The internet went crazy all over again earlier today. The final full Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped and it felt like the entire geek world was ready to explode. Rumours were flying left right and centre about what would appear, and now that we have seen it there are even more theories about what is going on.

Instead of doing a video for the new trailer, I decided to try and contain my excitement and do a general post just using the footage from the trailers, about what we know is happening in the film, mixed together with some healthy speculation and theory talk! Here we go!

I’ve done a lot of guessing but there is a lot of SPOILERY talk below! You have been warned!

Bucky or Winter Solider? – It is pretty evident from some of the footage that Bucky is not back to his pre-Winter solider self.


We know he is starting to remember somethings about his former life, Steve’s mother’s name for example, but we also know he is going to be a killing machine. It looks like he may have been re-captured by the remnants of Hydra and re-brainwashed as we see him in some kind of holding cell.


And the look he has when taking on Tony is very ‘Winter Soldier-ish’. Why is he willing to shoot Tony in the face?


Why are people after him? It is suggested that Bucky may be involved in a terrorist attack of sorts, and this is what prompts Cap to come to his aid. Maybe the government is after him and Cap is just trying to protect his friend.

Thunderbolt! – General Ross brings the Sokovia Accords to the Avengers. The Government has decided that these heroes need to be regulated and held accountable. They can’t be allowed to cause destruction to the levels of New York, Washington and Sokovia. We see Cap and Falcon having their gear taken away at one point, and Tony informs Cap that he is there to make sure they are accountable.

The question is does Ross have motives other than supposedly protecting the public from the heroes? The last time we saw him he was obsessed with taking down the Hulk. Maybe he is going to use his new position to permit him to take on the Hulk in a legal capacity. If the Hulk is held accountable, Ross will be allowed to bring him in. I say don’t trust General Ross!

T’challa gets mad – One of the most awesome looking parts of all the footage we have seen so far is Black Panther. The ruler of Wakanda (where all that vibranium comes from) looks perfect and kicks all kinds of ass.


It was reported a while ago that he was going to be playing a more neutral role in the battle but the footage suggests he leans towards Team Iron Man.

We see T’challa surrounded by some rubble after an explosion and it seems sensible to assume that either someone close to him is hurt or killed, or some of his people by the terrorist attack. If Bucky was responsible for this then that explains why most of the fighting he is involved in see him up against Bucky.


He chases him through busy roads and takes him down (apparently being able to run faster than a motorbike), while pursued by Cap. He also lines up with the rest of Team Iron Man in the team stand-off but it is unclear how involved her will be in the superhero squabble.


As a side note, the Vibranium suit looks awesome and he just shrugs off bullets as they bounce of him. Those claws leave a mark, even on Cap’s shield.


Captain Freedom – Steve feels guilt for the damage that has been caused during their various fights to save the planet, and he views what Tony and the government are doing is removing their civil liberties.


He sees things going south and does not want to be a part of it. He will do what he must to try and stop things getting worse. On top of this, he wants to protect his friend Bucky.


It looks like Cap might be sent to track him down after the terrorist attack or maybe he goes looking for him after learning that others are searching for the Winter Solider.


Helping Bucky escape brings him into conflict with Black Panther, the Government and Iron Man. Cap’s fighting again looks awesome and seems to be even more acrobatic than in Age of Ultron. We also see him fighting Crossbones (who has a cool new suit), and trying to stop a helicopter from taking off with his bare hands!


Cap puts himself in the middle of a very difficult situation purely fore the love of his friend. Will things end the way they do in the comics?

Red Hot Iron – The events of Sokovia and the visions received from Scarlett Witch have instilled in Tony a desire to protect the world from all threats, including themselves.


Bucky appears to be the example that Tony needs to bring the heroes into check. If he can bring him in then the others will see how serious things are. He spends most of the trailers upset! He feels betrayed by Cap, Rhodes is seemingly killed or severely injured, and some of his friends are now his enemies.

His part in keeping the heroes in check appears to initially be the construction of a giant underwater prison for powered people (The Raft perhaps?)

, Cap is not happy that people are going to be imprisoned without trial! Tony also has a new suit, inspired by the Bleeding Edge suit from the comics, and he is going to need it.

