A few things come to a head in this week’s episode of Arrow. Last week, Damien Darhk kidnapped Oliver’s son William, Curtis gave Felicity a chip to implant in her spine that would help her walk, Oliver was making great progress in his Mayoral campaign. The team were generally in a good place by the end of the episode, so how will things play out this week?

Here’s our recap and review!

I’m going to start off with Olicity. The last time we saw them being a couple, they were well into wedding preparations and even had an engagement party. We first see them this week during a physiotherapy session where Felicity is trying to walk again.


She has had the chip implanted in her spine and the recovery has begun but she still cannot support her own weight. Curtis’ husband is the therapist and he tries to encourage Felicity by relating her situation to when he first met Curtis. He was training to take part in the Olympics and he had to learn patience, he would not heal instantly, as she won’t.


Once the session is finished Oliver and Felicity are in the car park and she reveals why she is so frustrated. She just wants to be able to walk down the aisle at their wedding. These plans might be hampered a bit by the arrival of Damien Darhk.

Oliver goes to attack him but Darhk gets them both in his magical choke hold and tells Oliver that he is holding William. He will release him if he drops out of the Mayoral race and pledges his support for Darhk’s wife.

The pair are left alone and Felicity asks “Who’s William?” to which Oliver simply replies “He’s my son”.


Understandably, Felicity does not take this news very well. Oliver tries to explain the deal he made with William’s mother Samantha but Felicity can’t trust him anymore and doesn’t see how they can start a life built on lies.

They are interrupted by the arrival of the rest of team and they explain the situation. Felicity is astounded by how many people already know about William, and things are made worse when Samantha turns up at the campaign office looking for Oliver.


Apparently Barry had suggested she come and see Oliver when he was examining the place her son was taken from. She can’t see how he is going to be able to help, seeing no other choice he tells her he is the Green Arrow.

The team discuss how to proceed, and there is a slightly awkward moment between Laurel and Samantha as Oliver cheated on Laurel with Samantha.


Diggle suggest calling Constantine for help but Oliver says he is in Hell! So Oliver suggests calling Vixen instead!


Let me say right off the bat Vixen is awesome. She has the ability to channel the spirit of any animal and take on its abilities through a totem she wears around her neck.

She uses William’s favourite toy (which just so happens to be a Flash action figure) to track him down.


In the process she channels the spirit of an eagle to soar above the streets looking for the boy.

While the search is going on, a few characters have time to chat.


Thea and Malcolm Merlyn have a falling out where she challenges him about not saving her when he had the chance during his dealings with Nyssa, and he refuses to tell her if he was involved in William’s kidnapping.

Oliver and Diggle talk about being a father. Diggle says the only way to ensure your children are safe is to keep them close.


Samantha tells Felicity is was her that made Oliver keep William a secret.

Laurel tells her father that the whole Oliver/Samantha thing has upset her because it is more than him just cheating on her.

All this aside, Vixen has located William. The team assault the building in a not so subtle way. Oliver takes down a couple of ‘Ghosts’ on the rooftop and Vixen smashes through a window to confront Darhk.


He tells Vixen that he has moved William so she attacks.

They both fight pretty well and Oliver comes to join the party. Channelling the spirit of a gorilla she almost beats Darhk back but he then uses magic to throw Oliver out of the window, giving him a chance to escape.


Vixen has lost the scent of Darhk and William.

Later, Darhk calls Oliver and offers a meet.


Oliver demands his son back but Darhk moves up the timetable for Oliver to drop out of the Mayoral race to tonight! Oliver has no choice but to drop out but in the meantime Vixen thinks they have an avenue to explore.


Her power comes from her totem so it is a good bet that Darhk has one too. Lance thinks he has seen it before in one of his meetings with Darhk. After some research Vixen has confirmed that Darhk’s totem needs to be in constant connection with magical lay lines or “wifi for magic”, and they have pinpointed the likely place it would be.

Oliver has now officially dropped out of the race and has given his full support to Darhk’s wife but he is still worried that Darhk won’t hold up to his end of the bargain.


This leads to a conversation with Vixen where she says to keep him safe he should let William go and stay away from him to give him a normal life, relating to her own childhood where she didn’t have that choice.

The Team attack Darhk’s location and Vixen channels a wildcat to steal the totem. Darhk still has his powers as he holds both Oliver and Thea in his magical choke hold and is killing them.

Vixen goes to plan B and destroys the totem, removing Darhk’s power, quickly followed by Oliver beating him down.

William has seen the end of this fight and Oliver makes sure he is safe as the Police turn up and he then takes his leave.


William tells his mother that he now wants a Green Arrow action figure, and after some questioning he has told the Police that a man with only one hand took him.

Oliver and Vixen say their goodbyes and Thea confronts Merlyn. She tells him she wishes that she had never chosen to be his daughter and he says that everything he has done is to protect her!

The episode is rounded out by Oliver creating a video message for William that he has left instructions for Samantha to give him on his 18th birthday.


He tells him he is his father and the Green Arrow and that keeping him away is the only way to protect him.

Felicity has overheard his message and finally lets her emotions come through that she has been suppressing while they were trying to get William back. She gives her ring back to Oliver and says she needs space.


He should have told her about his son regardless of what deal he made and cannot start a life with him if he cannot be honest with her.

Before Oliver can defend himself, her leg moves! They are both shocked as she realises she can feel her legs and she stands up!

Without another word she straightens and walks out of the apartment away from Oliver. Talk about kicking a man when he is down!

And so to the flashbacks. Reiter wants Oliver and Diane with him when they break through to the prize he is hunting.


Breaking through, Reiter can feel the primordial energy and they are confronted by Conklin! He appears to be possessed by something and is talking in a strange language.


He threatens Reiter with death and as Oliver and Diane are left alone in the room with the Conklin spirit, Oliver’s tattoo glows and the spirit says he is permitted to continue before disappearing.


Reiter returns and tells Oliver and Diane to go into the hole to investigate.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • Oliver says that he first met Vixen during an ‘animated encounter’, in reference to the Animated Vixen show linked to both Arrow and Flash.


  • Damien Darhk has seen Vixen’s totem before!
  • Darhk is suprised when Vixen steal his totem and just says “Well, that happened.” He is actually pretty funny if you forget about the super evil stuff!


  • Speedy is able to fire her bow while hanging upside down off the back of a motorbike! It looked awesome!


  • William now has a Green arrow figure! Because toy makers would make a figure based on someone the police see as a criminal!


It was a pretty good episode. Vixen is a badass and I want to see more of her in the future, maybe even a live-action spin-off? The effects of her powers were pretty good too and weren’t too over the top.

Damien Darhk is now in police custody but how long will that hold? He is cut off from his magic but surely he has some other tricks up his sleeve. Maybe his HIVE colleagues will arrange his release in some way.


If you think about it, what evidence do they have that Darhk is the person doing all these things, other than witness accounts from William and Lance (who I would assume hasn’t made one because it would result in a prison sentence of him too).

Is this the end of Olicity? Felicity cannot trust him anymore even though he was in an impossible place and made the decision he thought best. What can he do to regain her trust? Will she leave Team Arrow?


Can they even be friends anymore? And how is she suddenly able to walk perfectly again? Why did the chip not work straight away?

Now that Oliver has pulled out of the race to be Mayor, will we see the rest of HIVE’s plan unfold? Apparently phase 5 needed control of City Hall and it looks like they are going to get that so there doesn’t appear to be anything standing in their way! Darhk days are ahead!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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