At the end of the last episode, Supergirl was beaten out of the sky by Astra’s soldiers. I was beginning to wonder when she would show up in the show again as we haven’t seen her for a while. What has she been doing since their last meeting?

It would appear that she has been preparing for something. Secrets are revealed this week and Kara finds herself up against a bigger threat than she has faced before. Here’s our recap and review!

Supergirl tries to break free of her captors but Astra pulls out Hank Henshaw’s Kryptonite knife to threaten her with.


She realises she won’t be able to fight her way out so she flies underground to escape, but not before Astra tells her that the city will need both of them for what is to come.

Reporting to the DEO, Supergirl tells her what happened. Henshaw thinks it could be the first step in a city-wide attack by the Astra and the remnant of criminals from Fort Roz.


Henshaw tells Supergirl to rest because she still hasn’t recovered from her fight with Red Tornado. Predictably Supergirl won’t rest and walks out when Alex sides with Henshaw.

Giving in to Kara’s drive to fight, Alex agrees to another sparring match.


This time around Kara holds her own much better and actually takes Alex down a couple of times. Kara refuses to make the finishing strike which worries Alex because if she is going to fight Astra she can’t hesitate. She is worried that her feelings for her aunt will stop her from doing what is necessary. Whatever happens she must be ready to kill.

We get to see some scenes of Astra and her lieutenant (who is also her husband).


Astra had promised to kill Kara and he is worried that her feelings will stop her. Astra would prefer to try and make her see reason, but her husband says if she doesn’t do it he will end Supergirl.


Meanwhile, Catco has been hacked! Somebody has released a load of sensitive information and it is being published by the Daily Planet. Cat now feels like she needs to quit and go into hiding to escape the bad publicity, but Kara convinces her to fight it.

Cat tasks Kara and her geek squad (Olsen and Winn) to search through all her old emails to see if there is anything that could hurt her reputation further.

Winn starts trying to trace the hack while Cat faces the board who are split over whether she should resign or stick it out. Kara overhears one of the board members, Dirk Armstrong, hinting that the board could be responsible for the hack, or at least someone on the board.


Kara suggests calling Lucy Lane to get some legal advice and they decide to try and search for something linking Armstrong to the hack.

Too much of this episode is taken up with the hack storyline. In summary, the team manage to find evidence that Armstrong was the one that ordered the hack.


The reason Cat was going to step down was because she was worried people were going to find out about her secret son, Adam Foster, that she has been supporting for years. She doesn’t need to step down though, the team confront Armstrong and they lawyer him! He is taken away.

The better parts of the episode involve Astra. We get flashbacks to Krypton in which Astra tells young Kara about Kryptons pending destruction and would do anything to protect her family. Allura arrives to confront Astra.


Astra tries to make her see reason and explains that she has done what was needed, against the council’s will because Krypton is dying. Allura says she can’t let her hurt anyone else and arrests her.

In the present, a news report see Astra hovering out in the open taunting Supergirl. Let the fight begin!


It was good to see the two Kryptonians in combat. Kara’s fighting has improved but Astra fights dirty! And much like when her cousin fights, there is a lot of collateral damage as the two crash through buildings.


During the fight Astra tries to provoke Kara by saying that her mother was a murderer and that she lied to her. Kara gets angry and beats Astra down, but instead of finishing it, she takes her off to the DEO so she can rot!


The DEO’s attempts to get Astra to talk fail as she will only talk to Kara. She explains that she turned her back on her family to do what was necessary. Krypton was on the verge of an ecological disaster much like Earth is now, but she knows how to prevent a similar catastrophe.


Unwilling to believe what Astra is saying Kara goes to the hologram of her mother to ask if any of it is true. Allura admits that she used Kara when she was younger to draw Astra out of hiding so she could arrest her. This upsets Kara massively, her mother lied to her and used her, against her own aunt.


Her rage and sorrow boils over and she uses her heat-vision on the hologram as she breaks down crying. Kara now blames Allura for the destruction of Krypton.

Alex has been suspicious of Astra since she was brought to the DEO, reviewing the footage of the fight between Supergirl and Astra, Alex thinks that Astra deliberately lost!

Hank Henshaw also tells her that he cannot read her mind for some reason (which surprises Alex that he can even do that!) Alex and Henshaw go to confront Astra to ask what she is up to but they don’t have time to get answers!

Was Astra a diversion? Her husband and their troops smash their way in to Lord Industries. They are looking for the champions of Earth.


Lord tries to mount a defence by using some anti-Kryptonian weapons he has developed but there are too many soldiers. The DEO arrive to help and the fight begins. Not all of Astra’s soldiers are Kryptonian as we see a few different powers being used.

The battle is not going in the DEO’s favour, even with Henshaw standing his ground against one opponent who says ‘You don’t fight like a human’ and Henshaw replies ‘That’s because I’m not’.


His shape-shifting eyes glow red and he uses his strength to beat the alien down.

Alex is not doing so well but never fear, Supergirl is here! The episode ends with Kara facing Astra’s husband ready to do battle!


Oh i should probably mention that Cat has worked out that Kara is Supergirl. It was always going to be Cat that would work it out first. She has had the most interaction with both Kara and Supergirl of those characters that didn’t know her identity.


She questions her about how she overheard Armstrong, and being sick and having a broken arm at the same time as Supergirl being nowhere to be found. Cat thanks her for being Supergirl. While she appreciates the thanks, Cat knowing worries her. Can she trust her with that information?

Here’s a few things I noticed this time:

  • Cat once asked out Idris Elba!
  • Kara is distancing her from Jimmy, she didn’t tell him Astra was back.
  • Winn is a bit hostile towards Jimmy but they smooth things over later when Jimmy tells Winn to risk it and go after her if he cares for her.


  • Winn replies “You and your abs wouldn’t understand!”
  • Astra and her troops have divised a way to shield them from the effects of Kryptonite. Why has no-one done this before?


  • Kara tells Alex that Superman doesn’t kill. She obviously hasn’t seen Man of Steel!
  • Is Cat’s son Adam Foster significant? Why does she not have a proper relationship with him?
  • Cat asks Kara to take her glasses off to prove that she is Supergirl. You are 3 feet away from her, surely you can see past the glasses!!!!

It was a good family based episode with a fair amount of action too! It’s interesting to see that Maxwell Lord has developed weapons capable of hurting or even killing Kryptonian’s, did he make these to take down Supergirl? The relationship between Alex and Henshaw is much better now that there are no secrets between them. He is more honest with her, and they now respect each other.


What is Astra’s plan? Does she just want to take over the planet to stop the people from destroying it? If so, that’s probably a bit dramatic. I’m thinking she has some other motive for coming out of hiding now, and not just because Kara is active.

Jimmy and Winn appear to be warming to each other. Jimmy has backed off from Kara now that he realises Winn has feelings for her, and maybe we will see him become Winn’s wingman! I for one am totally behind Winn although I predict Kara will shoot him down and this might drive him to take up his father’s mantle of the Toyman. He knows Kara’s weaknesses and has the tech know-how so he would be very dangerous.


Enjoy the mid-season break and the holidays because as soon as we come back our whole week will be full of superhero shows! Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and for the UK Gotham and Agents of SHIELD start again! Bring it on!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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