This week’s episode is probably my favourite of the season so far. There is a lot going on and lots of surprises for the audience and the characters alike. Most of the action occurs on Earth-2 so before I give anything else away in the introduction let’s get into it!

Here’s our recap and review!

Team Flash are wasting no time in enacting their plan to help Harry Wells. Barry is speeding around Central City using the breach implosion devices to close all the breaches except the one inside STAR Labs. With this task complete, Barry has a a farewell dinner with Joe and Iris.

Iris thinks he is trying to escape his life on Earth-1 because of Patty. She thinks he feels like he has nothing left on Earth-1 but he insists that isn’t true and he loves his life. He is going because he needs to help Harry.


Harry, Cisco and Barry prepare to travel to Earth-2 and Jay Garrick gives them a last minute warning that things will appear similar but will be very different. Barry tells the rest of the team to close the breach if they don’t get back in time to prevent Zoom from crossing over again.


Into the breach! The trio get flashes of all kinds of things, including a shot of Supergirl! A nod to the upcoming crossover episode!!


Their journey has caused the Speed Cannon on Earth-1 to malfunction due to a power surge. They are effectively trapped on Earth-2.

Earth-2 holds infinite wonders for the team and there are loads of cool features for us as viewers to see too! STAR Labs is the top of the range scientific site it was intended to be. The Technology appears to be both super-advanced and inspired by the past.


1950s looking cars, but everyone has super-advanced watches (which double as communicators and meta-human detectors)

The team meet Harry’s lab assistant Henry Hewitt, both Barry and Cisco recoil from him as on Earth-1 he was better known to them as the Meta-human villain Tokamak!

Their first experience with an alternate version of someone they know (aside from Wells himself of course)

Cisco attempts to locate Zoom using his vibe power but it doesn’t work because of a frequency imbalance. Earth-2 vibrates at a different frequency to Earth-1 so they will need to find the difference if they have a hope in finding Zoom.

In the meantime, the team discover that Earth-2 Barry is still a CSI so our Barry decides to disguise himself as his doppleganger and try and get some information from Detective West on Zoom’s whereabouts.

Barry goes to the Earth-2 Central City Police Department and is bowled over by the differences. Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot on Earth-1, is a copy and the name Deadshot is a nickname because of how bad he is with a gun!


The Earth-1 Police Captain is a criminal, and Detective West is Iris, not Joe!

Iris and Barry are married on this world and although she appears to be a good detective, she brushes off the fact that her watch detects Barry as a Meta-human and his weird behaviour for the whole episode!

Barry is rubbish at pretending to be he doppleganger and even looks away from Iris as she strips in front of him in their home! He is knocked for six though when he discovers his mother is alive on this world!


He calls her and is able to speak to her. I don’t care who you are, if you didn’t well up at this point you have a cold heart!

The Earth-2 villains of the episode show themselves when Barry and Iris go to Jitterbugs (not Jitters) to see Joe West who is a jazz singer, perform.

Joe and Earth-2 Barry do not get along. Joe blames Barry for Iris becoming a cop as she had to pay for his PHD tuition.

The bad guys arrive in the form of Killer Frost and Deathstorm! The Earth-2 versions of Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm.

They are looking for Earth-1 ‘breachers’. After Joe gets hit by a blast from Deathstorm while trying to protect Iris, Barry speeds the villains outside away from other people.

There is a very brief but visually impressive fight with Killer Frost launching ice projectiles at Barry and Deathstorm firing blasts at him. A chase ensues through the streets but the battle is ended when Barry steals the helmet of a statue of Jay Garrick to deflect one of Deathstorms blast to hit Killer Frost.


Barry now feels responsible for what has happened to the Earth-2 West family. Harry tries to convince him that these people should be nothing to him but Barry ignores this by saying that whatever universe they are in these people are his family. Harry is pissed that Barry has yet to make any progress in locating Zoom.

The Earth-2 Joe West dies of his injuries (in a really bad death scene), resulting in Iris hunting down the pair responsible. Barry brings Cisco to meet Iris as he has developed something that can counter the effects of Killer Frost’s powers. Iris refuses to let Barry come along as she cannot stand to lose her husband as well as her father.


