goblet of fire cover.jpgSo quite some time ago I re-read the Harry Potter books, as I do every year, and noted down some of the things I noticed this time round, now I wasn’t quite so absorbed with the main story. After diligently posting my findings of the first three books, I went a little bit off radar and it’s now been nearly 6 months later and I’m only just getting round to writing about The Goblet of Fire. Apologies for that, my excuse is that I went back to work full-time from maternity leave, and y’know, I have a one-year old! But, here we are- I got there in the end and I will post the next in the series after much less of a delay. As always, let me know if there’s anything you’ve noticed or think that I’ve maybe misunderstood…

  1. Is there a Wizard/Muggle police liaison for times such as when the Riddle’s died? Muggles clearly killed by magic etc. There should be.
  2. Why did Voldemort go to that house when he hated his muggle connection? Why not his relatives nearby?
  3. WormtailWhy did Wormtail go back to Voldemort?
  4. Why doesn’t Percy just work in an office, rather than in his bedroom?
  5. Presumably there must be other quidditch training grounds.
  6. With all the magic they have, couldn’t they have built a lift into the stadium?
  7. Seriously, Lucius greets the Minister for Magic by his last name?!quidditch world cup
  8. Why didn’t Harry and Ron give up Divination?
  9. Hagrid really should take points from Draco.
  10. It is weird that it’s the first time Rob has ever used the expression ‘working like house elves’, at a time when it would most annoy Hermione.
  11. Harry just leaves his homework in the common room. Very trusting. Or stupid.Durmstrang_arrival
  12. How the hell does the Durmstrang ship appearing in the lake work? I know it’s magic, but still!
  13. You’d think that designated spaces and chairs would be in place for the visiting students and staff before they arrived.
  14. The feast when the visiting students arrive is the only time there is ever not sufficient food on all the tables, requiring Fleur to come and ask for ‘ze bouillabaisse’.
  15. How are Beauxbatons and Durmstrang schools running almost an entire year without their head teachers? Surely they’d do the tournament in a shorter time span?goblet
  16. The Goblet of Fire is wooden. Goblet. Of. FIRE. Wooden.
  17. How exactly does Snape think Harry got his name into the Goblet?
  18. So the champions are exempt from end of year tests. What if they were supposed to be sitting their NEWTS? Do they end up taking an extra year of school to then sit them the following year? Or are they awarded grades based on what their teachers think they should get?
  19. Could an older student put in the name of a younger student and it be accepted?
  20. Snape surely cannot be allowed to be deliberately nasty and blatantly biased towards students, i.e. commenting about Hermione’s teeth when she’s clearly been hit with a spell?
  21. Harry says that he has no idea how to get to the kitchens. Surely they should be on the Marauders Map?
  22. Hagrid could have just told Harry it was dragons.
  23. Surely students are only allowed in Hagrid’s hut if he says so, why doesn’t he lock it whilst lessons are happening?
  24. Also, doesn’t Dumbledore check Hagrid’s lessons plans?
  25. Why don’t Harry, Hermione and Ron warn Hagrid about Rita Skeeter and persuade him not to give her an interview?
  26. I still don’t understand why Harry and Ron did not immediately ask Ginny and Hermione to the Yule Ball.
  27. Couldn’t Ron have used a spell to at least change the colour of his dress robes?rons dress robes
  28. Where are the teachers bedrooms? Do they share?
  29. How does Dumbledore not have a private en-suite bathroom?
  30. Why did Harry have to go out at night to take a bath, and where do they take baths the rest of the time?
  31. Why aren’t there magical bubbles in the other bathrooms?
  32. Why does Harry need to go and investigate all the time???
  33. Again- they need a wizard internet. They’d have found a way to survive under water much quicker.
  34. Hermione is honestly what matters most to Krum? Already? Who chose what should be taken from each of the champions?
  35. Snape is a teacher. He cannot be allowed to talk to student the way he talks to Harry.
  36. Is it actually not allowed for students to visit the kitchens?
  37. Surely Hogwarts should have ways of ensuring that curses/buboter pus can’t be sent to students?
  38. Why doesn’t Harry use magic to summon Dumbledore?
  39. Snape is an idiot. Why stop Harry getting Dumbledore to Crouch?
  40. “Not unless he can turn himself into a bat or something”. Nice foreshadowing
  41. Fred and George say Ron will be made a prefect and he says he won’t. More foreshadowing.
  42. Seriously! Harry is properly nosy!
  43. Is Azkaban the only Wizard prison?
  44. How is it that names of known Death Eaters were so secret? Surely there were records?
  45. Is their another paper, other than the Daily Prophet (or The Quibbler)? Most of what they print appears to be rubbish.
  46. I don’t want to read anymore. It gets painful and sad from now. (Just starting the third task)
  47. What if Cedric had taken the cup alone?cedric
  48. Cedric really was pretty impressive to make it through the maze despite “Moody” outside helping Harry.
  49. Just take the portkey straight back to Hogwarts!
  50. Did Wormtail have to chop his whole hand off?!
  51. Surely Harry’s mother should have appeared first, as she died second?
  52. How did Mrs Crouch have polyjuice potion to drink so regularly in Azkaban?
  53. I know Dumbledore trusts Moody (the real one), but wouldn’t he insist on placing the cup himself?
  54. Fudge is a moron.
  55. How can it be allowed to effectively execute Crouch jnr without a trial?
  56. Did Snape raise his goblet to Harry?
  57. Why say Rita can’t write for only a year? Why not make it forever? Or just tell the Ministry? Perhaps I’m just vindictive.
  58. Oh god. I hate the next book.

So whilst it may have taken a while, it’s a pretty long list, so hopefully it was worth the wait!




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