With the success of the first season of Netflix and Marvel’s first collaboration it was inevitable that a second season would follow in short order. The difficulty would be fitting it between the already planned shows of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Due to it popularity the decision to have the next season sooner rather than later has won out.

We have also had season 1 of Jessica Jones in the meantime which was well received but looked at ‘superheroes’ in a much darker and personal way. Personally I still prefer Daredevil to Jessica Jones but I have loved both series and can’t wait to see more.

As always there are SPOILERS for the previous season below so if you haven’t watched it, firstly what is wrong with you? and secondly, go watch it!

Here’s 10 things we want in season 2 of Daredevil!

Kingpin comeback – The end of season 1 saw the Devil of Hells Kitchen succeed in bringing Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin to justice. Fisk ended the show behind bars staring at another blank wall.


Vincent D’Onofrio was amazing as Fisk, bring a vulnerability to a role with is traditionally depicted as nothing but ruthless and filled with rage. Fisk has all the time in the world to work on his return to power while inside and he will have an axe to grind when he inevitably breaks out or finds a legal loop hole that leads to his release.


I would like to see a move away from him appearing to make the city better through legitimate means and go full on Kingpin. Take control of the criminal underworld and make the city fear him again. He tried in season one but failed. If at first you don’t succeed, smash someone’s head in with a car door!

The Punisher….punishing – It has been known for a while that Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) will be appearing as Frank Castle aka The Punisher in season 2. At this stage we don’t know how much he will show up but I’m hoping for him to have a major presence.


Various set photos show him strutting about town and having captured Daredevil so we know he is at least going to be a thorn in our heroes side. Maybe their individual philosophies will come into conflict as Castle eliminates anyone who he deems to have done wrong, whereas Murdock prefers to take them alive.


Will they end up working together to bring down the series latest threat? There has been talk of the Punisher receiving his own show based on his current performance on set so it sounds like Bernthal is doing a great job.

Electra’s ‘Hand’ – A brief tease of “the greek girl” that Matt used to know when he was in college peaked mine and many other’s interest during season one. Everyone correctly assumed that the reference related to Elektra Natchios, who in the comics is an assassin trained by the secret organisation The Hand who eventually falls in love with Daredevil/Matt Murdock. We saw an attempt at this relationship in the 2003 ‘Daredevil’ film with Jennifer Garner in said role.



That film did not work for numerous reasons and the spin-off 2005 film ‘Elektra’ was even worse, although it did give us some more background into ‘The Hand’. Elodie Yung will be taking up the Sai for the shows red-clad assassin, but how close to the comics are they going to stay?


Will she become a love interest for Matt? Will she be tasked to take him out? Is she going to be the link between Daredevil and the more mystical aspects of the Marvel TV universe in preparation for things like Iron Fist? I’m hoping for all of the above!

Bullseye on target –  Another character who appeared in the 2003 ‘Daredevil’ film was Bullseye (played by Colin Farrell). The film again got him wrong. His skill set was well displayed but he was more comic relief than serious assassin. There was a very brief tease in season 1 that I’m not sure if it has been confirmed. When Matt is trapped in a warehouse while trying to interrogate one of the Russian brothers, the sniper that takes out Officer Blake appears to have an Ace of Spades on him.


The playing card could be a reference to Bullseye as he often used them as weapons in the comics and it could confirm that he is working for Fisk already! There was a rumour that Jason Statham was being cast as Bullseye for season 2 but that has been shot down. In my opinion the more comic characters from Daredevil lore that can make it into the show, the better!

Stick and Stone may break me… – In season 1 we met Stick, he was the mysterious blind man that taught Matt how to use his powers and how to fight! I want to see more of him because he was brutally awesome. We still don’t know a lot about Stick himself other than he appears to be working with others in an attempt to prepare Matt for some trial that is approaching. We see him talk to yet another mysterious man who it was rumoured could be ‘Stone’, another pupil of Stick.


I don’t think this holds much weight though because Stick kneels before him, so I am thinking he is a high ranking member of the ‘Chaste’ organisation. The ‘Chaste’ directly oppose the Hand so maybe Stick is trying to prepare Matt to face the onslaught of the Hand. Was Nobu a member of the Hand?


