The Team are all back from Earth-2 but not without cost. At the end of the previous episode we saw Jay Garrick get stabbed through the chest by Zoom and pulled back through the breach as it closed. How will the team react to this most recent tragedy? And how will the events on Earth-2 affect those who have returned? Can Harry Wells and Jesse ever go home to their own world?

Here’s our recap and review!

Caitlin is in shock. She can’t accept that this is happening again. Just when she was starting to feel normal the person she was close to is taken away from her.


Barry demands that the team open up the breach so he can go back and get Jay or fight Zoom again but Wells informs him that is is impossible. The Team are reeling from what has just happened and Barry feels helpless.

Wells advises him and Cisco not to tell the other about what happened on Earth-2, especially about their counterparts. They might be influenced in ways that they shouldn’t be.


So that’s what they do, they keep it a secret and we get an internal monologue from Barry where he explains he just keeps running and hopes for a Meta-human presence to keep him distracted.

It isn’t long before he gets his wish. King Shark is back, or rather, he never went away. Everyone thought that he had been killed by Wells early on in the season, however A.R.G.U.S. had actually captured him.


Amanda Waller intended to use his mutation or skills as a weapon, probably in her Suicide Squad much like his comic counterpart.

With Waller gone, Lyla Diggle is the new head of A.R.G.U.S. When King Shark inevitably breaks out of confinement whilst some soldiers are feeding him, it is Lyla’s responsibility, with the help of her husband John to track him down and stop him.


Meanwhile, the West family are all enjoying some family time playing the cup stacking game (because that’s how a group of adults have fun?). They invite Barry to play but he says he’s not in a gaming mood.

Rather than telling Joe and Iris what is really bothering him, he pretends that it is because he thinks Wally doesn’t like him very much. This prompts Joe to suggest that he and Wally spend some time together to get to know each other a bit more.

So there’s the set up of the whole episode. You want more? Ok, well let’s deal with King Shark first..

Diggle and Lyla come to S.T.A.R. Labs to give Barry a heads up that King Shark was headed towards Central City and is hunting for the Flash. They also reveal that A.R.G.U.S. have been monitoring Meta-humans since the Particle Accelerator explosion to see if any of them could be utilised, or weaponised.

Barry is sick of running, this time they are going after King Shark. Wells will try to track him down will Caitlin and Cisco contact his Earth-1 wife to see if she can help. She and her husband were both Marine Biologists but her husband (Earth-1’s human version of King Shark) died of super fast developing Cancer as a result of the Particle Accelerator explosion.

Barry and A.R.G.U.S. are searching the waterfront for King Shark.

He shows up and takes down a few agents before disappearing again. Wells reluctantly lets Jesse help him work out a way to track King Shark, which she is very happy about.


The next time we see King Shark, he has tracked Barry down to his home and rips of the roof smelling the Flash nearby. Barry (quickly changing into his Flash outfit) confronts the Shark and tells him all the breaches are closed so he can’t go home. He will be trapped here for a long time.

Barry tries to create some kind of spiral around King Shark but he gets knocked on his ass. The shark retreats by saying the Flash may be fast but he is not faster than him in the water.

Caitlin has found a way to lure King Shark to where they want him to go using a reversed form of the senses sharks use to track their prey. The team set up a Flash decoy with the same electrical signals as Barry and waits.


Eventually he shows up and takes the bait, but is not caught. Instead he attacks and Barry draws him away by running on water.

King Shark is hot on Barry’s heels but instead of running further, Barry creates a whirlpool around him and electrifies the water, finally using a bolt of lightning to knock King Shark out.


Lyla insists that A.R.G.U.S. will look for a cure to King Shark’s transformation instead of trying to weaponise Metas. Lyla and Diggle leave with both of them still being surprised by how fast The Flash is!

Next, let’s talk about Caitlin. She has buried herself in her work to distract herself from the pain she is feeling. Cisco is trying to help by getting her to talk, but is himself struggling with what happened with Earth-2 Caitlin, or should I say Killer Frost.

