This week Kara takes a bit of a back seat as the event of this episode focus around win and his father. We don’t have a super-powered villain this week and the Kryptonians are absent. Instead we get some family history for Winn which he has tried to bury but his father is insistent on trying to reconnect.

Here’s our recap and review!

Right off the bat we see a very creepy man breaking out of prison using a decoy and a deadly Yo-Yo!


We see a double yo-yo take-down and escape after donning some familiar round lensed glasses.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the Toyman.


Our first trip to Cat Co. sees some of the employees watching a news report on the escape of the Toyman. Winn see this and quickly turns it off making Kara very suspicious. Soon after, the FBI arrive to question Winn about his father.

He tells them he has cut himself from him ever since he killed a group of people. Kara was using her super-hearing to listen in on the conversation (even though she had just refused to eavesdrop on Cat and Lucy because it was wrong – more on that later).


Winn explains to Kara that his father used to be a normal person, although he was angry a lot. He snapped when his boss stole his toy designs and got rich off them. Out of revenge, he sent a bomb disguised as a teddy bear to his boss, but his assistant opened it instead and it killed six other people.

Kara tells him  not to worry about it and his father doesn’t know where he is, but Winn shows her a stuffed toy he found on his desk that morning with a message from his father asking him to meet him. He then shows this to FBI Agent Chase.


Winn works with the FBI and goes to meet his father while wearing a wire. Kara is with the FBI standing watch as Winn wouldn’t do it without her.


Inside an old amusement arcade, several of the toys are watching Winn as he enters and finds his father. He says he broke out of prison to be with Winn. He calls him his greatest work and wants them to work together.

The FBI burst in and open fire on the Toyman but he just shatters into a million glass pieces. It was just a decoy followed by a poison gas is released taking down all the agents. Never fear! Supergirl is here! She smashes in through the roof and sucks all the gas out of the air before blowing into the atmosphere.


Agent Chase is now more suspicious of Winn and thinks he knows where he will be going. She tells him they are going to hunt his father down. Kara says they need to find his father before the FBI do.


Winn says she doesn’t have to but Kara says that she needs him as much as he needs her, she would be lost without him.

Opening up the toy his father left for him on his desk, Winn finds a chip with the ‘Slingshot Toys’ logo on it. This makes him think that his father is hiding in his old toy factory. Supergirl goes looking for him and is greeted by a creepy looking Supergirl toy.


The Toyman shows himself and tricks Supergirl into a quicksand trap (even though she is fast enough to knock him flat without a sweat!). The Toyman informs her that the quicksand is laced with Thermite so if she tries to use her heat vision it will explode.


The Toyman escapes and to add to the peril he has lured some children to the factory, put them in crates and is going to drop them into a giant chipper! Thinking quickly, Supergirl freezes the quicksand with her breath and saves the crates only to find that there are no children, just more Supergirl toys with voice recordings.


Winn tells Kara that he is scared he is going to turn into his father, he doesn’t want to repress any feeling anymore. Kara tells him he is nothing like his father and he won’t give into his rage. Feeling brave, or maybe desperate, Winn kisses her! He immediately apologises and leaves, only to be kidnapped by his father!


Waking up tied to a chair Winn listens to his father explain his plan. He wants to get revenge on his former boss who is going to be talking at a nearby toy fair. He blames his boss for sending him to prison and separating him from Winn.

He tells Winn that if he doesn’t kill the boss with a gun that looks like a toy, he will detonate several randomly placed bombs in the toyfair. And whatever happens, if they get arrested or escape, they will be together.

Winn has no choice so goes to shoot the guy but is stopped by Supergirl.


Realising his son has failed, the Toyman activates the bombs. Another quick idea, Kara uses her heat vision to activate the sprinkler system and then freezes a huge block of ice over the area where the explosives are, protecting all the people from the blast. She then quickly captures Toyman.

Later Kara goes to see Winn and he is unapologetic about the kiss. He teller her he is in love with her and should have told her long ago. Kara doesn’t want things to change between them.


While all of this is going on Alex and Hank Henshaw are trying to work out a way to get into the secret room in Lord Industries. Both Alex and Supergirl try to convince him that revealing himself as Martin Manhunter would be better than hiding as Henshaw but he says the world needs him as a man more than a Martian.


Alex tries to convince him to use his powers but he knocks her back by saying he tried to be Martian Manhunter on Earth before and was hunted for 50 years. People won’t accept him. But Alex says Kara needs his help as the Martian.

Alex arranged a private meeting with Lord which turns into a date. She asks him about his opinions on aliens, and he notes she doesn’t mention Supergirl. He asks about her relationship with the Kryptonian.

Meanwhile, Henshaw has infiltrated the facility disguised as Maxwell Lord. His finger prints don’t work so he phases through the door itself into Room 52. He takes a few pictures but is interrupted by Security. The guard lets slip that the woman with black eyes is Code Phoenix and then challenges Henshaw/Lord.

Fake Lord quickly takes him down and wipes his memory so he cannot tell anyone what has happened. Henshaw then tells Alex that the more his uses his Martian powers, the more he becomes something to be feared. He feels really guilty for what he did to the guard.

We see later that the guard has lost all memory of the last year, and Lord had set up secret security cameras as back ups. These show someone who cannot be Lord phasing through the door. Clearly not trusting anyone, Lord has placed a camera on Alex’s handbag and sees her having a girls night with her sister….who is still in her Supergirl outfit!!!!


The only other thing that happens in the episode is Cat appointing Lucy Lane as Cat Co’s new lawyer. Asking Jimmy if she should take the job, he is not very supportive and she thinks he doesn’t want her to work with him.


He tells her later that her excitement about the job made him realise he wasn’t excited about his anymore. He hung up his camera too soon and wants to get back out on the streets!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Martian Manhunter is training Supergirl in some flight techniques, completely in the open, and even turns back to Hank Henshaw before he lands, not very stealthy!


  • Lucy Lane is not a fan of her reporter sister!


  • FBI Agent Chase is played by Emma Caulfield, better known as Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  • The Amusement arcade has a Superman Rocket ride outside!


  • Winn is a Minecraft player! (at work!)
  • Kara’s apartment has a lot of large windows! You would think she would be more careful about wearing her outfit in the apartment. Get some curtains!

It was good to see some character development from Winn, his back story was vague but now we know he has tried to move on from the pain his father caused his family. I’m glad he told Kara his true feelings and I’m hoping she will eventually come round to feeling the same for him. Give a guy a chance!


The Lucy/Jimmy story was a bit boring and has been done hundreds of times before. ‘A couple who end up working together end up having trouble in their relationship’. Kara is still jealous of them as a couple and this might be why she shut Winn down, she is still hung up on Jimmy.

Toyman was perfectly creepy! Crazy and sadistic with a twisted sense of logic. His toys/inventions were very clever and if you forget the fact that a lot of them only worked because Supergirl was a bit thick, he was a really good villain.


It was also good to have a break from all the super-powered bad guys. Sometimes the biggest threats are those you underestimate!

It felt like the series was taking a breather from the Kryptonian threat so I expect it to come back with full force next week. I wonder how much long Martain Manhunter will try to keep his identity secret. I for one want him to go full Martian and I want to see what happened with the real Henshaw and Alex’s father! Give us some answers!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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