It’s the middle of the week so that means Arrow is back on our screens! This week’s episode seems to just be setting events up for a payoff later in the season. Team Arrow has a lot to deal with this week with the return of a certain hooded character and the introduction of a new threat!

Here’s our recap and review!

We start off in Nanda Parbat with Nyssa locked up inside the League of Assassins on a self imposed hunger strike. If you remember Malcolm Merlyn locked her up for destroying the Lazarus Pit early in the season. She doesn’t stay confined for long as a friend comes to her with a special pepper which conceals a knife within.


Using this knife Nyssa fights her way out and meets up with some friends as they start their mission to take back the league.


Later we see Nyssa head to Japan in search of something called the Lotus. It is guarded by none other than Katana and the two have a brief fight before deciding to talk it out. Nyssa explains that she needs the lotus because of something that involves Oliver Queen!

Nyssa then appears right at the end of the episode and says to Oliver that she has an elixir called the Lotus which will counter the effects of the Lazarus Pit. She will give it to him if he kills Malcolm Merlyn!

We see Team Arrow chasing an incredibly agile burglar. Just as Thea catches him on top of a roof, she passes out and Oliver has to stop her falling off a building, and letting the thief escape.

Back at the Arrow cave the team think it is the effects of the pit that have caused this and Oliver goes into another of his guilt spirals, blaming himself for not helping Thea quicker , to which John comments that his name should be the ‘Guilt Arrow’.

When Thea has recovered slightly Malcolm Merlyn is there to explain to Oliver that her blood lust is feeding off her own body because she isn’t killing to quell it.


Thea finally tells Oliver about her run in with Darhk which gives Oliver an idea. He will offer Darhk a trade of something in return for him helping Thea.

In the meantime the thief is back at it. Felicity has traced him to another theft and Oliver chases him, in public, without his hood, completely out in the open for anyone to see! People must have seen the Mayoral candidate free running right?

Catching up with the thief Oliver pulls off his mask and sees a very familiar face, Roy Harper!


What is he doing back in Star City, and stealing high tech stuff? Before he can ask any of these questions Roy escapes.

Felicity works out that the two stolen items, a capacity bomb and a network mapper, when combined could create a web-nuke which could destroy the whole internet. All it needs is a incredibly strong power source.

It just so happens that another story arc in this episode will provide that device.The Palmer Tech board have moved up the presentation of Curtis Holt’s tech (remember when Felicity promised he was working on something ground-breaking that would save the company?).


Felicity struggles giving the rehearsal presentation to a member of the board and he suggests getting someone else to give it as she is not in her physical prime. Practically saying that she can’t do it because she is in a wheelchair. Later in the lab Curtis is working on the brand new hugely-powerful battery he has developed when Roy arrives to steal it.


Curtis almost holds his own against Roy, but then he is supposed to be an Olympic level athlete! And we see the first use of his T-Spheres! Curtis throws one at Roy who just catches it and throws it right back to knock Curtis down.


Team Arrow arrives and Felicity notices something strange in Roy’s eyes and tells Oliver to take him down, but not before Roy throws the battery out of the window for a waiting drone to catch.

When he wakes up in the Arrow cave, Roy reveals that his cover was blown and was blackmailed by someone calling himself the Calculator.


He had put a tech-laden contact lens in Roy’s eye which acted as a communication device and camera so he can keep tabs on what Roy is doing.

A lot of things happen from this point on in quite a short space of time so let me summarise;

  • Roy goes to see Thea who is surprised to see him but struggles to breath. The wound inflicted by Ra’s Al Ghul opens up but then closes again as she regains her composure.


  • Felicity tracks the Calculator down but he back-hacks her ans shuts her out after suggesting that he doesn’t want to take down the internet, why not a whole city.


  • Curtis gives Felicity a pep-talk and gives her the confidence to nail the Palmer Tech presentation!


