The Jay Garrick is Zoom reveal last week has sent Team Flash and especially Barry reeling. They all feel betrayed and Barry feels like he made the same mistake again, trusting someone who turned out to be the one trying to hurt him and the people he loves. This week we see the team trying to figure out a way to make Barry faster without using Velocity 9. Who can Barry turn to?

Here’s our recap and review!

Using his speed reading ability, Barry is desperately trying to find a way to get faster.


Caitlin and Cisco (who is still having ‘vibes’ when near Jay’s helmet) come to help. Caitlin shows Barry an animation which shows that both he, Zoom and the Reverse Flash all move their legs at roughly the same speed, but the other two spend less time in contact with the ground.

Caitlin says that maybe the reason he isn’t as fast (even though he just had a huge leap in speed when fighting Trajectory) is because he just can’t get any faster. Maybe he has reached his limit. That is a possibility that Barry doesn’t want to consider.

Taking a break from his search for speed, Barry joins the West family for dinner. Wally turns up to tell the family that his latest college project has been well received by his professors, and it just so happens that his work involves enhancing the speed of cars.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think Wally will get speed powers as a result of his work. In the comics, Wally’s speedster origin involves an identical accident to that which gave Barry his powers. For the show I think they will change it slightly and have his speed-enhancing experiment go wrong, thus granting him powers! At least I hope so!

Barry takes inspiration from Wally and decides that he wants to travel back in time to visit Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne (from season 1) so he can teach him to get faster. Earth-2 Wells has been out looking for Jesse but returns to tell Barry about the dangers of going to the past.

Barry wants to pretend to be season 1 Flash but Wells thinks the past Wells will figure it out and it will drastically change the future if he does!! Barry is confident that he can succeed and he decides to go back to the time that the Pied Piper aka Hartley Rathaway was attacking the city. Cue a montage of Barry preparing for time travel and Cisco and Caitlin telling him things not to do when he arrives in the past.


Barry time travels! and is scared out of his travel by some kind of ghostly apparition! He arrives in the past, but he is a bit too early! He arrives during the fight between the Flash and Pied Piper!


Both Flash’s have the same comm frequency and this causes some interference. The past Flash sees Barry but gets distracted by the Pied Piper attacking. Past-Flash gets knocked on his ass so our Barry races in and takes him away. He intends to sedate his past self but a fight ensues, displaying that Barry still has got no better at fighting!

Eventually our Barry succeeds and knocks his past self out, swapping his chest symbol, Barry takes his place and quickly takes the Pied Piper down.


Ignoring the advice he got before travelling back in time, Barry tells past-Cisco to scan Hartley for electrical signals. Back in season 1, Hartley used his ear implants to cause an EMP that knocked out most of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Barry starts his plan by asking past-Wells for help to make him faster. he tells him he has been working on some speed equations in his spare time which prompts a very suspicious look from Wells.

In the meantime, Barry goes to work at the CCPD and meets a familiar face. Eddie!!!!

Of course he is still alive at this point and is still a way off from his untimely end. Barry acts really uncomfortable around him which Joe thinks is because of his feelings for Iris.

The speedforce ghost has followed Barry and attacks the CCPD. Joe and Eddie shoot it but their bullets have no effect, but it has no interest in them and leaves.


Barry tells past-Team Flash that he has seen this thing before. Wells calls him aside with the pretence of some advice to make him faster. When they are alone and Barry’s back is turned, Wells stands up and hits him over the head knocking him out!


Barry wakes up handcuffed to a table inside the Time Vault. Wells/Thawne has worked out that Barry is not who he says he is. He has figured out he is from the future because of the ‘Time Wraith’ that is following Barry and because Barry tries to phase through his cuffs, a skill Wells hasn’t taught his Barry yet.

Realising he cannot hide anymore, Barry reveals he knows who Wells really is and tells him the real reason he is here. He wants Thawne to teach him to get faster. Thawne does not want to help Barry and realises that if Barry is here then his plan must have failed in the future. He goes to kill Barry with his super-vibrating hand but Barry stops him by saying he won!


He lies and tells Thawne that in the future he stole some of Barry’s speed and manages to find his way home but it caused a singularity which Barry needs to get faster to stop! Barry expanded on his bluff by saying he has left instructions with his past self which detail how to stop Thawne should he kill Barry here.

The Time Wraith has tracked Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs. It goes after Caitlin and Cisco who have to hide inside the pipeline with Hartley (Pied Piper). With no way out they let Hartly use his sonic gauntlets to tap into the Labs speaker system causing a massive pulse which drives the Wraith away.


While the team struggle to understand what is going on, and Wells refused to work on the Time Equation until the Wraith is dealt with, past-Barry turns up!


Our Barry reveals he is from the future and starts hinting at things to come but Wells/Thawne cuts him off, takes him back to the vault and gives him a flash drive containing information about Tachyon enhancement which should increase his speed.

He has what he came back for so Barry prepares to leave. He tells the team that they have a year to work out how to stop the Wraith, and also whispers to Cisco that Hartley knows where Ronnie Raymond is.

He starts his run around the pipeline, opening up a time vortex but is slowed down by the Time Wraith! Past-Barry goes to help and delivers a flying speed-kick to the Wraith, allowing Barry to escape.


Back in the present the Wraith is close behind Barry but Cisco and Caitling have prepared, they shoot it with something but it doesn’t work! The Wraith starts drawing the life force out of Barry but then Hartley saves the day with some suped-up gauntlets. It appears he isn’t a bad guy anymore!


Tying up the episode, Barry activates the drive in the Time Vault and see some of the equations that will help him get faster. He then picks up Jay’s helmet and says “I’m coming for you”.


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Barry doesn’t care about affecting the time line, at all!


  • Cisco says he doesn’t have ESP or anything – he is yet to discover his ability to see glimpses of the future
  • Wells reveals there are other speedsters who have time-travelled. Will we get to see some of them?
  • Cisco loves his Star Trek!


  • Iris has apparently been thinking of Eddie a lot, even though she hasn’t even mentioned the guy for ages!!
  • I forgot how good Tom Cavanagh was as Wells/Thawne

Whenever an episode involves time travel it’s a good bet that I’m going to like it. The time paradoxes always trip me up but have my brain ticking over for weeks afterwards. That’s the main reason I find it difficult to watch Doctor Who, so many paradoxes!

It was really good to see Season 1 Wells/Thawne back in action. he was by far my favourite character and Season 2 Wells hasn’t reached the same level as yet. Tom Cavanagh is an amazing actor and I hope we see more of his skills in future episodes.

I’ve left Iris’ story arc out of this recap as I felt it was completely irrelevant to the rest of the episode. She’s apparently still upset about Eddie which is what is holding her back from dating her boss but Barry tells her to open up to other things.


When back in the past, Barry gets Eddie to record a birthday message for her then gives it to her hoping it will provide some closure. I’m not sure what they were going for with this. Trying to show that Barry had moved on perhaps?

Is Hartley Rathaway a reformed villain? He appears to have repaired his relationship with his parents and is free to come and go from S.T.A.R. Labs. Surely there will be other consequences to Barry’s time travelling, he doesn’t appear to care that he has changed the past.


Next week will be the start of Barry’s strike back against Zoom. How will the Team get back to Earth-2? Will they find Zoom and will the secret to his identity be explained? I bloody hope so!!! How many versions of Jay Garrick is there?!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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