The fighting looks brutal, both Cap and Bucky will beat him down together and separately. Do they each get taken out by Tony at different times? There will be close quarters fighting and bigger threats like Scarlett Witch, and maybe Vision? I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony is the one that ends up dead, it would be the surprise that the story needs.

Witch’s Vision – It was inevitable that Scarlett Witch and Vision would come to blows. They are the two most powerful characters amongst the group, Vision being nigh-on invulnerable, and Scarlett Witch with her unlimited Hex powers. Vision appears on Team Iron Man and Scarlett Witch sides with Cap.


At one point we see Wanda attempting to shut Vision down or perhaps control him?

If she does manage to take control of his body it would explain something else; We have finally seen how War Machine ends up in Tony’s arms seemingly dead.

His arc reactor is taken out by a large blast which looks a lot like the head blast from Vision. Has Scarlett Witch turned Vision against his own team? Even alliances can be broken! Maybe he switches teams himself!

Widow and the Hawk– Talking of switching sides, there is one shot in the new trailer which may nod to Black Widow changing from Team Iron Man to Team Cap. During the same scene which includes the huge team fight, we can see Black Widow standing behind Cap.


It is not clear yet whether she is on his side or whether Team Iron Man has surrounded him.


This wouldn’t be so intriguing if she hadn’t said to Tony earlier in the trailer that he should watch his back. Also in a previous trailer she tells Cap to stay out of the fight, so she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Where do her allegiances lie?

You can’t talk about Black Widow without mentioning Hawkeye. We have seen very little of Clint so far, similar to the marketing campaign for Age of Ultron. What we do see of him is awesome, in particular him firing an arrow at Iron Man which has a secret weapon attached, Ant-Man!


This move is taken directly from the comics and is presumably intended to take Iron Man down! I can’t wait to see Ant-man in action again.

Incy Wincy SPIDER! – At last we see the webslinger in the MCU. The internet is already divided on his appearance. It is a different look to any we have seen before but still recognisable.


At first I thought his suit look a bit cartoonish but I think that is because the colours are so bright compared to the other characters. The suit looks more tactical that others and may even include some Stark tech, as it does in the comics, complete with shutter-like irises which give him some expression capabilities.

It looks like he will play an important role later in the film and comes to the assistance of Team Iron Man during the big team fight, managing to steal Cap’s shield right from his own hands! But will he follow his comic story and defect to Team Cap at some point?


I’m excited to see an MCU Spiderman and think that this may be the best version we have seen. They have purposefully cast Tom Holland as a young actor playing a teenage Spiderman, and he may even be an Iron Man fan-boy, perhaps inspired to put on a costume by watching the other heroes! I think he is going to be very important.


In conclusion, this film is shaping up to be epic! I was worried that it couldn’t live up to the unique awesomness that are the comics it is based on but from what I’ve seen they are drawing a lot of inspiration from the source material and have nailed most of it.

Spiderman looks cool; Black Panther looks and fights like a badass; the bromance between Steve and Bucky is wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time; Scarlett Witch can fly and so many other awesome points! I wish it was May now! I need this film!

It was an awesome trailer, and to those who say you can’t possible want to watch it again, I Say: “I could do this all day!”


Before I sign off I thought I would list some of the rumours that are floating around. Just to confirm, none of these have been officially confirmed by any of the footage that has been released. Some of things below I know to be true, others are unlikely, and others are just taken from the comics. Make your own decisions but be wary for possible spoilers if any of these turn out to be true!

  • Captain America dies
  • Iron Man dies
  • War Machine Dies
  • Ant-man becomes Giant-Man
  • Bucky kills a whole lot of people with a bomb
  • Bucky kills T’challa’s father
  • Vision Takes down War Machine
  • Baron Zemo captured and re-brainwashed Bucky
  • Scarlett Witch goes crazy and takes out a whole bunch of people
  • Sharon Carter kills Cap
  • Crossbones kills Cap
  • Bucky kills Iron Man
  • Iron Man kills Bucky
  • The Red Skull returns

Enjoy letting your mind run wild with these rumours and the hundreds more that are out there!

What did you think of the trailers? Are you excited for the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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