It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of all the Teasers, Trailers, Sneak Peeks and TV Spots for the upcoming release of a blockbuster film, especially when said reveals start appearing almost a year before the film comes out! We got our first look at Batman vs Superman footage during San Diego Comic Con in July 2015 and since then there have been quite a few snippets of film and information coming from the Warner Bros / DC camp.


With a little over a month until the film is released worldwide we have compiled a list of things that we know will be appearing based on what we have seen in the trailers. Before anyone says it, I know there are lots of other things that have been confirmed to be in the film, but this post is based purely on the trailers themselves!


I would like to apologise in advance as my fan-boy mind might run away with some bits below. And of course there may be SPOILERS below so if you don’t want to know any more about the film, look away now!

Here’s what we know about Batman vs Superman!

It’s your fault Superman! – Right from the off we can tell that a lot of people are pissed at the damage caused by the fight over Metropolis in Man of Steel. Superman can be seen approaching what appears to be a Court Hearing to answer questions relating to the battle. We have also heard some voice-over where people are talking about Superman as a threat rather than a saviour.

It looks like the Government are trying to make him accountable and maybe begin to regulate his actions? As Bruce Wayne himself says, “He has the power to destroy the entire planet”. Does it make a being dangerous purely for possessing power? Or is it the fear of what he might do if he decides to bring the hammer down? Bruce obviously thinks he is a threat and plans to take him down!

Bruce on the war path! – One of the first big surprises from the trailers was that Bruce was in Metropolis at the time of the battle. He witnessed the death and destruction first hand and it is this that has riled the Bat! Does he have a personal connection to the fallout? We see him comforting a child in the rubble of a Wayne Financial building.

In another scene Bruce receives a newspaper clipping about the battle with the words “You let your family die” scrawled on it. Could the ‘family’ be actual family? Children perhaps? A wife? Or is it just a reference to his company / family name being hurt? I think there has to be something more to it than financial ruin to make him so angry. I’m leaning towards a loved one copping it!

Back in Black – It has been confirmed that the Batman we will be seeing is an older, battle-worn vigilante and he may have even retired from the crime-fighting business. The events in Metropolis have prompted him to return to the fight and we see all manner of changes from previous incarnations of the Batman. First and foremost, the Batsuit or Batsuit’s. If you have read Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight’ then you will immediately notice the suits have been almost perfectly recreated on the big screen.


A less tactical armour, more moulded body suit, it is far more intimidating than the Christian Bale suit but still includes clever features like a knife-proof cowl (in which Bruce can move his head easily!). And the Armoured combat suit he wears to fight Superman! This has been ripped right out of the comic!


We have a new Batmobile which looks like a combination of the Tumbler from the Nolan-verse and a Formula 1 car. A lower profile but strong and swift with heavy armament, although still nothing compared to the shins of Superman! A new Batwing which can be remotely controlled by Alfred (presumably from the safety of the Batcave) is at Batman’s disposal as well as an array of gadgets.


The beginning of the latest trailer feels like a gameplay video of the Arkham games, the fighting style is perfectly recreated and he even has weapon disabling gadgets! We know the Bat will be using some kind of weaponry as we have seen a couple of different shots of him holding gun-like objects. Are they real guns? Or just gun gadgets? Does Batman kill now?

A difference in opinions – From the brief interaction we see between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne at an event organised by Lex Luthor, it is evident that the two have very different ideas of how people should be protected, in particular the methods used to protect and serve.


Clark questions Bruce on his views on the Gotham vigilante and how he is a one man reign of terror. It appears that Batman has grown hard and bitter through his years and is pulling no punches when taking down bad guys. The fight scene at the beginning of the latest trailer shows just how brutal he can be, and he is even branding perps with a bat symbol after taking them down. Kent does not agree with how Batman is doing things. On the other hand Bruce Wayne thinks Superman is more of a threat than a hero. It is not clear if Superman is helping to fight crime in Metropolis or whether he is just saving people.


Whatever he may be doing, Bruce thinks his heroism is overstated and he poses a danger the the whole planet. The tone of the trailers suggests that Batman wants to take Superman down to prevent him destroying the planet. I’m sure Superman has no intention of doing this but it will be interesting to see what drives Batman to such a point where he intends to take on a seemingly indestructible foe.

Happy Doomsday – Another big reveal is the introduction of Doomsday. It looks like this is the reason the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman come together. A foe too powerful for any single one of them necessitates co-operation. The creation of Doomsday is still somewhat uncertain but it looks like Lex Luthor performs some kind of experiments on the body of General Zod and the result is this creature.


The big battle scenes we have seen in the trailers (which initially were edited to make it look like Batman and Superman were trying to kill each other) appear to happen over a huge area and involve all three heroes trying to take the creature down. Is Doomsday under Luthor’s control or did the experiments go wrong? Either way a lot of death and destruction is sure to follow. Criticised online for it’s appearance, if this is Doomsday then I don’t mind the way it looks.


The comic character’s appearance changes overtime, with more bone extrusions appearing out of it’s body as it gets stronger (or gets reincarnated) so I don’t think this is its final form. It could also represent a long term threat for the heroes as Doomsday has repeatedly returned from the dead in the comics. The question remains though, is Doomsday the main enemy in the film? Or is there someone or something that lurks in its shadow?