If it is Stone he will have some kind of Chi manipulation which would then link to Iron Fist, but he might be a member of the Steel Serpent, a not so nice organisation from the Iron Fist comics! I hope they explore this mystical side more in season 2.

Love is blind – Throughout season 1 Karen’s attraction to Matt is shoved in your face! She gets knocked back a couple of times but she doesn’t appear to get the message that he doesn’t want to or feels he can’t get involved with her. The end of the season teased a possible romance between the two and if anyone has read the comics you will know that they have a short but deep relationship.


I would like the show to explore this a bit more, maybe have Matt soften to her a little and agree to a date or maybe even have them as a real couple. That would be sure to ruffle Foggy’s feathers as he has made is affections clear numerous times.Would Matt and Karen be able to save each other from their personal demons? Will they bring in some of Karen’s dark past from the comics? Or will they actually let the characters be happy for a while? I doubt it! Which leads me onto…

Til death us do part… – Major comic spoiler to follow! During a fight between Daredevil and Bulleye in Daredevil Vol. 2 #5, Karen is killed trying to protect Matt. If the two are going to have a relationship in the show I think this would be the perfect way to end the season. With the Bullseye rumour flying around we could easily have that fight occurring and Karen getting in the way or being collateral damage. I don’t have anything against Deborah Ann Woll and I think she played Karen very well during season 1, but unless they find something for her to do in season 2 she will be expendable.


Her story arc was dragged out over the season and now the worst that could happen as a result of what she did is that Matt and Foggy will find out that she killed Wesley, and there might be some revenge from Kingpin. I predict she will be killed by Fisk in some way, but I hope they recreate the Daredevil/Bullseye fight, that will be awesome!

Fight Club – Daredevil showed us a new way that ‘superheroes’ can fight! There is nothing polished about the way Matt brings his fists to bear, but it is powerful and fast paced. And as a Murdock, it’s not how you hit the mat; it’s how you get up . If you think back to the corridor scene in particular which was clearly inspired by Oldboy,  even though Matt was outnumbered and wounded, he never gave up.


Filmed perfectly, the single sequence grabbed the attention of every viewer and made them want more. The fight with Nobu was equally gritty and engaging. This time Matt was up against someone of equal if not superior skill and he still managed to best him, with the help of some fire! Every fight scene is close quarters and the difference between victory and defeat can be as small as a missed punch or step.


We need to see much more of this fighting, and I’m hoping now that Daredevil has his new suit which offers him much more protection, he will be willing to go in even harder at the bad guys. Bring the pain DD!!

Wall-crawling? – If you have ever read any of my posts before you will know that I love films and TV shows to cram in as many characters old or new as they can. I love cameos in other shows, like Lady Sif appears in Agents of SHIELD and Constantine in Arrow. Daredevil would be the perfect place to have some MCU cameos. For example, why not introduce Spiderman in Daredevil, or have some reference to him.


It has been confirmed that the show shares the same universe as the films and that Spiderman will be making his debut in Captain America: Civil War, but it can’t hurt for there to be a news story on a man climbing walls or swinging through the city! I feel like Spiderman’s introduction to the MCU is going to be rushed because of how late in the day the deal between Sony and Marvel was sealed, so maybe DD is the place for his background to be explored a bit more. I’m probably hoping for too much I know, but a geek can dream!

And finally….Crossovers! – I love crossovers. I don’t care what they involve, even if I’m not a particular fan of each show or film that does it. I just love the way a fictional universe can expand to include other stories, which in itself creates the possibilities of even more crossovers! It happens all the time in the comics so it should be done on screen too. I appreciate it is a lot harder to do on TV and film but it is possible, the CW network has shown us that with the Arrow and Flash crossovers.


We already know that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are connected, but the two series we have had so far have had only minor character crossovers. Night Nurse has appeared on both shows as has Sergeant Mahoney


But we need the main characters to appear! I honestly thought that Matt Murdock might make an appearance on JJ involved in a case that Jerri Hogarth is dealing with, but no, it did not happen. I don’t want to wait until the Defenders show to see them all together!


With only a month to go until season 2 hits Netflix the anticipation is increasing! If the first season is anything to go by it is going to be epic! Fingers crossed!

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