Iris, Floyd Lawton and Cisco track down Killer Frost and Deathstorm and discover that firstly, this version of Firestorm is Ronnie Raymond dominant, he doesn’t let Martin Stein out much! Secondly, they don’t work directly for Zoom, they work for Reverb, this world’s evil version of Cisco!


He has his powers under much more control and even offers to teach Cisco how to make full use of his abilities.

To which Cisco says, “Flash save us!” Earth-1 Flash arrives and distracts the villains enough that Cisco gets a shot off at Killer Frost that knocks her down. Round 2 of Flash v Deathstorm commences with the additional help of Reverb the Flash gets beaten down.


Before they can finish the job Zoom arrives and kills both Deathstorm and Reverb because he told them to leave the Flash unharmed!

Zoom takes Barry and locks him up in the same room with Harry’s daughter Jesse and a mysterious man in an iron mask.


Barry tries to give Jesse hope by promising to save her but Zoom quickly shoots him down by saying that this place is the last he will ever see!

There are some lesser events happening on Earth-1 while the breach travelling team are away. A new Meta-human shows up calling himself Geomancer and is calling out the Flash.


Joe goes to see Jay Garrick and tells him that the city needs a Flash so he should take Velocity 6 again to give him his speed temporarily.

Jay refuses and confesses to Caitlin that when he became the Flash he wanted more speed and artificially increased his own speed by using Velocity 6. It is the side effects of this formula that is killing him and has robbed him of his speed, not Zoom.

Geomancer is taking advantage of there being no Flash and is causing widespread destruction but he is knocked on his ass by the arrival of Jay Garrick as the Flash, with his speed!


Caitlin has apparently refined the Velocity 6 formula into something better, naming it Velocity 7. The effects wear off quickly and Jay has to be save by Joe shooting Geomancer to scare him off.

Recovering from his fight, Jay says they only have 24 hours to fix the Speed Cannon or the others will be trapped forever. Caitlin also says she will continue to work on the Velocity formula to see if they can make it better and will continue to look for a cure to help Jay.

Here’s a few things that peaked my interest this week;

  • Earth-2’s Central City has a mayor called Snart. Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold perhaps?
  • There is a reference to the Justice Society of America in the Earth-2 Central City Police Department.


  • Easter eggs in the Speed Cannon journey include: Supergirl, John Wesley Ship as the Flash, Connor Hawke, Jonah Hex, Grodd and a Legion of Superheroes flight ring! Awesome!!!
  • Killer Frost makes mention of her favourite thing is to kill people from other Earths. Does this suggest there are breaches to other worlds and not just Earth-1?
  • Earth-2 Barry’s phone has the following names on it, Dad, Mom & Dad, Eddie, Bruce, Hal, Diana – Eddie Thawne is still alive, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman!?!?


  • Earth-2 Barry bought his mother plane tickets to Atlantis! Apparently this city isn’t a myth on Earth-2. Is Aquaman resident?
  • Joe makes another parenting mistake, Wally comes to see him at work but he Joe leaves to deal with the meta-human attack.
  • Jay Garrick uses his helmet to fire some kind of vibration shockwave at Geomancer to knock him back! It looked pretty cool!


  • Cisco makes another Star Wars reference by asking if Reverb is ‘Cloud City Vadering’ him
  • Having Floyd Lawton/Deadshot in the episode was a nice expanded universe touch!


This episode was jam packed full of references and little nods to not only characters from previous episode of the Flash but the wider CW network and DC universes. By far this is my favourite episode of the season and I loved seeing the alternate version of well known characters but I am still left with lots of questions.

Who is the man in the iron mask held captive by Zoom? Why has Jay suddenly overcome his reluctance to take a speed enhancing drug? Jay stated that when he became the Flash he wanted more speed. Put this together with his Earth-1 doppleganger being Hunter Zolomon and it is shaping up to confirm that Jay (or a version of him) is actually Zoom!


Reverb has mastered his vibe abilities and the other bad- guys are scared of what he can do. Will Cisco start to learn skills other than using his visions? Why are most of the dopplegangers evil?

I hope the next episode continues with the quick pace and intense story. Earth-2 is awesome and hopefully we will get to see a lot more things going on here. The team are going to be there for at least the next episode as Barry is currently a prisoner and the Speed Cannon is still broken! Let’s have more multi-universe action!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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