Arrow is back and in case you were worried that there wasn’t enough politics in the show then you’re in luck. This week we get the first Mayoral debate!…..yay. I can almost hear you all yawn at that so let’s get straight into it and I promise the episode gets more interesting.

Here’s our recap and review!

Oliver meets his opponent in advance of the televised debate. She calls her self Miss Adams and claims she isn’t married (even though we know she is Damien Darhk’s wife!).


Oliver plays up to this and even throws in a comment about her being a ‘Dark Horse’ as her campaign appeared out of nowhere.

The team know she is Darhk’s wife and follow her after she leaves the area. They trail her in not so subtle ways with Oliver and Thea on colour coordinated bikes! The car vanishes and Oliver falls into a trap as he is attacked by some Ghosts.

Diggle and Thea arrive to help and they successfully beat the Ghosts down with some pretty good moves including a drive by sword slash by Thea! Using the attack as a distraction, Adams escapes.

Next we delve into the plans of HIVE. Damien Darhk is holding a meeting with his HIVE colleagues, which now also includes Malcolm Merlyn. Apparently Phase 4 is complete and Phase 5 now relies on the political prowess of Darhk’s wife.


Not all of HIVE are in favour of this part of the plan and Darhk shows his displeasure by killing a man via video link!!

Phase 5 requires control of City Hall but what is stopping them taking it by force like they tried before? They have the manpower but instead they are jumping through the legal hoops! Before they can continue, Darhk assures the others that he has to tie up some loose ends, permanently.

This puts Captain Lance in extreme danger. He gets a call out to a 602 – Breaking and Entering. Normally the Captain wouldn’t go to something like that but Lance says they are short staffed.


Attending the address, the building starts to collapse around him and only with the help of Laurel does he escape with his life. Laurel takes him to the Arrow cave for protection.


Lance realises that it was not an accident and that he is now in danger. This causes him to try and push Donna Smoak away to protect her. He tries to pretend he has people after him because of gambling debts but she doesn’t believe him and gets upset that he won’t tell her the truth.

Felicity discovers the call Lance received was faked, tracks the origin and sends the team to investigate. On arrival they stumble into a demolition crew who are in the process of taking down the building they are currently in.


A fight ensues and Diggle is beaten down by a guy with a Sledgehammer! The building has already started to come down as the demo team escape. Team Arrow manage to make it out, with Thea barely making it after she grabbed the Demo Team’s laptop!


Oliver takes the laptop to Felicity who comments that this is how they met, with him bringing her a broken laptop to hack.

Prior to the Demo Team fight, Thea has tasked some researches to dig up some dirt on Miss Adams. Instead they find a cheque signed by Moira Queen for the sum of $1,000,000 to someone called Samantha.

At first Oliver denies any knowledge of this but later he admits (after Thea presents him with some more evidence that he knows more) that he was with Samantha and he has a son. Whilst Thea is shocked, she agrees that he needs to keep this a secret or people will get hurt.

Felicity and Donna have a heart to heart where Mumma Smoak confesses that she thinks she will never find the kind of love Felicity has with Oliver. Felicity says she already has it with Lance and maybe he is pushing her away to protect her.


Team Arrow find that punching people can only get them so far so they enlist the help of Andy Diggle and Curtis Holt. Andy gives them information which leads them to a building holding a huge amount of the specific demolition chemicals the Demo Team have been using. When they arrive they find a large proportion is missing meaning a bigger bang is planned!


Curtis is working on something that he hides from Felicity when she comes to the lab to give him the laptop, which he claims it is an early wedding gift. Curtis manages to find some blueprints to the building where the debate will be held on the laptop. The only problem is he only finds this out after the building is full and the debate is about to start.

After evacuating the building, Team Arrow go in search of the explosives. Adams calls the Demo Team and says that plans have changed, she tasks them to not let Oliver Queen leave the building! Diggle attempts to disarm one and is knocked down bu a booby trap.

The Demo Team attack and I must say the fighting in this scene was pretty impressive on all sides. Diggle manages to take down Sledgehammer guy (in real life he would have killed him), Oliver tangles with a really fast fighter and Thea and Laurel almost get beaten by the Nail gun wielding lady.

The Team disarm all the bombs (with convenient disarming arrows) and everyone is let back into the building. Oliver leans into Adams before the debate begins and tells her that the opening will ‘bring the house down’. Oliver is pretty funny when he wants to be! This obviously unsettles Adams as a news report later confirms that Oliver won the debate.


The Team deserve a rest and a perfectly timed engagement party that Donna has been preparing, is the prefect solution. Donna and Lance make up after he tells her the truth about his history with HIVE, and Curtis arrives with his husband to give Felicity her gift.

A bio-stimulant implant that will allow her to walk again, only made possible after he completed work on the Palmer Tech power cell. Oliver and Felicity are understandably extremely happy!

The biggest shock moment in the episode however comes in the form of a play date organised by Damien Darhk. He has brought Oliver’s son William to play with his daughter and says that he will be staying with them for a while!


What has happened to Samantha? Darhk wouldn’t go as far as to kill a child would he?

Ordinarily I find the flashbacks boring and crowbarred in, but this week they were really good. Reiter has Oliver and the other prisoners digging for something. The other prisoners hate Oliver for killing Diana’s brother and threaten to kill him.


Diana defends him and says he is their best hope of freedom. The prisoners want Oliver to prove he can help them. He needs to kill Conklin but Oliver is worried it will turn him into a monster.

Reiter says that it is Destiny that has brought Oliver to him. He is searching for a weapon of great power that can only be used by a chosen one and he thinks that person is Oliver. Conklin calls Reiter away and Oliver takes this opportunity to attack.

The fight is brief and Oliver stabs Conklin in the chest and ends it after Conklin claims Reiter will kill them all. He has gained the trust of the other prisoners but now Reiter threatens him and says he only needs him alive, he doesn’t need to be looked after.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me;

  • Oliver gets a glitter bomb to the face!


  • The best place to hide vigilante gear is behind a bar in random bags…apparently.
  • Felicity wears a S.T.A.R. Labs top!
  • Curtis’ screensaver is a bunch of Felicity heads saying ‘blah blah blah’


  • Oliver and Lance bond over keeping secrets for the greater good.
  • Thea shows Felicity up when she tries to hack the fire alarm system, she simply pulls an alarm.
  • Love is the ultimate motivation, even though he is in danger, Lance comes to help people when the debate arena is evacuated.
  • When Felicity receive the gift from Curtis, Oliver calls him Terrific!! Comic nod!

This episode was fun. Oliver shows he can debate with the best of them and even taunts someone he knows is involved with plots to kill him! Is he brave or just stupid? Will finding out that Darhk has William bring him down again? What is Darhk going to do with the boy? Blackmail Oliver? Kill William?

It was good to see a more human side to Captain Lance. He may be a tough guy but he is still vulnerable and needs love.


I actually like the chemistry he has with Donna and hope that neither of them end up in the grave!

Oliver kind of took a back seat this week and Thea stepped up. It was interesting to see Thea doing something other than struggling with blood lust. The brother sister dynamic between her and Oliver has returned and you can feel the love the two share.


The difference now is that Oliver sees her as much more of an equal rather than just his baby sister. It helps that she can still kick ass too!

Thinking about it, there wasn’t actually much that happened in this episode but It was still really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to seeing Darhk’s plan unfold, what is Phase 5? Is Darhk  in control of HIVE? He is apparently permitted to kill people in meetings with no consequences. Is he the only HIVE member with abilities? Please start explaining things!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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