If you had seen any trailers, images or stories relating to this episode then you already know that it features something than Olicity shippers have been wanting for years, a wedding! Considering where Oliver and Felicity left things last time it is surprising that they go through with the wedding, but of course all is not as it seems.

Here is our recap and review!

There are two main parts to the episode; The return of Cupid and the first Court appearance of Damien Darhk.

All we really need to know about Cupid is that she has been released from A.R.G.U.S. and is no longer a part of the Suicide Squad. After having her love rejected by the Arrow and her next object of obsession, Deadshot, being killed, Cupid has lost faith in love.


She is on a rampage, kidnapping celebrity couples who have just tied the knot, making them profess their love for each other then killing them. This obviously gets the attention of Team Arrow and they try to track her down.

The whole Cupid story arc is linked to Oliver and Felicity’s relationship status. Felicity has started moving her things out of their apartment and it is obvious they are both still struggling to be normal around each other.


She asks him to cancel the wedding venue and then he reassures her that whatever happens between them, she is a part of Team Arrow forever and always.

Team Arrow find Cupid’s first victims with a note saying ‘Love is Dead’. Felicity almost agrees with this and throughout the episode is very negative about love and relationships in general.


Another celebrity couple have been kidnapped just after their wedding with Cupid hijacking their limo. Team Arrow give chase but they almost lose her with Thea being knocked on her ass after jumping on to the top of the limo. Oliver takes out the limo with a couple of explosive arrows only to find that the drivers seat is empty.


Cupid surprise attacks Oliver but is quickly beaten as he fires a bolas shot at her tying her up. As Oliver goes to check the limo, Cupid breaks out and escapes, leaving behind part of her outfit.

Felicity runs tests on this material which leads the team to a warehouse where wedding dresses are stored. The only thing they find are the shrines that Cupid has made to each celebrity couple. Oliver and Felicity were on Cupid’s hit list but not since news of the breakup has somehow spread quicker through the public than it did through their own team!


Oliver decides that he and Felicity need to get married to draw Cupid out. Felicity is pissed to find out that he hasn’t cancelled the venue yet. He is completely honest with her and says that he didn’t cancel the venue because then that means its over. Showing how hurt she is again, Felicity simply replies, “It is over”.

So the wedding of the century is set up. With the other members or Team Arrow waiting in the wings. Oliver has written his own vows and pours his heart out to Felicity.

He promises to never lie to her again and you can see the love they share for each other and there is a glimmer of hope when she lets him put the ring on.


But then Cupid arrives to spoil the party! She shoots Oliver with an Arrow and pulls out a detonator ready to blow the building. Oliver stands up, telling Cupid about the Kevlar vest he is wearing and Cupid goes into a “love is a joke” rant.


Felicity confronts her and says that love is not dead. Love is real because love is life. She tells Cupid how Oliver changed her life and you can see that she is getting through to the maniac. Diggle and Thea use this opportunity to attack!


Diggle shoots the detonator out of her hand and Thea fires a bolas shot at her before Diggle puts her down with a sedative shot.

As Cupid is taken away by the Police Oliver wants to talk to Felicity about what he said. Felicity brushes him off but Diggle assures him that she just needs more time to come around.


Later Oliver and Felicity have a chance to talk. Felicity still loves him with everything she has but she can’t be with him. He will always have a part of him that defaults to the man that came back from the island. Lies will always be there.

She says it is not fair on either of them for her to stay around and try to work together. She is leaving as their is no fixing this.


Their last words will cut all Olicity fans deep! Felicity says they need to let each other go.

Oliver – “I don’t want to let you go”

Felicity – “But I’m already gone”

To distract us from the pain we are all feeling, let’s move on to talk about the start of Damien Darhk’s prosecution.

Laurel is going to have a very hard time winning this battle. Darhk claims to be someone called Kenneth Bender from Markovia and was a captive himself and had no involvement in the kidnapping of William.


Laurel has no witnesses that can give evidence against Darhk. All the Ghosts they have captured have committed suicide, so Team Arrow volunteer. Diggle is first up and is ripped to pieces by Darhk’s lawyer.


He brings out evidence of him helping Thea buy thousands of dollars worth of drugs (when they were trying to draw out the Count a couple of seasons back). This throws doubt on the Diggle’s character and credibility.

Detective Lance offers to give evidence. A first Laurel refuses but when she has no other choice she lets him take the stand.

He tells the court about his involvement with Darhk, and admits that he knows he will probably lose his job and maybe his life as a result of what he is about to say. He tells the court that he did what Darhk asked because he had threatened to kill Laurel.

The Court gives its decision and even though there is no physical evidence, the statement of Detective Lance was compelling, she sets the matter down for a full Trial and puts Darhk in prison until then.


As expected Lt. Pike suspends Lance pending the outcome of the trial and we see Darhk put in a cell. But he is not helpless. He opens his mouth to reveal a ring which he slips back on to his finger. It looks like this ring has some markings on it so could this be another of his totem’s? Does this mean he has some powers back?


And now we have to talk about the flashbacks. Oliver, Diane and Reiter are searching the mysterious cave and they find a totem. Reiter gives them a brief family history lesson by telling them that when his village was destroyed he vowed never be helpless again.


He kills one of the other prisoners so his essence is absorbed by the totem. Reiter offers other sacrifices to the totem, showing runes very similar to those which Darhk has, on his arms.


Oliver uses this distraction to escape with Diane and the totem. Diane fails to break the totem before Reiter calls them back over the radio. They leave the totem as a trap and ambush Reiter’s men, taking their weapons, and getting ready to confront Reiter.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • How are Cupid’s arrow aerodynamic? They are shaped like hearts.
  • The Green Arrow isn’t subtle about working with Detective Lance, just hanging out behind a police car waiting for him to notice!


  • Thea is a celebrity fan girl!
  • Cupid doesn’t recognise The Green Arrow as the same person as the Arrow (even though she stalked him for a while)
  • The Totem that Reiter finds appears to be the same one that Darhk used.
  • Why did A.R.G.U.S. let Cupid out then not keep tabs on her? Do they want her to go out killing people?
  • Laurel would not be allowed to be the prosecutor in Darhk’s trial. She was directly threatened by him and her father is the key witness!!!

The flashbacks are slowly becoming more interesting and links are becoming clear. We already know that both Reiter and Darhk are linked to HIVE and it now appears that they used the same totem. Will we see Darhk turn up on the island or maybe Reiter takes the totem to him.


Oliver and Felicity are officially over. We know she won’t be gone as the flash-forward scenes we have seen still feature her but how much will she be involved with Team Arrow from now? What is she going to do in the meantime? I don’t think this is then end of Olicity. Maybe not this season but they will get back together eventually, for the good of those that live on the internet I hope they do!

Very little happened in this episode and I don’t like Cupid as a character. It felt like a filler episode, Oliver could have taken her down very quickly but it was drawn out and became boring.


Let’s hope the next episode includes Darhk’s prison break, causing him to strike back at Team Arrow out of revenge. Too long have we been waiting for an explanation of HIVE’s plans. Now is the time!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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