Enough time travelling! This time around the Legends are travelling through space! We get some background on Rip, partnerships are changed and who doesn’t love a good pirate story?! The Team won’t be the same by the end of the episode so let’s get straight into it.

Here’s our recap and review!

Let’s deal with the Rip’s history. Everyone knows how much the CW shows love flashbacks. On Legends we see at first him just watching a holographic message left by his wife and son with the traditional “I love you, come home soon” trope.


Throughout the episode we also get a look at how he came to break the rules of the Time Masters. During his training alongside a female student (who is a lot better than him), we see them making out when they think their teachers can’t see them. But of course they get found out.


The pair are put on trial and are told that unless they can justify their actions they will both be discharged. Later Rip learns that the trial has been cancelled because the woman took full responsibility for the affair and has been discharged.


Young Rip goes to see her and says he was going to resign. She says he knew he would so she did it herself! Their love showed her that she could never be a Time Master because their oath would always be stronger. And so they snog! Out in the open, where anyone could see! Rip never learns!


I’ve dealt with the flashbacks first because they have no real impact on the rest of the story, other than explaining why Rip ended up having a secret family. So back to business!

Rip wants to travel back further in time to regain the element of surprise when confronting Vandal Savage.The only problem is that he has no idea where, or should I say When, he is likely to be. Gideon needs a software update to obtain the latest Time Master data to locate Savage but for now the team just have to wait.


Which Mick is not happy about. Just as the team were moaning about being cooped up on the ship, they receive a distress call from the Time Master flagship the Accaron.

Rip wants to go and help and also to retrieve more recent Savage data from the ship.The team are reluctant but Mick wants to deal with Savage soon so he can go home. Rip decides to take Mick, Stein and Jacks with him in the jumpship to assist the stricken ship.


The team that go to the Accaron discover that it has been taken over by Time Pirates led by Captain John Valler. Rip tries to convince them to let them go or Savage will destroy the world, but they don’t care.


The Pirates contact the Waverider and ransom their teammates. Rip activates some voice commands on the Waverider prompting the ship to go into combat mode. The Accaron fights back damaging the Waverider. The acting Captain, Ray Palmer takes manual control while Sara and Snart attempt to fix a hull breach.


The pair temporarily seal the breach with Snart’s cold gun, but Rip has activated another voice command causing the ship to jump away. This forces air locks to close around the compartment with the breach, locking Sara and Snart in.

Professor Stein has been skulking around the Accaron having evaded the Pirates. Taking inspiration from science fiction books he read as a child, he takes out the targeting system preventing the ship from damaging the Waverider any further. He also takes out a pirate single handed, somehow!


While Sara and Snart are slowly freezing to death, Snart asks her what it is like to die. She tells him it feels very lonely. And now we get a bit of backstory for Captain Cold! He met Mick on his first time in juvie. Mick saved him from some other inmates and has been protecting him ever since.

He thinks he should have left him in 2046 but needs to be with him to keep him in check. He would have gotten himself killed or captured a hundred times over if it wasn’t for Snart.

Ray and Kendra need something to do while all this is going on. Ray decides to try and seal the breach himself from outside the ship. Kendra is not confident this will work as Ray’s suit wasn’t designed for space travel, but Ray has to try!

Snart may have predicted the future! Mick, Jacks and Rip are in a holding cell with the Captain of the Accaron (who is disgusted with Rip’s betrayal and thinks they are are all criminals).


Jacks can’t open the cell and Mick has had enough. He blames Rip for their current situation and Snart’s change of heart.

Rip’s angry retort reveals that he never wanted Mick on the team. He only wanted Snart but it was a package deal. This pushes Mick over the edge and he offers a deal to the Pirates. He will give them the Waverider if they let him go home.


Ray runs out of oxygen while working on the breach but manages to seal it just in time before floating away from the ship. Kendra tries to keep him awake by asking him things he likes, giving the ship time to pick him up.


He is not breathing when he is aboard, Kendra tries to revive him while stating that she can’t lose him as well! Don’t worry, it’s too early in the season to kill off Ray, he takes a breath! Now that the breach is sealed, the airlocks release saving Sara and Snart.

Meanwhile, Professor Stein has worked his way to the prison cell and released his friends. Rip wants to take the fight to the Pirates and get what they came for!

At the same time as the away team mount an attack, Mick has returned to the Waverider with some Pirate friends. He offers Snart one last chance to join him, which is rejected. Mick sets the Pirates loose while he goes after the ship’s time drive.

Sara, Ray, Snart and Kendra all kick ass before Sara and confronts Mick in the engine room. They both fight well but Mick whips out his flame gun burning Sara. Snart comes to the rescue and beats Mick down.

Jacks and Stein have lured a bunch of pirates to a corridor while Rip has a scrap with Captain Valler. After subduing him, Rip activates all the ships airlocks, opening them and venting the pirates into space! (just like his wife did when they were cadets)

In thanks for the team saving her ship, Captain Baxter says she won’t turn them in to the Time Masters. She thinks Rip has proved himself as a Time Master. She also gives him the latest Vanishing Point data with more information on Vandal Savage.

The last problem the team have to deal with is Mick. Snart says he will handle it. The last scene of the episode see Snart take Mick to an unknown location. Mick says that only one of them will walk away from this conversation. Snart agrees and fires his cold gun at Mick, possibly killing him!

Oh and Kendra kisses Ray! Apparently she has got over her trepidation about having a relationship on the ship!


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • So many Star Wars and Star Trek references! Jacks has ‘A bad feeling about this’, Ray thinks of himself as Captain Kirk, but Kendra thinks he is more like Picard.
  • Rip used to have a different gun when he was in training, it looks even cooler than his current laser revolver!
  • Do all of the Time Master’s computers have names beginning with G? The Waverider has Gideon, the flashback ship has Gary and the Accaron has Gilbert!
  • Snart says what we are all thinking when he is forced to be in the same room when Ray and Kendra are flirting.
  • Rip has not regrets for failing the Time Masters, only failing his family.
  • Captain Valler of the Time Pirates is played by Callum Keith Rennie, another Sci-fi alum.


The episode as a whole was pretty good but there were a few parts that felt a bit out of place. I don’t think we needed the flashback scenes for Rip. We already know he had a wife and child, it doesn’t really matter how that relationship started. To me it seems that those scenes were there just to show where he learnt the ship venting trick he used on the pirates.


The budding romance between Ray and Kendra is horrible. There is no chemistry on screen and I think this is mainly down to Ray’s character. The awkward, bumbling, super-smart, arrogant rich boy doesn’t work as a genuine love interest for Kendra. And has she decided that she no longer is destined to be with Carter? Just stop forcing a love story into the show when it doesn’t need one!


One relationship development that was good to see was between Mick and Snart. There has been friction for a little while with Mick sick of being bossed around. It looks like things have come to a head with Snart having ‘dealt’ with Mick. I don’t think he has actually killed his former partner, I think he has just stranded him in a particular time. I’m sure not killing him will come back to bite him in the ass in a future episode.


It was an interesting episode but felt like another filler, much like Star City : 2046. Did they realise that pursuing Vandal Savage across time each week would get a bit boring so they have injected some different events to keep the viewers interested? Probably. Legends is currently my 5th favourite DC comic show, which isn’t great because there are only 5 n TV at the moment! Up your game CW!!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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