This is the episode I have been waiting for. ever since they confirmed Legends of Tomorrow was going to involve time travel, I have been looking forward to seeing future versions of places and characters we know from the CW shows. I was pretty excited going into the episode and for the most part it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s our recap and review!

Considering the potential a future episode has, there isn’t an awful lot that happens this week. We pick up where we left off last time with the team confronting someone they think is Oliver Queen in his Green Arrow outfit.


We quickly learn that is is not Oliver and the Archer attacks! A mixture of acrobatics and quick arrow shots forces the team to retreat and regroup.

Rip warns everyone about interfering with this time line and says they should just focus on repairing the ship and leaving. Unfortunately, a certain piece of tech is needed to complete repairs and the only place to get one would be in the remains of the Smoak Industries building where Ray says he was working on a prototype back when it was Palmer Technologies.


Rip tells Snart and Mick to go and retrieve the item and Sara wants to go with them. Rip doesn’t think this is a good idea as she will come into contact with future versions of people she knew. Sara basically threatens to kill him if he stops her from going.


Meanwhile, Jackson, Ray, Kendra and Stein all stay behind to work on the ship. Which gives them the opportunity to get to know each other a little more. Jacks has developed a crush on Kendra and his jealousy is felt by Stein through their connection when they can hear Kendra and Ray flirting over an open comm channel.


Jacks doesn’t think he has a shot with her as his competition is a genius billionaire and some one she is destined to be with. But Stein thinks he should try anyway, all he needs is confidence.

Star City 2046

Jacks tries his luck with Kendra later in the episode and makes some progress, but things are hampered by Stein. He tries to ascertain from Ray if he has any romantic feeling towards Kendra, and tries to persuade him that it isn’t a good idea to form personal attachment amongst the team.

This has the opposite effect. Before Stein said anything Ray didn’t look at Kendra that way but now he does and even asks her out! Lucky for Jacks, she tells Ray that her life is too complicated to have a relationship with anyone. Jacks overhears this and Ray offers his condolences because he knew Jacks liked her too, but is confident she would have picked him over Jacks.


Sara, Mick and Snart get surrounded by a street gang and they fight them off with the help of the mysterious archer.


Sara sees him get shot point blank rage so she races off to help him. Mick and Snart decide to go and rob a bank they passed earlier but are confronted by the gang leader. Initially challenging the guy to a fistfight, Mick burns him with his gun and just takes his place as head of the gang!


This later ends up with Snart and Mick having a falling out because Mick wants to stay as the leader of this gang but Snart is now thinking of the greater good and wants to Stop Savage.


This even results in Mick challenging Snart over their partnership. He is sick of always being bossed around by Snart. After Snart knocks him out and explains that he has had to save him from prison numerous times, the pair reach a temporary agreement but I sense this conversation has not finished.


Sara finds the archer  and he explains that Oliver Queen died in the uprising that destroyed the city. She asks who brought the city down and her answer comes with the arrival of Deathstroke!


Sara is confused as Slade Wilson was last seen locked up on Lian Yu.

Taking his mask off we see that it is not Slade Wilson but his son, Grant Wilson!


He is quickly joined by some of his men forcing Sara, the arrow and Rip to escape. They go to the old Arrow Cave in search of some answers as that is where a lot of Smoak Industries equipment was stored.


The arrow explains that the heroes tried to fight at the start but the city evacuated and some of them fell. Rip tries to keep Sara focused on their mission and not get side tracked with this potential future.

The trio are soon confronted by none other than Oliver Queen himself.

He is looking old, finally has the traditional Green Arrow beard, and only has one arm! Which would explain the bionic arm that Sara spotted lying on top of a nearby container.


He is not dead and the arrow is angry that he hasn’t done more to protect the city. Let’s not call him Arrow anymore, let’s call him John Diggle Junior! Oliver calls him this but he won’t accept that name because he couldn’t save his dad during the uprising so he goes by the name of Connor Hawke.

