So, ignoring the elephant in the room of how woefully behind my posts on Agents of Shield are…. here are some things that I thought during Episode 5 of the series, where we finally see what happened to Gemma when she went through the portal.

  • She finds herself on an unknown planet, a realisation she comes to when she figures out that she is not even in the same solar system anymore – the extra planets/moons in the sky give it away.
  • Initially she goes into ‘science’ mode, it’s her safety net, so as she feels out of her depth she does what she knows best- she analyses and records data.
  • Ok, this planet doesn’t have a Sun… that cannot bode well.
  • Gemma LOVES Fitz! She talks to him constantly, very much like he spoke to an imaginary her when he had his brain injury. She also keeps talking about the date he asked her on right before she got sucked into the portal- she really wants to go, and she wants to have a good time with him.
  • How is her phone still charged after 3 weeks?!

Gemma hunting

  • There is someone else on the planet- is it going to be Lash?? (I think it’s because the planet is blue, but I’m convinced Lash is somehow connected to this planet)
  • Will is kind of hot. This planet is all sorts of messed up.
  • How did NASA know about the portal? And how did they lose the monolith?
  • 14 years! Poor Will. Does time move the same on this planet? Presumably Gemma’s phone is keeping to earth time- although without GPS is that possible? How is the phone still charged?

Gemma 1

  • Oh, it’s a special phone that Fitz made with a really long battery, makes sense.
  • Gemma is really clever to figure out how the portal works; apparently based on the alignment of the planets moons. Which means my theory about it only opening for aliens/inhumans is wrong, so Gemma probably isn’t an alien. Kind of disappointed.
  • The heartbreak of when they can see the portal but not reach it!
  • Not to be crass… but, well, um… is there not risk of, pregnancy??
  • The planet has one sunrise every 18 years and Gemma didn’t even get to see it.


  • Will gets left behind defending her, so that would explain why she wants to go back.
  • Oh poor Fitz. Knowing that Gemma spoke to him all that time whilst she was there, but then fell for Will. But he’s going to help her get him back- because he is a good guy.
  • How is this going to link into the wider plot- surely it has to be connected to the Inhumans?

This was a really good episode. Acted brilliantly again, and really gripping.

So much so, that I immediately wanted to watch the next episode- so who knows, I might manage another post before the end of the year!


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