Our second dose of superhero action this week comes with the return of Arrow! There were lots of things going on in this episode, maybe a little too much, but let’s just get straight into our recap and review!

Revenge is the key word for most characters in this weeks episode. When we last saw them Oliver and Felicity had just been attacked by a group of Ghosts and Felicity had taken a bullet.


We see a flash forward four months to the graveyard scene where Oliver tells Barry that it is not his fault, it is his responsibility. We still don’t know who is in that damn grave!!


Back to the present, a montage follows, with shots from the emergency room as the doctors try to save Felicity while Oliver looks on helplessly, interspersed with shots of the Green Arrow beating the streets and ghosts demanding they give him the location of Damien Darhk.

We soon learn that Oliver is willing to break his no kill rule in Darhk’s case, he feels a line has been crossed. He is trying everything he can to find Darhk, including getting Diggle to beat the information out of his brother Andy and putting Lance in danger by asking for the location of the meetings he had with Darhk.

Clearly he has put aside his fear of hurting others and his lust for revenge has taken over.

The lust even drives Oliver to let loose a psychotic killer in the hopes he can follow him to where Darkh is hiding. That killer is none other than Anarchy aka Lonnie Machin. He has turned up in Star City again and appears to be hunting Darhk but is somehow one step ahead of Team Arrow.


The team track Anarchy to a house where he of course has set a trap for them. The team get split up and Thea goes hunting for Machin. Thea revealed to Laurel earlier in the episode that she had a run in with Darhk which removed her blood lust for a while, and she feels she has caused Machin to have that same desire to kill her.


It turns out that Anarchy sees things very differently, and thinks that Thea saved him from himself, he doesn’t want to kill her at all.


After the team take him down Oliver harshly interrogates him. He is stopped only by the news that Felicity has come out of surgery and it isn’t good news. It’s about time he went to see her, he has been avoiding it all this time!

mamm smoak

The nerve damage to Felicity’s spinal cord is too great and she will never walk again. Donna Smoak gives Oliver this news before he sees a report that Laurel has handed Anarchy over to the Police.

This is where Oliver breaks Anarchy out with the direction that he must ensure Darhk is dead. Queue lectures from Laurel and Oliver where they warn Oliver not to go too far and lose all that he has built out of revenge. The tracker on Anarchy goes dark and all hope is lost until the team cross-reference the location with information obtained from Diggle’s brother and they find a place called Stonehaven, Darhk’s home.


The Team refuse to go any further until Oliver has been to see Felicity, they both need it. Always fighting, Felicity wants an assurance that Oliver hasn’t gone off the rails without her, he says that he is losing sight of why he chose to be Green Arrow.


Felicity is strong and the only thing she was worried about was that Oliver would change his mind about his proposal, she couldn’t be more wrong! For better or worse!

Anarchy now has Darhk’s family held captive and Team Arrow rescues them! In thanks for this Darhk lets Oliver live and gives him a few weeks to sped with his family, but then it is back on!

Meanwhile, Anarchy has escaped after being chased by Thea, although this did help her anger issues as she restrained herself from killing him when she had the chance!

The end of the episode ties things up while teasing darker days. Diggle goes to his brother to make up by playing cards, not asking questions.


Earlier Lyla told him that he needs to stop treating Andy like a ghost and start being his brother again, this way bridges can be mended and Andy might be able to help them.

Thea invites Oliver’s campaign manager over for an apology and more *wink*.


And we see Darhk with his family in a car, they are talking about project Genesys again and it appears that his wife is as involved with HIVE as he is. There is even a hint of fear coming off Darkh when talking to his wife, if he is scared of her I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side!

The last scene we get is another flash forward to the graveyard scene, Oliver gets into a limo and we see Felicity is still alive. That’s one name to cross off the list of potential dead people!

She is visibly upset, and tells him that he has to kill that son of a bitch! Whose death would upset both of them this much that it would instil revenge in them. What has made Felicity want blood?

As always, here’s a few other things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • The flashbacks sucked this week. Hardly any information in them apart from Conklin getting revenge on Oliver by whipping him, Reiter getting his hands on the maps Oliver obtained and Oliver being put in jail. Oh and the tattoo given to him by Constantine has started glowing!
  • The Ghosts are willing to kill themselves before revealing information about Darhk.
  • Lyla has another brief appearance to give Diggle some advice before she goes off to do whatever an ARGUS agent with a young child does.
  • Laurel now knows about her father and Donna Smoak, and she doesn’t mind!
  • Anarchy wears a variation of the mask and jacket we have seen in his latest comic book appearances.


  • Oliver calls Sara a murderous psychotic! Harsh!
  • Anarchy is a better fighter than two of Team Arrow combined.


  • Felicity and Oliver aren’t wearing their engagement rings in the flash forward scene. has the death of the unknown character forced a wedge between them? They certainly don’t look very intimate when sitting in the limo!

It was a really good episode to start the second half of the season. Lots of comic book nods, particularly in relation to Anarchy, and plenty of emotion and action from all characters.  The battle with Darhk is getting really serious now and I can’t see a way that Team Arrow can come out on top at the moment.

The question still remains, who is in the grave? My money is still on Diggle as both Oliver and Felicity are really close to him and they would want revenge if someone killed him. I don’t think it will be Thea as she has already been killed off and brought back, but there is a chance it could be Laurel or Quentin Lance. Who knows?team

Another question is who has killed them? We already know Oliver wants Darkh dead so I think the person who has done the killing is someone else, maybe Malcolm Merlyn? We have already seen that he is up to some nasty tricks (recovering the ashes of Vandal Savage presumably to bring him back), and he has been willing to hurt and kill people close to Oliver before. It remains to be seen what happens next! Give me the next episode now!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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