The Flash is back again and lots of things going on in the episode. So without rambling too much, let’s get straight into the Recap and Review!

The main story point this week was the return of the Reverse Flash / Eobard Thawne. We as the audience saw him arrive at the end of the previous episode, seemingly confused as to where or when he was.

In this new time, Thawne tests the Flash with a runaway truck that Barry stops fairly easily with some super fast tyre changing. Watching from nearby, Thawne tells Gideon that he has now worked out what time period the Flash comes from, this can’t be good for Barry!

Cisco is key in this episode. He has decided that the best way he can help stop Zoom is to uses his powers to locate him. Harry (Earth 2 Harrison Wells) helps him find the trigger for his powers (adrenaline) and he ‘vibes’, receiving a vision showing that the Reverse Flash is back and is at Mercury Labs!

The Flash confronts Thawne but he manages to escape with Dr Mcgee.  This has sent the team reeling a little as they can’t understand how the Reverse Flash can be alive.


Harry explains that he is a Timeline Remnant, the Speedforce has given him some protection from being erased as he is the Reverse Flash from a different future. This is the first time he has time traveled, which explains why he doesn’t know the identity of the Flash yet.

Now that Thawne has information on The Flash, he wants to return to the future. We learn this through another Cisco ‘vibe’. Harry and Cisco have improved the vibe goggles and give him much more control over his powers.

He concentrates on the Reverse Flash and is able to locate him, shortly before he murders Dr McGee and then Thawne escaping through a portal. It now appears that his vibes give him a glimpse of the future, as these events have not happened yet!

The Flash manages to find Thawne and McGee just in time to save her. Thawne challenges Barry but this time around he is more than a match for the Reverse Flash. He is able to beat him down and bring him to the pipeline for containment.


Cisco goes to confront Thawne and explains that they have a history together, the powers given to him by the future Reverse Flash are ironically responsible for capturing him, Cisco seems distressed by this as his nose begins bleeding shortly after the conversation


Barry then goes to see Thawne to ask him why he hates him so much. Thawne reveals that he used to be a super fan of the Flash, he wanted to be like him, re-created the accident but then realised he became better than the Flash.He then made it his mission to be the reverse of and do the reverse of whatever the Flash did. Also, no matter what Barry does, he will learn his name and then he will die.


Barry doesn’t have time to process this threat as Cisco has started seizing and almost disappears while on the medical bay table. Harry explains (in a very rambling and obviously concerned way) that Cisco is caught in the ruptured timeline.

By capturing the Reverse Flash, they are preventing the future and it is killing Cisco. If they keep the Reverse Flash here, the particle acceleration accident never happens because Thawne never comes back to inhabit Wells’ body and so on…


The only way to save Cisco is to send Thawne home. The team reluctantly agree to send him back. Harry explains to Barry that this is how things are meant to be. This is how Thawne learns about STAR Labs and the significance of Harrison Wells, and there is nothing they can do to prevent it.

Thawne and Barry use each other’s speed and momentum to open a time portal which Barry then hurls Thawne through. The Reverse Flash is no longer a threat, for now.

That was the main super-powered story line in this weeks’ episode. So where was the human, emotional part? Well, it comes in the form of two different arcs. Firstly, and more importantly, Barry and Patty’s relationship.

Barry is avoiding talking to Patty since she told him she was leaving. Eventually though, Patty comes to see Barry and he is obviously upset that she is leaving but he still won’t tell her what he is hiding.


Later Patty directly asks Barry about him about his work with STAR Labs and that there are a lot of strange things that happen there. Barry is pushing Patty away and has resigned himself to her leaving. It looks like he has taken Harry’s advice and is trying to protect Patty by encouraging her to leave (although he does tell her that he loves her).


Seeing as talking to Barry didn’t work, Patty goes to Joe. Even though Joe tries to cover for him, Patty outright tells him that Barry is the Flash. She then confronts Barry with the same revelation but Barry deflects it claiming he isn’t that guy. If he would only be honest with her then she would stay! Barry you idiot!!!


But don’t worry, Patty doesn’t give up. Right at the end of the episode, Barry gets a phone call from her saying there is a man with a gun on her train. He races over as the Flash and it turns out it was a false alarm, Patty was testing him to get him to confirm he is the Flash. He realises this and stop disguising his face. They share a look and Barry speeds off. Is this the ends of the cutest relationship on TV?


The second human aspect to the episode comes in the form of a dying Francine West. Iris goes to see her and makes her peace, she forgive her but is surprised by how hard it hurts her to see her mother dying even though she barely knows her.


Wally has yet to go see his mother, but he goes to Iris to ask her to go with him. They should be a family at least once before the end.


The most important thing about this scene is that we learn Francine didn’t tell Wally about his family until recently, so he outburst at Joe about not being around when he grew up was completely uncalled for!

I have left a few scene out until now because even though not much happens in them, there is some very important information contained within. Caitlin is determined to find a way to heal Jay of whatever illness he has as a result of losing his speed. She wants to try and replace his damaged cells with the identical ones from his Earth-1 doppleganger!


The only problem with this is that the team can find no trace of Earth-1 Jay Garrick. Caitlin goes to Jay with this news and he says he will explain the reason if she meets him later. They arrive at a park where Jay explains he had the same thought about finding his doppleganger. It took him a while but eventually he found someone that was adopted at a young age and while is genetically identical, goes by a different name.


Jay points out a identically looking man sitting on a bench nearby. He goes by the name Hunter Zolomon! If anyone knows their Flash comics, then you will know that this is the name of ZOOM himself!!! Has the identity of the TV version of Zoom just been revealed? I think it may have been, but only for those who know the source material.

The problem with Caitlin’s plan is that Zolomon’s DNA is not compatible with Jay. Jay’s DNA was mutated as a result of the accident that gave him his powers.The only way to save him is to get his speed back from Zoom. This prompts Caitlin to promise to try everything they can to make that happen.

As always, here’s some things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • Harry and Cisco are the perfect team. Even though they appear reluctant to be near each other, their skills and knowledge compliment each other, and they are bloody funny too!


  • The team find out Turtle is dead and after a brief moment where Jay accuses Harry of killing him (rightly so), it is forgotten about.
  • Harry is working on something using Turtle’s DNA and the Flash. Is he close to finding a way to stop Zoom?
  • Why did the facial recognition program that Barry ran not pick Hunter Zolomon up? Even though he has a different name, he still has the same looking face as Jay.
  • It was good to see the show dealing with temporal paradoxes. Too many films/TV shows avoid the paradox of changing the past as it can get complicated.


  • Barry is now faster than the Reverse Flash.He was easily able to take him down.
  • Joe is really bad a lying!

A bit of a slower (excuse the pun) episode this week but no less engaging. I hope this isn’t the end for Barry and Patty as they are so good together. Maybe he will go after her when Zoom is no longer a threat, fingers crossed!


I’m glad the West family story is coming to a close. It does not hold my interest and they need to put it aside so they can get to teasing Wally becoming a speedster!!

Is Hunter Zolomon Zoom?? Is Earth-2 Jay Garrick Zoom? Is Zoom someone completely different? Even though his identify has been sort of confirmed, we still don’t know for sure. I doubt we will get confirmation for a few episodes and my mind is going to continue to try and work it out until we get there!


Will the Reverse Flash return again? Where was Zoom this episode? It was a little bit disappointing that the Reverse Flash was reduced to being the villain of the week, but I’m hoping for a longer endgame involving both Zoom and Thawne, either working together or coming to blows! Maybe Thawne will even stop Zoom from killing Barry because only the Reverse Flash is permitted to do so!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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