‘Night of the Hawk’ sounds like it would be an episode involving Kendra gaining her full Hawkgirl persona, strength and all, or possibly signally the return of Hawkman. Unfortunately that is not what we got. Instead the Legends find themselves in 1958 in a town called Harmony Falls searching for Vandal Savage. What will they uncover?

Here’s our recap and review!

Vandal Savage pops up right at the beginning of the episode after some teenage street racers crashed into a glowing blue rock. He tells the kids that they were drawn to it as was he. What is this rock? And why does it glow?

On the Waverider the team discuss what has brought them to this time. There has been a series of unexplained murders in the town and Rip thinks they are linked to Vandal Savage. The Team split up to investigate the town further.

Ray and Kendra pretend to be newly weds and looking for a house in the area. When being shown round a house, the Realtor realises that they are married and suggest that they go to another town for a house, one that is more accepting. Racism was widespread in 1950s America.


Professor Stein and Sara apply to the local hospital to see if they can get inside information, while Jacks is sent to try and interact with the local teens. Rip and Snart get the cool jobs by pretending to me Federal Agents. They go to the Sheriff and demand he release all information on the deaths.


Jacks is feeling the stares from the townspeople but then spots a girl that was involved in the street race and goes to talk to her.He turns on the charm and after being threatened by some Jocks ends up getting a date with the girl, hopefully he can get some information out of her.

Things are moving along for the other couples as well. Ray and Kendra decide to have fun with pretending to married especially as they know each other has feelings towards the other.

Sara walks in on a very sexist doctor harassing another nurse and embarrasses him, forcing him to leave. The nurse is very grateful and offers to show Sara around, while suggesting that she doesn’t appreciate the attention the doctors give her because she isn’t looking for a husband like the other nurses.

On the tour the nurse explains that there is a restricted wing for Dr Knox’s dangerous patients. When the camera pans around to a picture of Dr Knox on the wall, it is no surprise that Vandal Savage is the face staring back!


Speaking of Dr Knox, he and his wife turn up at the house Ray and Kendra have bought, welcoming them to the neighbourhood and inviting them to a party. The pair are obviously taken by surprise but manage to keep up the charade. Does Savage know them? Does he know that Kendra recognise him?


Later Sara is looking for clues in Dr Knox’s office and is found by the nurse. Sara distracts her from what she was doing by pointing out the fact that she likes girls. Then she turns on the charm!


At the same time, Ray and Kendra arrive at the Knox’s party where a woman thinks Kendra is a waitress, just because of her skin colour, but then Knox/Savage comes over and tries to charm the pants of her while Ray is exploring the house and finding a big locked door.


Savage hints that he knows who Kendra is by asking if she believes in past lives and destiny, but he is drawn away after a phone call alerts him to an alarm in the restricted hall of the hospital.

At the hospital it is revealed that the deaths have been caused by the teenagers Savage met at the beginning of the episode. He has been using the glowing rock to experiment on them, trying to make an army of Hawks but it has mutated them into half Hawk, half human monsters who need to feed.

.Ray shrinks into Savage’s secret room and finds an ancient dagger he thinks they can use against him, and escaping the room just as Savage returns.


Sara starts flirting with the nurse again and this time kisses her! But surprisingly, Sara is the one that freaks out and she legs it!


Jacks and the girl Betty are out on their date. She kisses him but he tells her he wants to to know her better and asks about her ex-boyfriend straight away. She starts to explain but they are attacked by the Jocks, quickly followed by one of the Hawk monsters!

Betty gets hurt but Jacks manages to drive them out of harms way. They don’t get far, the Sheriff pulls them over and knocks Jacks out! Rip and snart find Betty still in the car and take her back to the Waverider for treatment.


Rip suspect that the meteorite is made of Nth Metal, the same that granted Savage his immortality and the Hawks their re-incarnation. Stein starts trying to develop a cure for the mutation while Kendra plots to kill Savage with the dagger.

The Sheriff has brought Jacks to Savage and he inject shim with some of the meteorite causing him to mutate!


It cuts off his connection with Stein so the team go looking for him. Kendra goes to see Savage under the pretence of talking more about destiny. He has figured out her ruse and has taken back the dagger.

Here comes the fighting! Kendra fights with Vandal Savage before being saved by Ray. Stein and Snart fight the mutant Jacks while Rip and Sara fight off the other mutants. Sara saves the nurse form the mutant Jacks by knocking him out.

Gideon and Stein have developed a serum for the mutation which works instantly, Jacks is back to normal.  Sara goes to see the nurse and says her goodbyes in the form of another kiss. Jacks buys Betty a car to say thanks and is glad the her boyfriend is back to normal as well.


Kendra apologises to Ray for not killing Savage when she had the chance but Ray counters this by apologising for being too caught up with playing house. They smooth things over with yet another kiss!

Just as some of the team are relaxing while they wait for Kendra, Sara and Ray to return the ship is rocked by explosive impacts! Chronos has found them again and has made his way into the ship! Rip gets hit and they retreat to the Jump ship.

Ray, Sara, and Kendra return to the ship only to see it fly away before they can reach it! Are they stranded in 1958?


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Rips’s American accent is really, really bad.
  • Jacks calls one of the Jock bullies Biff, a nice Back to the Future reference.
  • The door to Vandal Savage’s secret room is a super-obvious massive locked door that anyone in the house can find.
  • Snart is still struggling with what he had to do to Mick, although Jacks now understands after Snart refused to kill him in his mutated form
  • Sara hasn’t felt any real emotions since coming back from the dead. She was scared by what she felt when she kissed the nurse.
  • How long did Savage have to be in the town to set things up? He was married, had his own private wing at the hospital? The is the furthest they have travelled back so far so he could have been there for years!
  • Kendra is still useless. She can’t even stab a guy!


It was an odd episode. Lots of things going on but no real substance to the episode. Vandal Savage was dealt with fairly quickly, although Ray just blasted him out of a window. Is he dead? Could he just jumped back through the window and ripped him and Kendra apart? His obsession with Kendra is his Achilles heel, surely the team can use that to their advantage.

I was impressed that they didn’t shy away from the racism and sexism of the time period. It would have been weird if they had ignored it but I think they dealt with it very well. Having a strong female character like Sara give the doctors a dressing down was really good, and Jacks dealt with the racist Jocks equally well.


I really hope they give Rip something more to do. The previous episode with the Space Pirates was really good because we got to see more of what makes Rip tick and how close he is to the edge all the time. I like unstable Rip! Also I’m hoping for some more struggle from Snart now that he is without a partner. He clearly isn’t happy with what he had to do, I’m expecting it will cause a rift between him and the team which will surely have messy results!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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