I’m a bit late with this recap due to a particularly busy Easter weekend but never fear, I’ve hopped into the Waverider and gone back in time to watch the episode as soon as it aired! Let’s get straight into it!

Here’s our recap and reviews!

We have finally travelled to another time! After spending the first three episodes of the season in 1975, we find the team in 1986 Washington DC. Gideon has located a heavily redacted document that points to the location of Vandal Savage so Rip decides the team need to go and steal it.

The problem is the original document is kept inside the Pentagon. The Team are not impressed that Rip wants them to break into the Pentagon at the height of the Cold War with the world on the brink of Nuclear destruction.


They infiltrate the Pentagon (very easily). Ray and Snart are disguised as cleaners which allows Snart to save a passing officer from slipping on the wet floor and lift her security key card, and wallet before she leaves. Even when deep undercover Snart doesn’t miss an opportunity to make some easy money.


Snart slips the keycard to Sara and Kendra who walk past disguised as military officers. In order for their infiltration to work they require a diversion. Enter Heatwave, posing as a soldier in the barracks, having an arm wrestle, which apparently even draws the attention of the security techs.

Not to be left out, Firestorm is tasked with diverting the power from the alarm system so it can’t be triggered. Unfortunately, Jackson ignores the advice from Stein and ends up receiving a power surge which knocks him back and triggers an alarm.


Rip calls abort and the team escape, but not before Kendra goes on a warrior rage, opening her wings, glowing red eyes and smashing through anyone in her way.


And when told to leave Firestorm blasts through the roof of the Pentagon to escape.

Back on the Waverider, the team are reeling from their failure blaming each other for various mistakes. They did manage to retrieve the file they were after however and it has revealed that Vandal Savage defected to the Soviets and is working on something called Operation SVAROG, which Martin Stein notices is the name of a mythical Fire God.


Arriving in Soviet Territory the team find themselves being tracked by Chronos. He has followed them through their last time jump. In order to break his lock, Rip tells Gideon to uncloak and slow down. This will draw out Soviet fighter jets to distract Chronos.

The plan works, missiles fired at the Waverider are dodged and they strike Chronos’ ship causing him to crash. Why the Waverider couldn’t re-cloak now is beyond me but cutting the engines has caused the ship to crash as well, although it receives very little damage and re-cloaks while on the ground.

The stolen file reveals a Soviet Scientist called Valentina Vostok is working for Savage on some kind of new weapon. The team decide to try and get her to help them locate Savage. Ray and Snart attempt to charm their way into the heart of Vostok at nearby opera.

Ray fails miserably but Snart is successful in wooing Vostok and steals her security card to a secret lab, and her wallet!


Meanwhile, Gideon detects a temporal anomaly which Rip and Heatwave go to investigate. Out of the woods comes a Time Master sent by the Council to bring Rip in. He claims Chronos was killed in the crash and offers Rip a full pardon if he returns to Vanishing Point (nice reference). Heatwave was eavesdropping and thinks the guy is setting a trap for the whole team.

It turns out he was right as Rip springs the trap by pretending to take the deal and Chronos pops out from behind a tree.


Rip had taken Heatwave’s advice and has backup. Firestorm and Heatwave to the rescue. We get some more friction between Jackson and Stein as the former wants to do things his way, he fires a blast at Chronos just as a grenade is launched at him forcing Stein and Jackson to separate and wounding Jackson.

White Knights

Back on the Waverider, the two have it out. Stein tells Jackson to grow up and he storms off. Stein then tells Ray that he deliberately pushes Jackson so hard because he can’t lose another half of himself, like Ronnie. If Jackson dies so does he, and he will be the one that will have to tell Jackson’s family that he won’t be coming home.

With Jackson out of action, Stein volunteers to infiltrate the secret lab. As soon as he gets in he finds that Savage is attempting to create a Soviet version of Firestorm.


They are close to succeeding as Stein notes that a working Thermacore has already been developed.

The rest of the episode is full of tension and plenty of twists and turns. Ray and Snart also infiltrate the facility and assist Stein with removing the Thermacore.


Vostok arrives at the lab and Snart goes to stop her discovering Stein and she reveals that she is not being used by Savage, she is a willing participant.

She threatens to kill Snart if Ray doesn’t turn the core back on which he of course does. Stein still takes the core and absorbs the excess energy into himself in the process making him very weak.


Snart manages to escape with the Thermacore, reluctantly leaving Heatwave behind as a distraction. Stein, Ray and Heatwave are all captured by the Soviets and even though the team managed to secure the Thermacore, the Soviets  now have Stein who is even better!

Locked up in a Soviet Gulag, Stein is told that how long the other captives live will depend on his level of cooperation.

While all this is going on Rip suggests Sara talk to Kendra to try and reign in the warrior rage. Doing the only thing she knows how, Sara offers to train Kendra.


The two fight and Sara pushes too hard causing Kendra to unleash the Hawk! She knocks Sara back but then her own blood-lust activates, she almost kills Kendra!

Rip thought their interaction would be mutually beneficial as Kendra has experience with rebirth and now Kendra decides to try and help Sara by offering to ‘train’ her! Sara offers her a sly smile and they launch into another fight.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • I know they are from the future but it can’t be that easy to get into these secret facilities!
  • Gideon is able to erase the entire security footage from the Pentagon infiltration. This wouldn’t stop the eye witness accounts, injuries and damage to the building as well as reports of a missing document! The government would be hunting them!
  • Ray quotes Top Gun when the Soviet jets flash past them!
  • God bless the future! At some point we will develop ingestible translators in pill form!
  • Does Snart actually say ‘Gideon, bone me!’ ?
  • Even when separated from Jackson, Stein is impervious to the effects of nuclear radiation.
  • Snart was the best part of the episode. Much less cringe worthy and showing his human side, willing to take a bullet to save his team-mates.

The episode started slowly and everything came to a head within the last 10 minutes or so. Rip is still displaying what a useless leader he is and getting the team in trouble at the same time as letting them completely mess up the time line. What does he do when the team go off on their missions? Does he just sit and watch them screw up? Snart even challenges him about his decisions and he simply replies ‘What would you have done?’

Both Snart and Heatwave have developed a lot in the last couple of episodes and I actually enjoyed their presence this week. It looks like we will get more of Mick next week as he and Ray are presumably going to be interrogated inside the Gulag.


The scenes between Sara and Kendra were boring. Even though at times they were trying to kill each other, I wasn’t interested. Apparently Kendra can’t control her inner warrior when Carter isn’t around. All I say to that is good! She is my least favourite character now and needs to actually do something other than complain.


It was good to see Stein doing something useful and also showing some vulnerability. He cares for Jackson and sees him almost as a son. Trying to protect him and prepare him in his own way doesn’t seem to be working but he is not the selfish, arrogant Professor he was at the start of the season.

Not a perfect episode and a lot of artistic licence taken with the practicalities of infiltrating secret government facilities. But an enjoyable episode  all the same. Let’s hope the captive team members can last until their comrades come to rescue them!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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