The new year brings the comic book shows we love back. We will shortly have Flash and Arrow return to our screens and what better way to welcome them back than to have a brand new show that initially bridges the two then goes off in its own direction. Legends of Tomorrow is here and if the trailers are anything to go by it is going to be pretty good!

Watch one of the trailers here:

Here’s 10 things we want to see in Legends of Tomorrow.

Not Doctor Who – The basis of the whole show is time travel. The Time Master Rip Hunter has brought together a team of ‘heroes’ to travel through time to stop Vandal Savage from conquering the world. When any show involves time travel it is always going to be compared to Doctor Who, and LoT is further hampered by having Arthur Darvill as one of its main cast members.


Rory has had an upgrade from a companion of the Doctor to a Time Master. The show needs to ensure that the travelling is not so haphazard and unpredictable as the BBC show. And the objective for the team needs to be clearly defined, instead of making things up as the go along.

Captain Cold and Heatwave justified – A lot of people (myself included) are unhappy that Captain Cold and Heatwave are going to be a large part of this show. In my opinion they are both really badly acted and their inclusion seems to be completely at random.


There needs to be a proper reason that these two are part of the team. I hope they don’t do the ‘criminals redeeming themselves’ by saving the world. They are two of the most well known Rogues and they need to stay that way! The pair will inevitably cause friction in the team and will go off messing with time, as long as it’s meaningful I don’t mind.

Rip Hunter – Arthur Darvill is already a very popular actor. His time on Doctor Who made him a household name. At first I was unsure about his casting in LoT but since seeing the trailer I am looking forward to his portrayal of Rip Hunter. Hunter is one of the more awesome lesser known DC characters and I have been wanting to see him in live action for years.


When you hear the title Time Master it conjures images of someone who controls, directs and influences time perfectly. That is pretty much what Rip does, it is generally other people that come in an mess things up for him! Darvill needs to have the knowledge and authority of Rip to pull it off. He can’t be drowned out by the rest of the team.

Booster Gold – If a show has Rip Hunter then it has to have Booster Gold. There will be major comic spoilers here so be warned!!! Booster Gold is actually Rip Hunter’s father, and also the one who trained Rip how to be a Time Master. In the comics we follow a younger Booster being trained by Rip to be a Time Master without knowing that Rip is in fact his son from the future.


It gets a bit confusing at times but the thing to remember is that they are time travelling father and son. There has been talk of Booster Gold being brought to TV for some time and I think this show would be the perfect place for him to have a cameo or even just be referenced or a backdoor pilot into his own show!

Maybe we will see Booster in his future as the Football player before he ruined his own career, or working in the Justice League Museum. I’m excited for any reference!

Historical Comics – Time travel gives the show licence to go virtually anywhere and anywhen it wants. There is a huge opportunity to have the team go to locations made famous in the DC comic world.


Maybe visit the Kent Farm on the day baby Kal-El crash lands, or visit Crime Alley when the Waynes are murdered.


Maybe the team will be present at Barry Allen’s accident or following the ring that chose Hal Jordan (THE GREEN LANTERN NEEDS TO BE ON TV SOOOOOON!!!!)


The team can literally go anywhere and if they don’t go to some places that have significance to some major characters then I think they are missing a trick. Of course there will be some legal obstacles to tackle if the show was to include these but I’m hoping for great locations.

Crossovers – As with every list like this that I do, I will always want crossovers. LoT is born from both Flash and Arrow. It includes characters from both shows and looks to have at least brief cameos from the two main heroes.


I think the show would benefit from having other characters from the two shows filter in and out of the main episodes and maybe have a crossover episode like Flash and Arrow do. My ultimate hope is that there is a huge team-up with all three shows, after all Vandal Savage is the biggest threat any of them have faced and they will need everything they have to take him down. However, these crossovers have to make sense, they can’t be forced!

Savage returns? – Talking of Vandal Savage, (SPOILER ALERT) The last time we saw him he had been turned to ash by the the joint effort of Team Arrow and Team Flash. We then saw Malcolm Merlyn retrieve some the ashes saying “You owe me one buddy” Presumably this means that Malcolm is going to find some way to bring Savage back to life.


This might be shown in the second half of Season 4 of Arrow but I would think it would be better placed in LoT. Having the first episode explain how he returned or have the team travel to the attempt to resurrect him and try to stop it would be good.

However it is done, we will need an explanation. I just hope they don’t get around it by having Savage steal the Wave Rider time machine the team will be using and travel to his own future!

Firestorm – Firestorm is one of my favourite comic characters and the Flash TV show has portrayed him pretty well.


In LoT we won’t be seeing the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm (unless we see the recently announced Earth-2 version Deathstorm!), instead we will have Jefferson Jackson merging with Martin Stein. This version of Firestorm is much better than Ronnie Raymond and there hasn’t been nearly enough of him on The Flash.


Being a member of this new team gives him a chance to strut his stuff and use some different powers too! Transmutation perhaps? So far his powers have been identical to Marvel’s Human Torch! Firestorm is so much better and can mess about with the atomic structure of things! Let’s see some of that!

Future heroes – Crossover aside, I think we need to see future versions of established heroes. I think a future Green Arrow has been confirmed to appear in the show and it is likely to be Connor Hawke (Oliver Queen’s son in the comics), but we don’t know how much the character will feature in the show (very briefly I imagine).


A future version of the Flash would be good to see, although this would cause problems if the crisis on infinite earth tease comes to fruition. We have seen a future newspaper which detailed the Flash’s disappearance, so he might not be around to appear in LoT. In the trailer we hear Savage say that he has “seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall”


This is a clear nod to Superman and Batman so maybe we see some version of these characters in the show, although it is very unlikely.

Story arcs – The problem with comic book based shows is that they have a tendency to have a “villain-of-the-week” aspect to their episodes. I really hope that LoT doesn’t do this. I want the show to have a story arc develop for each character to explain why they were chosen to be part of the team and their journey to the inevitable final battle with Savage.


Each character has had their own obstacles to overcome to get to this point, Ray and Sara have both come back from the “dead”, Hawkgirl and Hawkman are back together ready to fight Savage for the 207th time, Jackson and Martin Stein are still learning to master the Firestorm matrix


and Captain Cold and Heatwave have still to defeat the Flash. The arcs need to have good development that draws you in and make you want to see how it ends, rather than have it all happen in one episode.

I may sound quite critical of some of the characters that will feature in LoT but that’s mainly because we haven’t seen enough of them. Almost every member of the team has only had a few episodes for us to get to know them so having them form the spine of a new team will be a really good way to make them more familiar so we can identify with them.


Maybe Ray will develop his own personality rather than be a male version of Felicity Smoak. Maybe Sara will actually get a chance to kick some ass and be the hero without her demons chasing her. And if I’m lucky, maybe Heatwave will be killed off!


Let us know what you are looking forward to about the show in the comments below.

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