He has been trying to hold the city together himself because everyone thought Oliver was dead. Oliver has lost faith in himself and the city. He asks them to leave after telling them where to find the equipment they need, he is not the same person anymore.


Rip, Sara and Connor go to Smoak Industries Storage facility to find the tech. Sara thinks that Oliver suggested the city would have survived if she and Ray hadn’t left. Rip again informs her that this is only a potential future and could still change if they succeed in their mission and return to their own time.

Rip finds what he is looking for and Sara find something else but they are ambushed by some of Grant Wilson’s men and Connor is taken!

This leads to another conversation between Sara and Rip where he says that if they complete their mission they won’t have to save Connor or this city. The future is always in flux and meddling is dangerous.


Sara riles Rip by asking why he is allowed to change the future for his benefit but others cant. He angrily tells her that he is not doing it just to save his family, and says if she wants to try and save Connor she can but they will be leaving in an hour, with or without her!

Sara goes to see Oliver and convinces him that the city needs him by giving his bow back to him! “This city will always need a Green Arrow”

Grant Wilson has gathered his men to witness Connor’s execution.


Sara has been caught by some of his men but only as a distraction, Oliver Queen is back complete with his bionic arm! The pair square off and Connor jumps in to help when Oliver gets beaten back by the much younger man.

The Legends arrive to help beat back the gang as Connor uses Oliver’s bow to fire a bolas shot to tie Wilson up before Oliver knocks him out with a bionic arm punch!


Oliver gives his blessing for Connor taking the title of Green Arrow and agrees to help him retake the city.

The team leave the new partners and get ready to leave 2046. Sara thanks Rip for sending backup and Rip admits that every potential future is worth fighting for.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode:

  • Connor’s fighting style is like a hyperactive flea! Far too much jumping about!
  • The Arrow zip-line escapes are painfully slow. Anyone could shoot them as they ascend!
  • Kendra was a ship welder in 1944
  • We assume most of Team Arrow are dead, Captain Lance’s death is confirmed by grant Wilson, Felicity left the city after the uprising.
  • In the comics, Grant Wilson is Slade Wilson’s eldest some and becomes a mercenary called Ravager. This name was used by Summer Glau’s character in Season 2 when she was revived by a Mirakuru blood transfusion.
  • In the comics, Grant Wilson gets his abilities from HIVE. Could this be another connection they could use in the show? Only if they go back to the future I suppose.
  • Connor use the same phrase as his father “Copy That” when acknowledging his new mission with Oliver.
  • Rip says they are going to strike at Savage where he least expects it. Are they going Ancient Egypt before he became immortal? If they kill him them it would stop everything, but it would also prevent Kendra and Carter from being reincarnated. Maybe just after he becomes immortal would be best.

It was a fairly good episode but I expected more. It was good to see a future Oliver with only one arm, looking a lot like he does during the events of the Frank Miller Dark Knight story.


His ‘old’ make up was incredibly poor but you could still see glimpses of the Oliver Queen we know from the show.


They have changed the character of Connor Hawke a little. Instead of him being Oliver Queen’s son, he is John Diggle’s son. While this was a good change it brings up a whole bunch of questions like How did John die? Why does Connor blame himself for the death?. it does however eliminate Diggle as one of the possible people to be in the grave on Arrow. He has not yet had a son in the show so he must survive to have one later.

There is trouble in paradise between Snart and Mick. The latter has had enough of always being told what to do and just wants to see the world burn. Snart thinks that if they succeed in taking Savage down they will be come Legends and that will open doors to riches they never thought possible. I’m sure this will play out more later in the season but it is good to see some friction developing.

The Kendra/Ray/Jacks love triangle is unnecessary. I know the show was always going to have some romantic aspects but having Ray and Jacks compete for Kendra just feels like they are trying to fill the gap that was left after Carter died.

The women of the show aren’t just there to be the object of the men’s affections. Kendra can kick ass when she needs to, don’t take that strength away from her.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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