‘Sins of the Father’ is the name of this week’s episode and this could refer to a few different characters. The two main story lines feature Felicity and her father, who we met in the previous episode, and Nyssa Al Ghul. We all know who her father was and he wasn’t exactly dad of the year. Bring into the mix Malcolm Merlyn as well and we have a whole bunch of people involved in dysfunctional father/child relationships!

Here’s our recap and review!

Picking right up where we left off last time, Nyssa demands that Oliver kills Merlyn if he wants the cure to save Thea. She reminds him that he is still her husband and that he should do as she asks.


Oliver struggles with this demand, he doesn’t kill anymore but he wants to save Thea, and even talking to his friends about it doesn’t help. Laurel and Diggle agree that he should do whatever it takes to save Thea’s life but Oliver wants to at least try diplomacy before resorting to that.

Oliver decides to try and broker a deal between Nyssa and Merlyn. If they agree Malcolm will hand over the ring of R’as Al Ghul and control of the League of Assassins to Nyssa, and she will give Malcolm the cure to save Thea.


Malcolm of course doesn’t believe Nyssa’s claims that she holds a magical elixir that can bring Thea back from the brink of death. He thinks that she is just trying to take the league from him.

Laurel goes to see Nyssa to offer her the deal. Nyssa holds the same distrust for Merlyn and Laurel says that she either has to kill Merlyn herself or make the deal Oliver has proposed.


If the deal is genuine Nyssa is willing but knows Malcolm won’t follow it through. If he reneges on the deal she threatens war!

After Oliver demands proof from Nyssa that the cure works he tests the sample on Thea and it does temporarily heal her. On seeing this Malcolm agrees to a meeting with Nyssa.


Guess what? The meeting goes as expected, Malcolm appears to be agreeing to the deal but then offers Nyssa death instead. A fight between the two sections of the League begins and Oliver, Laurel and Diggle are stuck in the middle.

Realising she is outnumbered Nyssa retreats with Malcolm hot on her heels but Oliver and co step in their way and refuse to move, Malcolm backs off.


Understandably Oliver is pissed that Malcolm betrayed them. Laurel says what everyone else is thinking and just because Oliver changed he shouldn’t expect everyone else to do the same. Oliver stands firm and states that they will take down the generals from each side! No one else dies tonight!


The war between the two factions has spilled into the streets of Star City with innocent bystanders being caught in the crossfire. Team Arrow have geared up and join the fray, trying to neutralise attackers on both sides. Diggle points out that the only way Oliver can stop this is to kill Merlyn.

Laurel saves Nyssa from a few of Merlyn’s men but Diggle quickly stuns her so they can lock her up back in the Arrow cave. Laurel pleads with Nyssa to no be like her father and give up the Lotus without the need for more bloodshed .


Oliver doesn’t even get support from his fiance. Even Felicity agrees that he should kill Merlyn for what he has done and to save Thea. Oliver doesn’t want to take away the only chance that Thea has to have a relationship with her father.

Malcolm explains to Oliver that of course he would do anything to save his daughter’s life but things are going on that are bigger than his own family. He challenges Oliver by saying that he knows he would be in the same situation if his son William was at risk. This stuns Oliver that Malcolm knows he has a son!

Seeing no way out Oliver suggests that Nyssa and Merlyn settle things by way of a trial by combat.


The meet is set and the two combatants prepare to attack. Before the fight can begin Oliver states his right as Nyssa’s husband to take her place and fight Malcolm himself.

The fight is short as Oliver is able to knock Merlyn down easily, but Malcolm won’t yield. If the fight is to end Oliver must kill him. Instead Oliver cuts off Merlyn’s hand and gives the ring of R’as Al Ghul to Nyssa in exchange for the Lotus.


The fight is over and the cure is given to Thea who then wakes up, seemingly feeling fine and without her bloodlust.

Nyssa then calls a meeting with Oliver and Merlyn to inform them that she does not want to be like her father and has disbanded the League of Assassins permanently. This causes a rage to boil in Malcolm who then threatens Oliver with a worse debt than death!


What could this threat mean you ask? Well we find out when Merlyn goes to see Damien Darhk and tells him that there is one person who means more to Oliver Queen than anyone else in the world, his son William. Malcolm you are an evil evil man!


While all this is going on Felicity is having her own daddy issues. She has coffee with her dad who claims he left to protect her as the police were after him. He figured out that she was Overwatch and confesses to being the Calculator.


He asks for a second chance to prove he wants to be in her life and gives her a flash drive with evidence of his past hacks as a peace offering.


Reeling from the meeting with her dad, Felicity speaks to her mother who says not to trust anything he says and that if he is back he has an alterior motive, not because he wants to rebuild his family.


In an attempt to test the waters, Felicity brings her dad to Palmer Tech lab to show him around and show off what she is responsible for. He shows an interest in the T-Sphere’s developed by Curtis Holt.


It turns out that Felicity had set a trap for her dad and he had fallen for it when he left a device in the lab that absorbs signals and information from the surrounding area.

Felicity calls her dad to her office and confronts him. She wants to say goodbye to him even though he claims that he left to give her a chance at a normal life. She cannot trust anything he says anymore and turns him into the Police.

Felicity feels guilty for turning her own father over but Oliver assures her that things aren’t over. From his own experience he knows that things like that don’t go away. Changing the subject Oliver decides that he is done waiting get married, he proposes again they decide to start the planning.


Now it’s time to talk about the flashbacks. Oliver shows Diane the stone he magically now has and she calls Reiter out to show it to him. She offers it to him in exchange for her release but he just takes it from her. To twist the knife deeper Reiter orders her to care for Oliver and keep him alive as he is very important to his own plans.


Oliver tries to explain how he killed her brother and help her mourn but she rejects it. He tells her about his own father’s death but this only prompts Diane to say that Oliver is lost. She says that if he wants to become the man his father wanted him to be, he has to save them all from Reiter.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • Malcolm Merlyn thinks Oliver Queen is handsome but not especially bright!
  • Laurel tells Nyssa that Sara is whole and happy. She clearly hasn’t been watching Legends of Tomorrow then!
  • Even if you were setting a trap for a computer criminal, why let him into a room full of cutting edge tech!
  • Felicity’s dad brings her a really crap present for a computer expert.
  • Oliver has appointed the last two R’as Al Ghul


  • Team Arrow are more willing to kill that Oliver himself. How times change!


It was a strong episode and another that displayed the impossible situations that Oliver finds himself in. The street fighting between the two factions of the League was a bit ridiculous at times as they were only fighting with arrows and the occasional sword but the conflict was interesting.

Are things over with Felicity and her Father? I doubt it,  and I’m wondering whether he will seek revenge for her turning him in. Will he try and hurt her or her friends? Maybe he is involved in the death of the mysterious team member?

Malcolm must now be one of the most loved and hated characters on this show. He has shown that he will stop at nothing to to retain power, even sacrificing his own daughter in the process.


His plans appear to be long term and convoluted and will put those he claims to care about in harms way. When wronged, he will put right that wrong by causing pain to others.

Will Merlyn be responsible for the death of the mysterious team member? Maybe he causes the death of Oliver’s son! I’m certain he is involved in the death of who ever it is and we will all hate him for it! Damn you Merlyn!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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