  • Oliver tells Thea he is going to make a deal with Darhk but she tells him not to, it is not his choice, which Merlyn agrees with!
  • Team Arrow attempts to take down the Calculators web nuke with a combination of Felicity hacking and blocking his attempts to detonate the device, and the rest of team fighting off the mercenaries he has hired to install and protect it.


During this mission, Roy is back on Team Arrow and is kicking ass as though he never left. Felicity manages to cut off the Calculator’s remote control of the device for now but someone needs to detonate the device manually in order to destroy it. Roy of course volunteers. The rest of the team is reluctant to let him try but he ensures them he can do it, which he does and escapes just in time.


It was good to see Roy back with the old gang but he quickly tells them that he won’t be staying as he will be easily recognised and needs to go underground again. Before he leaves there is a really touching scene where he goes to see Thea and they express their love for each other.


Thea tells him to go and live a normal life and Roy says that if he could do it all over again he would have done it with her.

Oliver later sees Malcolm Merlyn and thanks him for making him let Thea make her own choice about how to deal with her bloodlust. The positivity is quickly lost as Thea slips into a coma, which is when Nyssa arrives offering a deal! Will Oliver kill Merlyn to save Thea?


Back to the Palmer Tech presentation. Felicity knocks it out of the park as she shows off Curtis’ new super power cell. Oliver is there to support her and little does he know is sitting right next to the Calculator.


As Felicity sees Oliver off in the elevator, the Calculator confronts her and she is stunned to see her dad standing in front of her!

I guess I have to mention the flashbacks. We are back to boring events creating more questions than answers. Oliver is in the prison on the island and ends up having a vision  as a result of the torture he is undergoing, where Shadow kills Reiter and then proceeds to lecture him on his guilt and how he needs to change by going through his own darkness and forgive himself.

Shadow claims that he loves Diane, the woman he rescued from Reiter and co, and then a special rock appears in his hand!


Oliver wakes up from his vision and confesses to Diane that he killed her brother before looking down and seeing that the rock is real and he still as it in his hand! Yeah, I don’t know what this means either.

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • Felicity comments on how many characters seem to come back from the dead or return after a period away from the city.
  • Roy appears to be able to defy gravity by jumping up a ventilation shaft without any kind of boost
  • Felicity and Oliver are back to the cute Olicity stage.
  • Oliver saves the entire Arrow Team from a bunch of mercenaries even though they could have taken him down easily instead of going at him one at a time.


  • Would Oliver have gone to the meeting with Darhk if he hadn’t received the message that they had located the Calculators device? Convenient timing.
  • There is a convenient elixir that counters the effects of the Lazarus pit.
  • Apparently computer skills are hereditary.


  • Putting Thea into a coma is presumably another tease that she could be the one in the grave! My money is still on Diggle or Laurel.
  • How close to Nanda Parbat is Star City? Nyssa gets from the League to Japan then to the City within the space of a couple of days!


Overall, a fairly good episode. It was good to see Curtis back and his fighting skills are very impressive! His T-Spheres are clearly not yet ready but they have some functionality and I hope he will take on his comic book role of Mr Terrific sooner rather than later.

Roy’s appearance was very welcome as he was such an awesome character in previous seasons, but it felt rushed.


It felt like the writers brought him in purely to tie up the Roy/Thea relationship. I hope he does return in the future and this time for a bit longer.

The big reveal that the Calculator was Felicity’s father was unfortunately spoiled for me via a particular social media site. It will be interesting to see how much he knows about what Felicity is up to, why else would he come to see her at Palmer Tech? What is his end-game? He can’t just want to kill lots of people!


We got some development in the Darhk arc. Oliver was going to make a deal with him for help with Thea but then changed his mind. We didn’t see Darhk at all but we got confirmation that his organisation has gone underground for the time being. That is except his wife who is running for Mayor in direct competition with Oliver.


How will this play out? Will she play dirty? I guess we have to tune in next week!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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