronger at the same time as damaging her face, making her revert back to the face of the unknown woman.

Kara has realises that Lord has figured out who she is which is why Bizarro attacked her when she was being Kara. This threat makes Kara break-up with Adam before they have even really got going. She doesn’t want him to get hurt but tells him that she doesn’t have any room in her life for someone.

When one relationship ends, another may begin. Lord tells Bizarro to take away everyone who Supergirl loves, and who does she go for? Jimmy Olsen of course! Alex has arrested Maxwell Lord and has locked him up in the DEO, a place he has been wanting to see for years!


He threatens to tell the whole world about Supergirl but Alex bats this threat away by saying “Where you’re going, there won’t be anyone to hear you”. Hank is not happy that Alex has brought him here because there will be people looking for him and the DEO is supposed to be a secret organisation! Alex simply tell him that she is choosing her family over the DEO.

Bizarro has cuffed Jimmy to a forklift truck and seeing no other way out he tries to appeal to the Supergirl part of Bizarro.


He tells her that he loves Supergirl not for what she can do but for who she is. Earlier on in the episode, Winn buried his pride and encouraged Jimmy to go after Kara so maybe this hostage situation has made him realise what is important to him.

When Bizarro is distracted, Jimmy activates his Super watch but is spotted by Bizarro. She goes mad and goes to kill him but Supergirl arrives to save the day. We get another brief fight between the two while Alex lines up her weapon but can’t get a clear shot!

Kara tell her to take the shot and Alex makes it! Pumping Bizarro with some reverse Kryptonite (because that is a thing now!) They take Bizarro back to the DEO where she apologises for hurting Kara and says she is afraid. The DEO decide that the humane thing to do is to put her back into the coma Hank originally found her in.

Supergirl goes to Lord who taunts her about his knowledge of her family. She goes into a rage and almost unleashes her heat-vision before Alex turns up to calm her down.

Things are tied up with Adam for the mean time as Cat informs Kara that he is going back t Opal City (I wonder if he will meet up with Jesse Quick?). Cat tells Kara that they are very similar, they both prioritise other things over their own happiness. Disappointed that Kara upset her son, Cat says she wants their relationship to be entirely professional from now on.


Supergirl flies back to her apartment to sulk but finds a weird looking plant thing on her coffee table. Moving closer to investigate she gets jumped from behind by something even weirder looking but at this point there is no way of telling what it is! We will have to wait until next week to see if she has been taken down by a giant Venus fly trap!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Hank thinks wearing Supergirl’s skin is ‘comfortable’
  • Team Supergirl’s secret room isn’t very secret, just locked with a normal key lock on a floor of Cat Co that is still used by other people.
  • Winn’s secret computers in the secret room aren’t even password locked!
  • Winn knows Kara’s ‘measurements’
  • He has also apparently got over his love for Kara and even pushes Jimmy to go after her.
  • Jimmy appears to be now fully in love with Kara and only briefly mentions the fact he is still with Lucy.
  • Alex takes a hood off Lord’s head when he is in the DEO control room!
  • Bizarro took Jimmy’s super-watch off his wrist but didn’t break it for some reason.
  • Kara leaves her huge apartment window open all the time so she can just fly straight in. And how has someone not seen her fly in yet?

Ever since I saw the promo for this episode I have been excitedly waiting for it to air. Bizarro is a fun character in the comics, both the Superman version and Supergirl’s copy. If you can get past the broken and backward speech (which I’m glad they didn’t do fully in this episode), then the character is complex and entertaining. Something created for destruction but good at heart.


The display of Bizarro’s opposite powers was really good and the scenes that showed she was fighting against her brainwashing displayed that any darkness can be overcome. The show runners clearly thought, however, that people would get too confused with having two identical Supergirls on screen at once, so they corrupted her DNA with Kryptonite making her revert to her previous appearance. Forgetting the surgery she presumably underwent to look like Kara in the first place?

Is the Adam love story over? They seem to have changed their mind with where this was going and have now gone back to a budding romance between Kara and Jimmy. The only difference is that this time Jimmy is the one pining after Kara. Just get them together for crying out loud, I’m bored of the weird love dance they are doing around each other. Or just get Winn to man up and take Kara for himself.

What is going on with Astra? Has she just decided to leave them alone for a while. Her army is still at large and they pose a major threat to the city. I’m hoping they will at least acknowledge this soon because it feels like they are killing time with episodes in the meantime trying to make the season drag out a bit. Give me some proper Kryptonian battling!!!!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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