At last! Supergirl is back on UK screens! It has been a long break since but we pick up right where we left off! Let’s get straight into it!

Here’s our recap and review!

The fight between Astra’s forces, the DEO and Lord Security guards continues. Kara and Non square off and blast up into the sky, narrowly missing a passing plane before Non knocks Kara down to earth.

Hank Henshaw then comes out to help but instead Non flies away with him as a prisoner.

Maxwell Lord is very unhappy about what has just occurred and ends Lord Industries relationship with the DEO, and whatever he had with Alex too.


Alex has been appointed the new head of the DEO in Henshaw’s absence. Before she can suggest the next course of action, Kara goes to talk to Astra to ask why Non took Henshaw.

Astra tells her that the only way to get Henshaw back is to trade him for her. She told Non to spare Kara as they are family and are ‘bonded by blood’, an agreement that Non was not happy with. Astra is disheartened that Kara has chosen to side with the Humans and not her blood.

After this conversation we get a brief flashback to Krypton where we see Alura sentencing Astra and her men to imprisonment in Fort Roz.


Lots more talk about blood bonds in this scene, and Non says that by stopping their plans she has condemned the children of Krypton!

The rest of the episode can be split up into three different sections, the only thing linking them is Kara.

Part 1

Non broadcasts a ransom demand to the DEO for a prisoner exchange. General Lane has arrived and assumes command of the situation by order of the President.


Non tasks some weird looking dude to read Henshaw’s mind but he cannot (because he has his own psychic powers!). Henshaw tells Non that he isn’t a threat to him because he needs him to get Astra back. Out of frustration Non snaps the neck of the mind-reading guy!

General Lane decides the only way to resolve the situation is to force Henshaw’s location out of Astra. He injects her with a Kryptonite liquid to torture her, Kara tries to stop them but is dragged out of the room by Alex.

Astra has apparently given up the location where Henshaw is being held. The DEO, soldiers and Supergirl arrive find what appears to be Henshaw inside a shipping container.


Unfortunately it is a trap, Henshaw is a hologram and the container explodes! Kara manages to protect Alex with her cape and saves one of General Lane’s soldiers.

Kara goes to Astra to hear what she has to say about what happened and her past.


Along comes another flashback showing Alura giving support for Astra’s cause but the deaths that resulted from Astra’s actions could not be excused. Alura promises to fight for her cause but through compassion.

Kara decides to take matters into her own hands as she believes there is still some good in Astra (Star Wars reference much?) She and Alex release Astra from her cage and are taking her to another exchange. General Lane orders his men to put them down but they refuse because Kara saved one of their own.

The trade goes ahead but then Astra’s troops arrive and gear up for a fight! Astra tells them all to stand down and the Kryptonians retreat with Astra saying this is not a truce. General Lane is really not happy about this and says that Kara’s idealism will doom this planet. Henshaw simply replies “No, it will save it”.


Part 2

James Olsen notices that Maxwell Lord is covering up the attack on his facility. Jimmy wants to investigate and ropes in Winn to help him out. He starts by taking pictures of the area where the fight happened. This prompts Lord to kick him off his property with a brief comment about him being hurt by the media before and isn’t threatened by Jimmy’s powerful ‘friends’.

Determined to get some answers Jimmy breaks into the facility with Winn disabling the security systems. Jimmy finds a biometrically locked door which Winn cannot by-pass. Before he can investigate further, Lord finds him and knocks him out!

Jimmy wakes up to find himself tied to a chair. Lord wants to know who helped him get into his facility and what he is looking for.

He clearly has some secrets and anger issues as he beats Jimmy around the face and threatens to kill him if he ever tries anything like this again!

Kara finds out what Lord did to Jimmy and wants to go and get some payback. Jimmy and Winn hold her back and are worried that she is starting to sound like Astra. Kara feels like she has lost everything, the link to her mother and her current life.


But don’t worry her boys are there to pick her up! Heroes find a way! They will find a way to expose Lord and put him away!

Right at the very end of the episode we see Lord enter the locked room. It holds many secrets such as a scan of the arm from the Red Tornado android! And also a young woman lying on a bed.


Whoever this woman is it will be bad news for Kara, when anyone has entirely black eyes it is always bad!

Part 3

Cat Grant is still convinced that Kara is Supergirl.


Kara is super nervous about being around Cat and tells the guys that Cat suspects. They are visibly worried which just makes Kara worse, she even walks across the office without her glasses before quickly realising!

Cat tells Kara that this job obviously doesn’t mean that much to her as every minute she spends pretending to be her assistant is one she is not saving lives.


Cat has even gone to the lengths of researching Kara’s past and testing her on her childhood to try and catch her out.

If she doesn’t admit she is Supergirl then she is fired! Later on Kara is unwilling to confess and tries to appeal to Cat saying that this job is all she wants. Cat will not budge so she has no other choice. Kara quits her job at Catco.

All is not lost however, Kara goes to see Cat towards the end of the episode and then is joined by Supergirl who comes flying through the window.


Cat admits that they can’t possibly be the same person and gives Kara her job back. Of course we know a certain Hank Henshaw has some shape-shifting abilities.

When Henshaw asks Kara why she needs the job so much and won’t work for the DEO full time, she simply replies that her friends keep her human, much like the DEO does for Hank.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me this week:

  • Kara flew to Chicago just to pick up some food for Alex
  • Cat Grant was apparently responsible for exposing Lance Armstrong as a drug cheat!


  • Astra asks General Lane how many people he had to kill to obtain his rank. They are not so different
  • Apparently on Krypton it is honourable to admit your fear to others.
  • Lord’s super secret room is numbered 52. A reference to the New 52 line of comics.


  • Henshaw doesn’t agree with negotiating but thanks Alex and Kara for getting him back.
  • I’m pretty sure that someone wanting to make a prisoner exchange on the basis of faith does not out rank Presidential orders.


  • Alex needs to learn to whisper. She tells Henshaw to transform well with normal human earshot of Kara!
  • Kara’s ‘oh so secret’ instant messaging with her cousin is again missed by the IT department. Just looking at her message history would reveal the identity of both Superman and Supergirl!

It  was good to have Supergirl back. The show still hasn’t reached the same standard as Arrow of The Flash yet but it is constantly improving. The relationship between Kara and Astra is interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. Will Kara get through to Astra’s heart and stop her from destroying her adoptive home?


Or will it go the other way with Kara joining Astra? After all they are bonded by blood (just in case you missed the hundred occasions blood bonds were mentioned during the episode!)

I’m glad Jimmy went off an did his own thing and was actually acting like an investigative photographer. It was getting boring him just being Kara’s eye candy, and his relationship with Winn seems to have settled in to mutual understanding.

Now that Cat has been tricked into thinking that Kara and Supergirl are different people she can get back to being the strong figure of advice and sometimes moral centre for Kara. I much prefer that Cat than the one we have seen recently.

Hopefully soon we will get more explanation about what happened to the real Hank Henshaw. J’onn J’onnz confessed to Kara who he was and we already know that Alex was going to investigate their father’s death. Surely Henshaw will be the one who can give them those answers. Plus, it will be good to see Dean Cain back on screen! The show is growing on me and we still have a long way to go!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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