The Marvel/Netflix partnership has already been doing incredibly well. Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones were received to critical acclaim and continue to be watched by many around the world. I myself have re-watched season 1 of Daredevil at least 3 times and will soon be starting Jessica Jones again! I just can’t get enough.

With Season 2 of Daredevil arriving it little under a month I though it was about time to bring us up to speed with the future of the Netflix shows, news, rumours and general chat about what will be happening over the next few years.

As always there will be SPOILERS below for certain things, and possible spoilers if the rumours turn out to be true. Look away now if you don’t want to know more,  although why would you even be here in the first place if you didn’t want to know more, in which case, welcome! Read-on!


As I mentioned above, season 2 of this awesome re-telling of a well established but under appreciated character is soon to be hitting Netflix. A few teasers and trailers have been release so far, if you want to check them out click the links below;

Daredevil Season 2 Teaser

Daredevil Season 2 – Trailer 1

Daredevil Season 2 – Trailer 2

The trailers shed some light on what Matt Murdock is going to be facing in Hell’s Kitchen. It is not clear how much time has passed since season 1 but Matt says at one point that he has driven the Yakuza out of New York, so it must have been a while since he became the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.


The biggest things we can take from the trailers is the arrival of Elektra and the Punisher. We have known for a while that both characters would be appearing but we didn’t know how big a role they would play. It appears that Elektra is going to be around for a while as she has come to Matt for help against the Yakuza that have actually been ‘hibernating’ and are now ready to take the city back.

Elektra kicks all kinds of ass and we even see her using the famous Sai’s. It looks like there is also going to be a romantic relationship between her and Matt. This was briefly mentioned in season 1 with a throw away reference to ‘The Greek Girl’, but there are some steamy scenes coming up!

If the show is going to follow the comics in terms of its characters allegiances then we can assume that Elektra is working for The Hand, a secret organisation mostly made up of Ninjas! Presumably Nobu from season 1 belonged to them too as he could fight really well and wore a very similar outfit to one sported by Elektra.


There is also a tease of Nobu in the  latest trailer, his very familiar hook/chain weapon is seen and someone wearing red ninja gear turns as he takes of his mask before the camera cuts away. This is accompanied by a voice-over that sounds suspiciously like Nobu. Has he somehow returned from the dead? Is this another example of the increased mystical element of the show?!

The Punisher is heavily featured in the first trailer. It is not clear what his motivations are but he wants to rid the city of the criminal scum and thinks Daredevil doesn’t go far enough.

They will get into numerous fights with each other and it looks like Frank Castle’s brute strength, rage and brutality are more than a match for Daredevil. Will they ultimately team up to bring down their enemies? I expect there will be an uneasy alliance towards the end of the season. What brought him to the city?


All I know so far is that John Bernthal looks and sounds awesome as the Punisher and I can’t wait to see him in action!

There isn’t a lot else we know about the season so far, other than Foggy still being pissed about what Matt is doing, Karen is going to get herself into some more trouble and Claire (night Nurse) is back, presumably stitching Matt up after a bad fight or two.

Only a few weeks to go and we can all binge-watch the hell of this! Bring it on!


There is very little we know about the next season of our most recent reluctant superherorine. All we have to go on is rumours and teases from the showrunners. We know the second season is green-lit, but it looks like we will be waiting a while for it. The scheduling for these shows is incredibly complex so it is likely that we won’t see season 2 until after the Defenders team up (even though we don’t exactly know when that is going to be either).


In terms of story, it is likely the next season will focus a bit more on Jessica’s backstory. Not just what she endured when under the control of Kilgrave, but what she went through after the accident that gave her abilities. She was still a teenager when this happened so how did she cope? What did she do in between getting her powers and meeting Kilgrave. We know she briefly tried to be a superhero and that is didn’t pan out but there are a lot of years unaccounted for.


It has also been suggested that Kilgrave may not in fact be dead. There may be a chance that the increase in his abilities towards the end of the season could have given him a way out of death or maybe he just made Jessica think she had killed him? Who knows? The question is who is Jessica without Kilgrave? For better or worse (definitely worse) he was her purpose for a long time. What does she do without him around? It is not going to be easy to get back to some semblance of normality, if she even knows what that is.


The next hero we will be seeing in full on Netflix is Luke Cage. He had an important role in Jessica Jones and ended the series in a confusing place. He will have to recover from the mind-control and the fact that his relationship with Jessica, his business and his ‘normal’ life are gone. He cannot go back to that.


We know that the show is going to be dealing with his origin, presumably in a series of flashbacks, as we met him long after he had gained his powers. It would be good to see them follow the comics with him being put in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, having experiments done on him which grant him his impenetrable skin, and then ultimately escaping.

It looks like they are going to be focusing on the street aspect of his character, after all, in the comic he is one of the ‘Heroes for Hire’ and generally looks after his neighbourhood rather than fighting the bigger fight. We are going to be seeing a lot of characters being ripped right from the pages of various ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Power Man’ comics such as Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes, Misty Knight (who I really hope gets a bionic arm!), Black Mariah and ‘Shades’ Alvarez who is being played by Theo Rossi, most known for his role as ‘Juice’ on Sons of Anarchy.

Very little of the story is known but the main villain looks to be his former partner Willis Stryker, also the man responsible for him being in prison. Will Luke start out on a mission of revenge? Or will he just try and keep the streets safe? Hopefully there will be some awesome action set pieces displaying the extent of his powers and I would expect there to be at least a cameo from Jessica Jones and possible a Danny Rand reference.


We only have one confirmed piece of information for Iron Fist! Danny Rand has been cast! Finn Jones better known as Sir Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones, is going to be taking on the role of the of the youngest member of the Rand family.

'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Premiere - Arrivals

It can be assumed that we are going to be seeing his origin in the show as Iron Fist is probably the hardest character origin to explain and it would be difficult to do in flashbacks or passing references. I would like to see Danny and his family embark on the trip to K’un Lun and meet tradegy. Then Danny can be taken in and taught the ways of chi and the Iron Fist.


A lot of people are already upset that a asian/american actor wasn’t cast for the role but if anyone knows the character’s history, they will realise that Danny Rand is a privileged white boy from America who is thrust into an environment where he is surrounded by Chinese heritage. He himself does not have the background so I think the casting is fine, I just hope they do the character justice.


With the success of the first two Marvel/Netflix shows it was inevitable that discussions would start over other potential spin-off shows. The most popular candidate at the moment is the Punisher. It has been reported that John Bernthal’s performance is so good that a Punisher pilot has already been lined up.


Whilst it would be really good to get a Punisher TV show, I don’t think it will happen for a while and I don’t think he will be part of the Defenders line-up. The next few years are incredible busy for Marvel and Netflix so fitting a new series in between all the others that are currently being developed would be a tall task.

It seems like any Marvel characters that have been poorly received on screen in the past are moving towards the writers table with the potential to get their own series.


Blade has been rumour after its decline in film quality and poor TV reboot a few years back, and I think a Netflix Blade would be incredible.

Another possible but more of an outside chance at a series is Ghost Rider. This has been circling the drain for a while and the Nicholas Cage films had lots of potential but missed the mark in many ways.


Such an awesome character is difficult to do justice so I think a Netflix TV show is probably the only way it will get a decent revival.

That’s about all we know so far about the upcoming Marvel / Netflix shows, and I’m sure I have missed loads of stuff. I will try to bring you more news when it is confirmed but for now, keep your city safe, stay away from the whisky, don’t break any glasses and don’t challenge anyone to a fist fight!

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