Luthor or Two-Face? – Lex Luthor is up to no good. He is the young, charismatic head of Lexcorp and has put himself forward as someone trying to rebuild Metropolis. Insanely ambitious and intelligent, think of him as a cross between Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg. At least, that is what the public sees. He has somehow got hold of Zod’s body and appears to be experimenting on it. What is he up to? Does he create Doomsday to take out Superman? If so, what does he have against the alien hero? Lois Lane thinks he is psychotic , what is he trying to do? Not only does he have the body of Zod, he has access to what we can assume is Kryptonite.


We see him looking almost hungrily at a glowing green rock in a glass case. Does he know what it is? Or what it does? There are more questions than answers when thinking about Luthor. It seems at time in the trailers that he is trying to push Batman and Superman into conflict. Who knows what he is really after. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t find out his ultimate goal until the Justice League films in a few years time.

What a Wonderful Woman – The time has finally arrived that a live action Wonder Woman is seen on the big screen! Gal Gadot looks perfect in the role and while her outfit has been updated since the 70s TV show, it is still very much a Wonder Woman look! It looks like neither Batman or Superman are aware of Wonder Woman prior to the team-up, but we have seen some interaction with Bruce and Wonder Woman (who I would assume goes by the name Diana when not in costume).


How big a role will she play in the film? Does she know more about what is happening? Is this why she is hanging around? For a character that is hundreds of years old to just randomly show up shortly before the beginning of a huge battle, there must be something that drew her in.

She looks to be incredibly strong and agile and has all the important Wonder Woman features, Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission and her tiara which I hope she will throw at some point! As one of the strongest fighters in comic history, any foe that she decides to go up against needs to think twice!

Dreams and Knight-mares – There are a few scenes in the trailers that seem out of place with the rest of the film. We see Batman in a desert wearing a Duster jacket on top of his Batsuit fighting soldiers clothed in riot gear with the Superman symbol adorned on their shoulders.


We see these same soliders lining a corridor, kneeling before Superman himself as he rips the cowl of Batman to reveal Bruce Wayne. It has been confirmed accidentally that these desert sequences are some kind of dream or nightmare. Some props/toys have been displayed showing ‘Nightmare Batman’ labels so it’s a good bet these events are happening inside someone’s head, presumably Batman as he appears to be the focus.


What causes these nightmares? Does this give us some idea of why Bruce hates Superman so much? Do these dreams convince Bruce that Superman will bring death and Destruction to the world and make it vulnerable to even bigger threats? Are these normal dreams or visions? Maybe someone has made him see these things much like Scarlett Witch’s powers in Avengers:Age of Ultron.

Butlers, Robins and Clowns – There are going to be plenty of Easter Eggs and references to all manner of comic stories, other films and foreshadowing for things to come. Already in the trailers we have seen Alfred being a sassy badass! The polite, withdrawn butler has gone and we now have a man that is somewhat bitter and likes to put Bruce in his place at every opportunity, but he is still an essential ally in Batman’s mission.


We see him remotely controlling the Batwing at one point, which suggests he is not unfamiliar with the controls. The pair have done this kind of thing hundreds of times before, but he does not agree with Bruce’s war against Superman!

We have had reference to some famous comic characters as well. Everyone went nuts when a shot of a seemingly charred Robin suit was shown on display in the Batcave with the words “Ha Ha Jokes on you Batman” scrawled across it. from this we know that at some point at least Robin did exist in this universe.


Whether or not a Robin is still around remains to be seen, but this could be a set up for the rumoured Under the Red Hood story being adapted for the next solo Batman movie. It is an obvious assumption that a version of the Joker wrote this message, suggesting again the Red Hood storyline, but also considering we know Affleck’s Batman will appear in Suicide Squad, the Joker does definitely exist within this world. This is further confirmed when Bruce gives Clark his opinions on Superman, saying that Gotham has history with freaks dressed as clowns! A dig at Metropolis’ costumed hero but a reference to the Joker no less.

The New Gods are coming – Back to the desert ‘Nightmare’ scenes above, there is another huge reveal in this sequence. At one point we see desert Batman standing on a outcropping looking out over a destroyed city with a huge Omega symbol burned onto the ground!


For those that know their comic lore, the Omega symbol is one used by one of the biggest bad guys in the DC universe, Darkseid. Does this confirm his existence in the DC expanded universe? Is this Earth in the nightmare or is it Apokolips? The appearance of the symbol suggests that these sequences are in fact a vision of some kind, how else would Batman know of Darkseid’s existence? We also see Batman fighting the Superman soldiers while Darkseid’s Parademons fly around!


Are the New Gods coming to the DC movie universe? Maybe Darkseid is going to be the big bad guy in the Justice League films. It would certainly require a big defence to stop him taking over the planet! Bruce needs to be careful though, Darkseid has ‘killed’ Batman in  the comics (even though he was actually travelling through time!) If Darkseid is coming, the Justice League films are in danger of having a lot in common with the Infinity War films coming from Marvel! I’m not complaining because I love both universes but will it be the same story?


Plenty of other information has come out of the DC/Warner Bros camp such as the appearances of future Justice League members but I won’t go into that now.

There is so much media to watch and read about the upcoming film. Go seek it out in preparation for what should be an amazing comic book movie!

What do you think will be happening in the film based on what we know? Let us know in the comments below.


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