It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was talking about wanting some background into what happened with J’onn J’onnzz and how he came to be on Earth. Well, this week I got my wish! Before I spoil it all in the introduction let’s jump straight into it.

Here’s our recap and review!

Kara is still living her double life. She is saving families from forest fires by lifting their caravan out of danger, and also collecting Cat Grant’s coffee every morning.


This coffee run is a little bit different because a random guy starts talking to her when he hears she is taking coffee to Cat. He is sorry she has to work for her and asks her what she really thinks of her. Alex and Kara leave the coffee shop with Alex informing her that the guy was flirting with her but Kara was oblivious.

It turns out that this random guy is Adam Foster, Cat Grant’s son! He turns up at Cat Co because of one of Cat’s letters that Kara sent for her without her knowledge. Adam offers to take Cat to dinner and talk which she agrees to.


After Adam leaves Cat goes into rage mode! She thinks Kara has crossed a line and fires her! Not wanting to give up, Kara talks her down and encourages her to go see her son. Cat says she is going to make Kara’s life hell, but our heroine is not phased and just said it is worth it!

Cat’s life aside, there is an Anti-alien rally happening in the city run by Senator Crane (being played by Tawny Cypress). Alex, Hank Henshaw and other DEO agents are in attendance disguised as FBI agents, keeping an eye on things as they think the rally will draw some unwanted alien attention.

Jimmy Olsen has come to the rally to take photos for Cat Co (already getting back to what he is good at) and spots something fast when looking through his lens. It is then that a monster attacks! Jimmy calls Supergirl with his watch and the DEO confront the creature!

Hank Henshaw raises his weapon and freezes!! We get a flash of some screaming aliens in Hank’s mind before Supergirl arrives to save the Senator after the creature has disappeared.

They have brought the Senator to the DEO HQ for protection and she thanks them by saying aliens are like disgusting insects and does not agree with the DEO’s methods.

Henshaw explains to Alex and Supergirl why he froze. The creature is a White Martian, the beings responsible for the eradication of his people. He explains the horrors brought by the White Martians who grew in power underground on their planet then emerged and destroyed them with fire!


Henshaw thinks using his powers has drawn the White  Martian to National City and decides that it is his responsibility. He asks Supergirl to take the Martian down so he doesn’t have to reveal his true identity and give up being Hank Henshaw.

The Senator and Hank talk about their being other aliens within the DEO, Henshaw quickly realises that the Senator is the White Martian!! It isn’t long before the Senator realises he knows so she attacks!

Alex is on stand-by and shoots at the Martian, blowing off a finger and Henshaw freezes again! We see more flshbacks of J’onn J’onnzz’s children being taken away from him and killed! Supergirl yet again comes to the rescue just as the Martian escapes. Henshaw blames himself for the Martian escaping but Alex reassures him and tells him that he doesn’t have to do this alone anymore.

Henshaw explains a bit more of what happened to his people. The Green Martians tried to fight back but they were overwhelmed by the White Martian’s technology and were forced into camps. The men were forced into labour while the women and children were sent to the furnaces. Somehow, he managed to escape and came to Earth.

Henshaw is determined to stop the White Martian but first they have to find it. They use the Martian finger to track it and Henshaw tells Alex that he is not going to bring it in, he is going to kill it!

Alex and other DEO agents are hunting for the Martian as well and they find the Senator! But so does Henshaw! The one Alex has found is the Martian in disguise and it quickly attacks! Clearly outmatched the fight doesn’t last long but the Martian keeps Alex alive for bait!


In an attempt to broker a deal Henshaw contacts the White Martian through their telepathic link only to be taunted by it. Henshaw is fuming and Supergirl tries to calm him down but he is committed to ending it once and for all!


The two aliens meet in the desert and Hank pretends to surrender as a distraction so Supergirl can deliver a flying right hook!! The pair work together to beat the White Martian down and Supergirl goes to subdue it but Henshaw slaps some Kryptonite cuffs on her!

He can’t have her interfere but she manages to talk him down from killing the Martian and he locks it up in the DEO instead, prompting the Martian to threaten that millions more of his kind will rise and destroy this world. Supergirl simply replies “Let them come”.

let them come

Henshaw is grateful for the Danvers sister’s help. He likens them to his own daughters and gets a hug from Supergirl! As a result of the White Martian attack and subsequent rescue by Supergirl, Senator Crane has reversed her anti-alien stance.

While all of this is going on there is also a human aspect to the episode. Cat has dinner with her son after receiving some advice from Kara but it does not go well. She talks about herself almost the entire time. Adam came to hear her say she was sorry for leaving him but realises that she only thinks of herself.


Later Cat calls Kara to her office and blames her for the disastrous meeting. Kara promises to fix things so she goes to see Adam. She succeeds in convincing Adam to give her another chance and confesses that she was the one to send the letter to him.

He agrees to try again with Cat but only if Kara comes with them. It goes well. Kara starts the conversations but the pair soon start being honest with each other and start to make up. Cat says she is sorry and they hold hands, awwww!


Ever since Winn kissed Kara they haven’t really spoken. Winn has been avoiding her and rushes away whenever she tries to talk to him. Towards the end of the episode he has clearly had enough space and tries to start a conversation himself.

Kara’s concern for her relationship with Winn is quickly put aside when Adam turns up at the office and asks her out! Which she very excitedly accepts!


Alex and Kara have another ‘girls night’ where Alex boasts about being right in relation to Adam’s flirting. Their gossip is interrupted by a news report showing Supergirl saving some people! How can she be in two places at once?!


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Cat Grant wants to take a lawsuit out against Vanity Fair and thinks it can be done within a day, ignoring Lucy Lane’s protests!
  • Jimmy has put himself back out on the streets with his camera!


  • Jimmy has reprogrammed his super-watch to call Kara instead of Superman.


  • Jimmy lied to Lucy by saying he was ‘working late’ but he was actually helping Kara out. Are there still feelings there?
  • Apparently White Martians have fire breath!
  • Henshaw is not quiet about having powers when walking around the DEO. What is it with these powered people? If you want to keep your abilities a secret shut up about it!
  • When telling Alex he is going to kill the Martian Henshaw walks around the entire cell room for no apparent reason before leaving through the only door.


  • Senator Crane is played by Tawny Cypress who has previous Superhero experience after working on the Heroes TV show.

I didn’t like the Cat and Adam story in this episode. I feel like it was put in there to balance all the alien events with some human character developments. It seems that any problems Cat and Adam had at the beginning have already been solved and now he is just a potential love interest for Kara. I’m sure he will play a role in some other story arcs but for the moment he feels like a superfluous character.


The history of the Martians and Henshaw’s struggle with the familiar threat was really interesting. It was both horrifying and fascinating at the same time to see the Martian genocide and how much it still haunts J’onn. I’m hoping to see how he managed to escape and make his way to Earth but I expect this will be put aside for now.


Who is this other Supergirl that has appeared? It clearly isn’t Kara herself but she looks exactly like her. Could she be a clone? She appears to be helping people so is she going to be a good introduction or will she turn out to be bad news? I’m guessing it will be the latter as clones generally turn out bad for the person who has been cloned! Could this be a Bizarro indication?

Even if I don’t particularly like the episode, Supergirl always leaves me with lots of questions and pushes me into the next episode. The cliffhangers are always really good, if only the rest of the episodes could reach the same standard.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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