The title of this week’s episode is’Escape from Earth-2′. I think it is mis-titled as the escape part only happens at the very end of the episode. The rest of the time Barry, Cisco and Harry Wells are still looking for Zoom’s lair and Jesse Quick.

I guess the title ‘Continued search for Jesse on Earth-2’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. The team are reeling from the encounter with Zoom in the last episode and they are running out of time to get back to Earth-1!

Here’s our recap and review!

Straight away we see Zoom hunting for Harry Wells. He is speeding around Earth-2 Central City leaving pictures of Wells which say “BRING ME WELLS”.


He says himself that he knows Wells is on Earth-2 so why not look in the most likely place he would be…S.T.A.R. Labs.

Cisco returns to Earth-2 S.T.A.R. Labs to find Wells (told you he would be there!). He explains what happen to Deathstorm and Reverb and that Zoom took Barry. Wells is worried that Zoom left Cisco alive for a reason but doesn’t know why.

Before they have a chance to figure that out, Barry-2 wakes up demanding an explanation quickly followed by a proximity alert signifying the arrival of Zoom.

fake wall

Wells takes Cisco and Barry-2 to his version of the Time Vault to hide, which Zoom finds but Wells is able to fool him with a fake wall and he speeds off without finding them.

Earth-1 Barry and Jesse chat about their shared confinement. Jesse has no confidence in her dad finding them as he only thinks about himself, but Barry tells her that his entire motivation since meeting Wells has been finding Jesse.

Zoom quickly arrives to dampen Jesse’s raised spirits by saying that the only reason she is alive is so he can kill her in front of Wells and the only reason Wells is alive is so that he can steal Barry’s speed.

Later when Zoom has left, Barry and Jesse work together to try and figure out what the man in the iron mask is trying to tell them. They work out it is some kind of old POW code.


He is tapping out the letter J-A-Y and gets upset when the other two try to guess what he means by Jay. Is he Jay? Is Zoom Jay? Is Jay in danger?

Before they can figure out what he means, Zoom returns and threatens Iron Mask then phases through the wall of Barry’s cell. Barry says he will destroy him and Zoom replies by beating him down! He may be hurt but Barry has just figured out how to get out of his cell.


Cisco, Harry and Barry-2 go to see Iris-2 to get her help in finding Zoom. She suggests the best way of finding him would be to find someone who has worked for him, Killer Frost for example.

Barry-2 has an algorithm that can pretty accurately locate any meta-criminal in the city and it quickly suggests a location to start looking for Killer Frost.


Iris-2 suggests that Barry-2 stays behind as it is too dangerous but he says he wants to do it in honour of Joe West-2.

Cisco and co find Killer Frost in the woods and after a brief fight with the group he manages to appeal to her humanity and love for Ronnie to convince her to help them.

She takes them to Zoom’s lair and makes some ice stairs up to the entrance in the side of a cliff.

Everyone reunites inside Zoom’s lair. Killer Frost helps release Jesse but can’t get Barry out. His cell is made of something that won’t freeze. Barry tells them all to get to safety but Barry-2 gives a classic Barry Allen pep-talk to the other Barry. They have gone through so much and done things he never thought possible to get here. If he can believe he can get out he will.


As if by magic Barry manages to successfully phase through the wall, even though he couldn’t before due to the different Earth-2 frequency.

The celebrations are short lived as Zoom arrives, having been called there by Killer Frost , and goes to kill Jesse in front of Wells.

Killer Frost has another change of heart and blasts him away from her giving them a chance to escape. The team leave the lair with Barry promising to come back for Iron mask.

The team leave with Wells and Jesse coming back to Earth-1 as they have nowhere to hide on Earth-2. Barry speeds Cisco and Jesse through the breach in S.T.A.R. labs and goes back for Wells. He meets Zoom holding Wells up, ready to kill him. Wells stabs Zoom with something, presumably the speed dampening formula he developed earlier in the season. This allows Barry to snatch Wells and escape through the breach.

Before I talk about the end of the episode, let’s back track a bit. On Earth-1 while the team are away Jay has managed to stabilise the breach (somehow) but there is no rest for the wicked, Geomancer is still out there.


Caitlin is working on Velocity 8, a further refined version of the speed drug but she is worried because Velocity 7 caused further cellular damage to Jay’s cells. Jay knows the risks but wants her to keep trying. There needs to be a a Flash in Central City.

Later Caitlin has finally reached Velocity 9!! (At last, all the comic fans rejoice!). Geomancer calls Jay out by causing a large quake that starts to bring down a building. With no more time for tests, Jay injects himself with Velocity 9 and races to the rescue.

He manages to save everyone from the building and runs back to S.T.A.R. Labs where he almost collapses exhausted.

While he is resting, Geomancer arrives in the lab and attacks Caitlin and Iris. Caitlin ends up taking him down using the Boot developed by Cisco.

Jay turns up after and apologises for not coming sooner. Caitlin excitedly tells him that Velocity 9 may be the cure for his sickness but they still need to make the effects permanent.

Again, no time to rest. Geomancer’s tremors have damaged the Speed Cannon and the breach is unstable again. They only have an hour before Barry told them to close the breach but to fix it needs to be done manually.


Jay creates a vortex around the breach while Joe stabilises the breach! And just in time!

Cisco and co come through the breach and as Barry arrives he tells Jay to close it before Zoom comes through. Jay chucks a breach implosion bomb in and the breach collapses.


Jay, feeling pleased with himself stands with his back to the closing breach and gets a Zoom arm through his chest before being pulled back through just as the breach closes!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me this week;

  • How has Harry Wells got a time vault? He isn’t the Reverse Flash on Earth-2, or is he?!?!?
  • Barry-2 is an absolute nervous wreck


  • Apparently Jay can stabilise the breach all on his own really quickly even though the end of the previous episode led us to believe it would be really difficult to do.
  • Barry-2 mentions Patty Spivot as a really thorough CSI.
  • Cisco calls Killer Frost ‘Elsa’
  • Velocity 9 is finally here! I’ve been waiting for it ever since Velocity 6!
  • Why could Zoom not find Wells? He just needed to look in S.T.A.R. Labs more than once!

The last half of the episode brought me to edge of my seat as our heroes try to escape Zoom. Jesse is now safe with Team Flash and the breaches are closed, but Jay is dead? Zoom has taken his body! That has thrown a spanner in the works of my Jay is Zoom theory.


Jay is suspiciously absent whenever Zoom is around but if Jay is Zoom how did he just kill himself? Is Earth-1 Jay / Hunter Zolomon Zoom? I’m so confused. And who is the man in the Iron mask? What did his JAY message mean? So many questions but it was a good episode.

I left out Earth-1 Iris’ story arc as it was very boring and meaningless.


A new editor at her newspaper is taking the J Jonah Jameson appraoch and calling the Flash a menace so Iris wants to do a story on Jay to prove that there is someone out there to protect the people of Central City if the Flash is away. Unless this is setting something up in the future it was a completely needless plot point.

Now that everyone is back on Earth-1 and the breaches are closed, are things going to settle down for a bit? Will the Flash go back to the ‘Villain of the Week’ formula until Zoom finds a way to get to Earth-1? I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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