book cover order of the phoenixI promised that the gap between my last installment of my re-reading Harry Potter series would be significantly less than the previous one, and here we are! This time it’s Order of the Phoenix. Full disclaimer this is my least favourite book – not because it’s poorly written or there is anything wrong with it, it’s another masterpiece- but I have a tendency to try and get through it (and the pain and suffering) as quickly as possible.

So this is what I noticed, be sure to let me know what you think either in the comments or on twitter!

  1. I will not swear. Out loud. This time.
  2. If the Dursley’s neighbours hate scruffiness so much, why don’t the Dursley’s give Harry neater clothes to wear?
  3. Why don’t the order move Harry earlier in the summer?
  4. They really should realise that Mundungus should not be trusted with anything. mundungus
  5. Did Petunia know that Snape and James weren’t the same person?
  6. You’d think there would be more regulation on broomstick flying (particularly taking off from suburban areas).
  7. Dumbledore should know that not telling Harry anything would not end well.
  8. Molly was a bit mean to prod at Sirius about being absent when he was in Azkaban.molly weasley.jpg
  9. How long has Fudge been minister?
  10. Harry’s best clothes, that he wears to his hearing, are jeans and t-shirt? Surely his schools robes would have been better, or one of the adults could have brought him something? How did Molly not insist on this?
  11. Does Fudge or Madam Bones actually investigate the dementor attack?cornelius-fudge.jpg
  12. Molly calls Padfoot ‘Sirius’ on the platform, whilst reminding him he is supposed to be a dog.
  13. I’ve always assumed it was shortbread, not ginger newts, that McGonagall offers Harry.
  14. Shouldn’t Harry have been given counselling or something? Especially when it’s clear he is struggling with his temper.
  15. Surely Dumbledore would stipulate that teachers (even Umbridge) aren’t allowed to tell students they are lying.
  16. I swore.dolores umbridge
  17. There is absolutely no way that punishment would be allowed. It would probably have been enough to get Umbridge sacked!
  18. Swore again.
  19. How is it the fifth year before Hermione learns the OWL grades?
  20. Given Hermione told McGonagall about the Firebolt, why didn’t she tell her about Harry’s hand?
  21. I love the irony of the History of Magic teacher not knowing Harry’s name.
  22. Do they learn about Harry? Voldemort is a big part of their history, so Harry must be too? Is he on the curriculum?
  23. Harry implies to Cho that Luna is a bit loony- surely she should know this already, as they are both Ravenclaw?
  24. Why is it assumed that only Slytherin or Griffindor can win the Quidditch cup?
  25. Surely a teacher would put a stop to the ‘Weasley is our king’ chant.
  26. They let a lot more visitors into wizard hospital wards than muggle ones do.
  27. Why was Phineas Nigellus a headteacher if he loathes students?
  28. Who do wizards report thefts to? Are there actual wizard police? (For example, the car Mundungus had)
  29. How could Dumbledore think Snape giving Occlumency lessons was a good idea? Surely he knows Harry is having a bad enough time?
  30. Harry should have at least opened the package from Sirius.
  31. Why wouldn’t Molly approve of the mirror?
  32. Lee should have told someone about his detention with Umbridge.
  33. Did anyone actually get expelled for reading The Quibbler? Some students would have been careless at some point.
  34. If Umbridge wanted to catch Harry illegally communicating, why tell him all the networks were being watched?
  35. What on earth was Harry thinking, going into Snape’s memories?!snape.jpg
  36. How did Snape’s memory have the conversation between The Marauders? Surely it could only be there if he heard it, if he heard then others must have- so others must have heard them talking about Remus being a werewolf.
  37. Why didn’t Harry just open the gift from Sirius when he wanted to talk to him?
  38. How did Hagrid get Grawp into Hogwarts grounds without anyone noticing?grawp.jpg
  39. Surely there had to have been some disciplinary measures for stunning McGonagall?
  40. Hermione really is an idiot for saying they wanted the centaurs to drive off Umbridge.
  41. If you put a cloak over a Thestral, would you be able to see it’s outline, even if you haven’t seen someone die and cannot usually see them?
  42. Can muggles who have seen someone die see Thestrals?
  43. NO! SIRIUS! NO NO NO NO NO……Sirius
  44. What were the other three times Harry’s parents had escaped Voldemort?
  45. McGonagall should have taken points from Malfoy.
  46. In review, I swore at lot.
  47. Oh Sirius. Why?

So that was what I noticed this time. Although the main thing I continually thought throughout was a lot of swear words, mainly directed at Umbridge. Foul woman. Also Dumbledore is uncharacteristically dim in this book, and Harry is frustratingly stubborn.


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