I am massively behind in writing about Agents of Shield, apologies but I am getting there! This post is a bit more concise and more about my thoughts rather than a re-cap, as my guess is most people watched it so long ago the re-cap would be somewhat redundant.

We’d sort of forgotten about the fact that there were still all those inhumans who were previously transformed and happily living in their secret hideaway, who now must be out in the world. Seeing the group here possibly points us towards the fact that we might see some more old faces, (other than just Lincoln) pop up again. Steriody Super Sonic the Hedgehog was back, and we got confirmation of his name- as we thought from the comics- Lash. Still huge, still scary and still killing inhumans. But an interesting new perspective is given, in that he apparently does not like what he is doing but is effectively an ‘Angel of Mercy’, killing inhumans so they don’t have to suffer the pain of transformation. Speaking of transformation- Lash can transform into a regular guy! Pretty handy. Full disclosure, I know who Lash is, but even if I hadn’t I think I would have guessed during this episode.


Mac and Daisy worked really well together in this episode- I really love the way their friendship is developing and the banter between them. They are both openly uncomfortable with the relationship Coulson is building with ACTU, and from some of the comments it seems those guys definitely have an issue with Daisy. When Daisy and Mac are given permission to go and check out the inhuman holding facility, a large number of them are sent off ahead- Daisy suggests to cover up any wrong doing- and you have to wonder if it’s related to Lincoln. Daisy has already suggested that they may have deliberately ignored or failed to trace the email virus which has been seeking out inhumans. What is clear is that the ACTU/Shield partnership is going to continue to be an issue. It does seem that Coulson and Rosalind have some genuine semi-respect for each other, but they keep playing their own games.

Daisy an Mac.jpg

Bobbi is clearly somewhat uncomfortable being stuck in the lab role, and her and Fitz have some trivial disagreements about processes. Coulson mentions that she hasn’t yet passed her physical. It appears her unhappiness is coming from a feeling that Hunter might be in trouble. Which is pretty accurate, because he is getting in over his head. We learn that the reason he’s willing to jump in, probably a bit prematurely, to face off with Ward, is that he wants to kill Ward before Bobbi is back on operational duty. Whilst he’s off planning his potential suicide mission, May reaches out for back-up from Coulson at the Shield base. Which reveals a couple of things- firstly that Coulson had told everyone to give May space and not try and convince her to come back, secondly that he really wants her back on the team and thirdly that he will stop working with Andrew if that is the problem. That could be related to the fact that Andrew is being pretty aggressive with Coulson about ‘hiding’ the new inhumans he encounters and working with before he has done any psychological evaluation- referring specifically to Alesha who we saw again at the beginning of the episode.

Andrew and May have a couple of intense moments, where we learn that they went off on holiday to see who they were away from Shield and then Andrew disappeared. May has assumed that Andrew therefore didn’t really like who she was, but he says this isn’t the case and he had his own things to deal with and shouldn’t have just left her. May appears to accept this but clearly isn’t forgiving anything. Hunter and Ward do come to a stand off, with May joining pretty quickly and the rest of the back-up on the way. Ward then reveals why he put Von Strucker into Andrew’s class, so that he could use that as a bargaining chip with May- he shows her a live feed of Von Strucker and some other Hydra heavies, giving the choice of leave Ward be or he’ll have him killed. May waivers and it seems she’s going to give in, but Hunter won’t have it and goes after Ward anyway. This was really interesting to me on two levels, first Hunter is generally a cocky and superficial character so to see him making a pretty dark choice, really shows how deep his hatred of Ward and love for Bobbi runs. It made me wonder what else it might lead him to get involved in later in the series. Second, Hunter is there to kill Ward for him having tried to kill Bobbi, yet is willing to sacrifice Andrew and cause May the pain he nearly suffered. The Shield back-up don’t make it in time, and Hunter appears to have got a bullet into Ward before he manages to escape. At the end of the episode we see the shop Andrew was in destroyed, leaving us to assume he’s probably dead. Knowing Ward, one bullet won’t be enough to put him down and I don’t think Andrew will be gone just yet- Von Strucker looks pretty shocked so maybe Andrew got some help in defending himself, or the attack didn’t go as planned.


Speaking of Andrew, he is continuing his therapy with Gemma who very astutely points out that she knows he’s looking for PTSD but the only things she offers up are; 1) her tastebuds have changed, 2) she reveals she did give up hope and 3) she has a new project which is helping her focus. The new project, as Fitz discovers, is her trying to rebuild a portal to the other world that she was on – when he confronts her she tells him that she needs to go back and she needs his help. Something happened to her there and now she is going to tell him the truth – to me it seems it has to be more than her being an inhuman.

Overall I did feel like things tied together a lot more this week, the action still moved at a good pace and but we weren’t split so thinly across all the story lines. I can see where some of those plots are going to tie together further down the road, so hopefully my worries about them trying to cover too much will be entirely wrong!


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