After a good start to the series could Legends of Tomorrow continue to hold the attention of all the CW network fans and give them something new? The answer is…sort of! We know the characters that form the team pretty well, but they are all going to be fleshed out in this series. Now that we have had the obligatory episode that explains why the team comes together, we can get into some actual story development!

Here’s our recap and review of episode 2!

The team is still in 1975 but this time they have tracked Vandal Savage to a black market arms deal (at a literal black market!) in Norway.

After Rip Hunter’s confession in the last episode the team are questioning his leadership, Captain Cold and Ray Palmer in particular. The Team decide to follow their own plan to try and capture Savage at the arms deal.

Captain Cold, Heatwave, Jackson and Martin Stein work their way into the market pretending to be famous terrorists and find that Savage is the seller of arms not just a buyer! He is auctioning off the nuclear warhead we saw he had at the end of the last episode.

The infiltration goes as planned until Savage senses the Hawks are nearby and notices that our team seem a bit out of place. This is confirmed by none other than Damien Darhk who is at the arms deal with a couple of Ghosts. Darhk confronts them by saying he knows everyone, and he doesn’t known them!

Surprisingly it is Martin Stein who foils the plan by arrogantly making reference to ‘this era’ suggesting that they are from a different time. The fighting begins as Savage directs the rest of the buyers to attack the group. The Hawks fly in to confront Savage and Atom flies out of a pocket to do some seriously impressive fighting in his shrunken form before re-sizing and kicking ass.


Possibly realising that he is out-matched, Savage starts the timer on the warhead and flees. Ray, acting before he thinks, flies inside the mechanism in an attempt to disarm the warhead. He accidentally activates a fail-safe that reduces the timer to 30 seconds!

Stein and Jackson fuse into Firestorm and they take the warhead away from the populated area and then Firestorm displays a new power by absorbing the majority of the blast.


The rest of the team escape but not before Atom’s suit gets damages, leaving behind a piece of Palmer tech.

Returning the the Waverider, Rip greets them with a sarcastic slow clap as he informs them that their actions have upset the time line.


Savage’s scientists will reverse engineer the left behind tech and create a terrible weapon, bringing on the destruction of the world all the more sooner, as displayed by a glimpse at a possible future of a destroyed Central City. Rip tells the team however, that if they can retrieve the tech soon, the impact on the future would be minimal.

Meanwhile, Kendra and Carter have found a convenient newspaper clipping in Professor Boardman’s jacket that holds details of the dagger that Savage used to kill the Hawks in their first life.

Boardman had told them that items connected to the trio would be able to hurt Savage so they decide to hunt it down. The Dagger must be used in conjunction with an incantation in order to kill Savage, but it is a language known only to the Clergy. The problem is Kendra hasn’t regained her memories yet and cannot read the dagger.

The article has details of the location of the dagger so Captain Cold and Heatwave volunteer to steal it, and Ray tags along.


Stein decides that he will go and visit his younger self to obtain a Alpha particle tracker that he happened to be working on at the time. This tracker will let them locate Atom’s missing tech.

So here’s how things go;

  • Jackson, Sara and Stein go to see his younger self, they realise he is a arrogant ass, steal the tracker and knock young Stein out, but not before future Stein sets an alarm to wake his younger self up so he doesn’t miss meeting his future wife later that night!


  • Ray, Cpt Cold and Heatwave go to a mansion, break in, after Ray confidently disables what turns out to be a dummy security system, only to be out done by the criminals who know their way around such things. When they get inside the criminals want to steal more than the dagger, Ray tries to stop them and they set off the alarm, causing a cage to trap the pair.


  • Kendra and Carter work on her memories returning so she can read the inscription on the dagger. Kendra gets a vision of the two of them getting physical and Carter insists their pairing is fate. Kendra however is resistant and won’t be forced into love by anything.


When the would-be thieves are trapped, Ray and Cpt Cold sort of bond as they talk about how their lives could have been different if they had taken a different path.


They both her particular skills but very different outlooks on life. They will inevitably adopt certain traits from each other through the series.

Another vision gives Kendra the knowledge she seeks, Sara and co find the lab where the missing tech is held and she beats everyone down before retrieving it.

Returning to the ship Stein notices his wedding ring vanishes! Young Stein has built a tracker for his tracker and has followed them back to ship, meaning he has missed the chance to meet his future wife!

Stein realises that the arrogance he sees in his younger self is still with him and it has gotten him into trouble again. Jackson gives him a pep-talk and brings him round, obviously trying to kick start some kind of bro-mance!

The owner of the dagger shows up at the mansion, none of than Vandal Savage who shortly arrives with Heatwave at gunpoint and forces the them to call the rest of the team out.


The team arrive at the mansion and attack. The Hawks go after Savage and the rest of rescue their trapped teammates and are assaulted by Savage’s guards.This action scene is pretty good, seeing all the different powers and skills on display at the same time is impressive.

Carter gets the drop on Savage and stabs him while reciting the incantation. This doesn’t work because the dagger belonged to Kendra so it must be her her uses it on him. Savage turns the dagger round and stabs Carter.


An unexpected early death this soon into the season! Carter dies an his essence is absorbed into Savage.


Out of rage Kendra tries to fight Savage but he is too strong for her and he stabs her too. Before he can finish the job Atom blasts Savage away giving the team time to escape. Kendra is badly wounded and the team can’t risk another time jump lest it make her injuries worse.

Rip takes Stein away from the group and informs him he has fixed his time line. He managed to send the younger Stein to a party where his future wife was and restored the future, just like that. Not so difficult to change the time line after all!


The team’s first try at stopping Savage didn’t go so well but they all still want to try again and raise a toast to their fallen comrade. To Carter!

As always, here’s a few things that jumped out at me this week;

  • Rip explains that they can’t go back and save Boardman before he was killed because time would collapse in on itself if they were to change an event they were involved in.
  • Captain Cold has really bad slight of hand they he still somehow gets away with!
  • The Waverider has a clothing generation room, much like the TARDIS!
  • Stein is a surprisingly good liar in the face of dangerous criminals!
  • What was Damien Darhk doing there!?
  • If you’re at a black market arms sale you probably don’t want to draw attention to it by bidding using handguns!


  • How does Savage get any work done if whenever one of his staff questions his ridiculous deadlines, he kills them!


  • Ray’s suit looks like an action figure when it is shrunk down without him in it.
  • Kendra conveniently remembered how she felt about Carter just after he died. Talk about bad timing!


It was an okay episode, good to see the team working together, even if it didn’t go so well on most counts. The team have learnt some lessons already and Stein especially has learnt that the timeline is very fragile.

I don’t like the Carter/Kendra relationship. I know it is probably going to be central to the entire series but I am already bored of it. I don’t feel that the pair have any chemistry and I can’t tell if it’s because they are bad actors or that they are just trying to show that they are not yet a proper couple. I’m sure things will get better between the two but now they will have to find a different version of Carter!!

Rip was a bit pathetic this week. He just let everyone swan off and do their own thing on their first time travel mission.


He showed that he can change the timeline really easily when he wants to, but he just let the team jeopardise the future of the planet because they didn’t trust him! He himself said their failure has made their mission even harder, so what was he playing at!!

The pilot episode was stronger for me so I’m hoping next week things will pick up. One major sticking point, how long are they going to be in 1975?


It’s now going to be the 3rd week in the same time when they have the whole of time to explore!! Use the blooming time machine !!!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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