Caitlin is very blunt and direct when trying to get the research from King Sharks Earth-1 wife, which just increases Cisco’s worry that she will turn into Killer Frost.


His fear reaches bursting point when trying to understand why she is being the way she is, he mentions that she has the same look in her eyes that she did on Earth-2.

He ends up telling her all about her doppleganger and how evil she was and that currently she is acting a lot like her.


Caitlin explains that she has to shut herself off from her emotions or she will crumble under the weight of the pain. So she goes out in the field in Cisco’s place to help the team capture King Shark.


Later while Cisco is working on his Vibe goggles, Caitlin pretends to be Killer Frost which freaks Cisco out! She quickly returns to normal and thanks him for trying to help her.

Now what is going on with Wally? Joe’s suggestion of him and Barry spending time together doesn’t go so well. He shows Barry a project he is working on for college and asks for advice. He has developed a new turbine engine that runs of bio-fuel. Because Barry is down about other things, he is overly critical about Wally’s work and ends up trying to take over the project.


Wally is upset by this and reveals that he is jealous of Barry as he got the family life that Wally should have had. It is during this conversation that King Shark attacks. When the Wells family are picking up the pieces of their house, Wally is weirded out by how they are taking it in their stride, he also calls Barry a coward for running away .

Later, Wally shows Joe his work and they get the chance to be proper father and son. Joe praises him for his work and then talks about Barry. He explains why they took him in when his mother died and reassures Wally that he is not favoured over anyone. Both Barry and Wally are his sons.


Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Flash episode if Barry wasn’t struggling with his emotions. He is trying to distract himself by dealing with King Shark, but those around him see he is not ok.


Diggle says he is doing what Oliver does and  is trying to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. He knows what it is like to lose someone close to you, but you need to control that feeling and use it to guide you.

Like Cisco, Barry ends up telling the others about Earth-2. He tells Iris and Joe everything, including Earth-2 Joe’s death and how it is still haunting him. He blames himself for everything that has happened and now he has left an entire world at the mercy of Zoom.


Using the advice from Diggle, Barry calls a team meeting and apologises to them all. He has made some choices which have had some consequences and he owns those choices. Instead of wallowing in defeat he says that they are not done with Earth-2, they will do what they can in Jay’s memory and they will stop Zoom.

Talking of Zoom, we see him take Jay’s body back to his lair.


The man in the iron mask is visibly unsettled by this, but then Zoom takes his mask off and reveals…..Jay. What?!?!


Following which he says “Well this is a complication”. Zoom is Jay? Which version of Jay? Is he Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon? Is he a clone? I am more confused than ever!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me this week:

  • Wally makes another speed reference when playing cups. “Ain’t nobody faster than me!” If he is going to be a new speedster just make it happen already!
  • Cisco offers to make a new helmet for Diggle. At Last!!
  • Felicity is not returning Barry’s calls. She is having a tough time at the moment but surely a friendly voice would help.
  • Joe makes reference to the epically bad monster movie Sharknado
  • Cisco makes a few ‘Jaws’ references. “We’re going to need a bigger Flash”, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the suburbs”
  • Wells has developed an impenetrable container made of Prometheum metal.
  • Both Wells and Jesse question Cisco about him doing the right things when waiting for King Shark, they are very alike!

It was a really good episode. I liked seeing the team struggling to deal with Jay’s death and what happened of Earth-2. So often shows like this instantly forget about things that happened in a previous episode, but The Flash shows us that these things linger.

What does the Zoom reveal mean? He isn’t Earth-2 Jay Garrick but he could be Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon. Who is the man in the Iron mask?


Why was he so unsettled seeing Jay’s body? Please give me some answers!!!

It seems the only way the shows can give Caitlin some character development is to make her grieve. She is a good character when given something to do, very smart and capable but they just give her the broken heart story lines. Stop taking men away from her!!

How are the team going to get back to Earth-2? I’m sure Wells and Jesse will come up with something very soon but in the meantime will The Flash return to fighting crime on the streets of his own town? He hasn’t had any home grown trouble for a while!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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