The Flash is back! It has been a long time coming for those of us in the UK but finally the CW Network shows return this week so let’s get right into the recap and review of season 2 episode 10!

Things kick off pretty fast as a date between Barry and Patty is interrupted by Zoom who snatches Patty and then proceeds to drop her off a building as Barry watches!

Not to worry though, as with all unexplained scenes with no context, this was a nightmare as we see Barry sit bolt upright in bed.

This adds to the list of things that Barry has to hide from Patty and she has started to grow concerned. Asking Iris for advice about why Barry is so guarded, Iris suggests talking to him to see if he will tell her what he is holding back.


Later on Iris tells Barry that if he is serious about the relationship he has to tell Patty who he really is, and much to my surprise he agrees!

Barry tries to kill two birds with one stone by inviting Patty to an event to tell her the truth at the same time as trying to capture this weeks bad guy. When he tells Team Flash about his plans to tell Patty, Cisco agrees that it is a good thing but Harry warns him that Zoom will take the ones he cares about away from him.

Speaking of bad guys, this week we are introduced to a villain who has apparently been active for a while and is on Cisco’s list of reported but unconfirmed/less dangerous Meta-humans. Cisco calls him the Turtle as he appears to victims to be moving really fast but in fact just slows everyone else down to commit thefts. Cisco suggests trying to use the Turtle to develop a way to slow Zoom down.

The initial stakeout to try and capture the Turtle doesn’t work as Barry spots him about to steal a ring and races to stop him.


The Turtle easily stops him in his tracks and even though Barry can still move enough to watch what the Turtle does, he is powerless to stop him.

Later, the trap is set with a rare painting at the event Barry invited Patty to. Just as he starts to tell her the truth, the Turtle arrives and he speeds off, leaving Patty dumbfounded. Needless to say the trap doesn’t work.

Barry is able to make some headway towards the Turtle but has to divert to save Patty from a falling chandelier. Patty is almost killed but the Flash rescues her at the last second and has to be dragged away by Jay and Caitlin.

Barry goes to talk to Patty later and she gives him an ultimatum, if he wants the relationship to continue he needs to figure out what he wants.


Why he didn’t just tell her about being the Flash then I will never know, he could have just raced across the room as he has already decided he is going to tell her.

Seeing that the Patty is the most precious thing to the Flash, the Turtle kidnaps her. Not for the first time, a bad guy has Patty strapped to chair while he very slowly does something meaningless while explaining his motivation for what he does


(this time it was because his wife left him, and he wants to take the things that people value most from them in revenge, he even ‘stopped’ his wife permanently and has her on display).

The team track the Turtle down and Barry races in and after an initial beat down, manages to somehow run fast enough and react in 2 10ths of a second so he can move through the Turtles pulses to knock him out.

All seems well until Barry goes to see how Patty is doing and she tells him she has been accepted onto the Midway City CSI program and is leaving everything behind, including him. He is devastated! JUST TELL HER YOU MORON!!!

While all this is going on, the newest addition to the West family is still in town. Joe is trying to make up for lost time by showing Wally his life, taking him to the Police Station where Wally makes it clear he has animosity towards Joe. More notably, a criminal being booked in appears to recognise Wally!

It turns out Wally has come to Central City for street racing to get money for his mother’s medical bills. That is the reason he missed the dinner Joe invited him to and he tells Joe that he is the man of the house and doesn’t need his help.

Later, Joe apologises to Wally for trying to be the perfect dad and for not being around when he was growing up (although it was completely Francine’s fault Joe didn’t know he had a son!) Progress is made as the two share a takeaway. Looks like Wally will be sticking around for a little while.

As always here’s a few things that jumped out at me during the episode;

  • Wally West is a street racer. Is this foreshadowing for him becoming another Speedster like he is in the comics?
  • The Turtle is played by Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica!
  • Why did Patty not tell Barry she was going to accept the CSI place immediately after her Father’s killer had been dealt with?
  • Harry is showing the dark Wells streak! Taking what he wants whatever the cost.
  • Why didn’t the Turtle use his powers to stop Harry?
  • For a detective, Patty is a bit dumb. When rescued by the Flash all she had to do was look up, or listen to his voice to realise the truth, Barry didn’t disguise himself.


  • Didn’t Francine tell Wally it was her choice to leave Central City? Has she blamed Joe all these years? If so, that’s totally unfair!
  • It’s good to see Midway City popping up. It will also make an appearance in Legends of Tomorrow and the Suicide Squad film.

This was a very intimate episode dealing with important human issues such as family and relationships and I think it was a good way to start the second half of the season. There was still plenty of action and we got the start of some other story arcs that will develop throughout the rest of the season.

Harry (Earth-2 Harrison Wells) and Cisco are growing closer with a kind of mutual respect and Harry even tells Cisco about how Zoom got his name. Harry clearly feels responsible for the deaths Zoom has caused and Cisco offers to vibe on him so that he can see his daughter again. When around the rest of the team, Cisco cracks jokes at Harry’s expense, but when alone they are very honest with each other,

except when Harry goes to the captured Turtle and forcibly removes a sample of his brain, presumably to try and develop a weapon against Zoom.

Caitlin is continuing her amazingly quick recovery over the loss of her husband as it now appears that she and Jay are dating. They share another kiss and are working closely together.

Jay tells her he has tried everything to get his powers back, and later she tests a sample of his DNA and finds out he is dying.  Jay claims the only way to save him is to get his speed back from Zoom, Caitlin says she will do everything she can to help him.

Oh and I should probably mention that the Reverse Flash is back! The original Eobard Thawne arrives in Central City, as confused as the audience.


I thought he had been written out of existence! Is this the Earth 2 Thawne? What is going on?

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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