Just like the mid-season finale of The Flash, the events of episode 9 of Arrow seem to have completely forgotten about what happened in the the crossover.

I’m not sure how much of this is because the show-runners just wanted to get the mid-season finale over and done with or because the characters in the show think Vandal Savage has been permanently dealt with. Team Arrow have a lot to deal with this week so I can’t blame them for focusing on that. Here’s our recap and review!

The Star City clean up has begun spear-headed by Oliver. It mainly involves picking up litter, and even though he is the face of the program, Oliver doesn’t actually pick anything up!


A quick interview with the press is broken up by a drone firing at the people on the beach! Felicity manages to hack the drone to bring it down but not before people witness Oliver being a hero and saving a young girl from the gunfire.

Discussing things in the Arrow cave later, Oliver is convinced the attack was HIVE because of the threats from Damian Darhk about Star City Bay. The team stress that he needs to give some kind of statement to the media but he refuses until he has a plan to deal with Darhk.

team arrow

Diggle goes to talk to his brother (who they still have locked up) to see if he will give them any information on what Darhk is planning.The conversation goes as planned and Andy is very defensive.


He does give some background details into what happened to him. All the ‘ghosts’ fake their deaths so that they can be untraceable. In his case Deadshot was tasked to kill him but was supplied with fake ammo by HIVE.


Andy doesn’t know what Darhk is planning, he just followed orders. Later on we see Diggle get angry and telling Andy if he wants to be a ‘ghost’ they will treat him like one!

Deciding that he has no other choice, Oliver gives a statement to the media.


He calls out Damian Darhk by name, shows a picture of his face and tells the city that he is responsible for the attack on the beach as well as the ghosts running amok around the city. Darhk is watching the report and uses his magical TV screen breaking skills in anger.


Though reluctant to celebrate at a time like this, Oliver is convinced to go ahead with a Christmas party as part of his Mayoral campaign. Prior to this Felicity and her mother Donna accidentally found the ring that Oliver was going to propose with.


This has sent Felicity into a bit of an excited but confused daze. She has figured out the significance of the Soufflé in the first episode and is now worried why Oliver hasn’t proposed since they returned to Star City.


Confronting Oliver, she asks him if he has changed his mind. He says no but he needed time to re-think things and whether he wanted to risk her by marrying her when still involved in his chosen lifestyle. Before Oliver can properly explain the party is crashed by Darhk and his goons.


Darhk wants to hurt Oliver by punishing the ones her cares about. He uses his magic to hurl Oliver through a window before kidnapping most of Team Arrow. It’s time for someone we haven’t seen for a while, Angry Oliver!


He goes on a rampage around the city trying to get information on where Darhk has taken his friends. He even goes so far as to suggest torturing the ghosts to get the information.

Laurel receives a tip on the Anti-Darhk hotline about her dad working for Darhk. She confronts him and Lance confess about his involvement. Laurel is very disappointed in him, but at least he doesn’t have to keep it secret anymore!

Malcolm Merlyn appears in the Arrow cave with another quip about it being easy to break into.


Quickly disarming Lance when he gets a gun in his face, Merlyn and Oliver discuss a way to get his friends back. Merlyn can’t afford for the League of Assassin’s to oppose HIVE. Oliver arranges a meet with Darhk so that he can trade himself for his friends.

Darhk takes Oliver into his base and shows him a gas chamber he has been developing. The reason he was so interesting in Star City Bay was because there was a certain type of algae that grew there.


They used this algae to develop a airborn version of the pills he uses to make his men compliant. Darhk says that mankind needs a reset (sounding a lot like R’as Al Ghul) and his toxin can do that as soon as HIVE install Oliver as mayor to do their bidding.

To test the chamber further and to teach Oliver his lesson, Darhk takes him to Felicity to say goodbye. She asks him about the proposal again and says that if he had asked she would have said yes. They always fight through the hard times, it is her choice to be with him and she can take care of herself. What warm feelings you have now are dashed when Darhk puts Oliver’s friends in the chamber and releases the toxin.


Darhk wants to take away his reason to fight but before the toxin can take effect The ‘Green Arrow’ and the Canary show up. The chamber is shattered by the canary cry and Oliver smashes the window to get his friends out.


We see that it is actually Merlyn disguised as the Arrow and he kicks ass! It’s really good to see him back in action.

Confronting Darhk as the others try to escape, Merlyn gets choked for his trouble but is saved by Oliver and Lance.


Using a exploding arrow the trio escape, although Darhk was chanting before the explosion so he has clearly escaped to fight another day. It’s interesting how each character has their own distinctive fighting styles which develop over time. I love watching Team Arrow fight.

We see that Darhk has survived the recent explosion and is showing some of his HIVE colleagues/superiors his work.


He has created a huge underground field of corn which he says has a perfectly breathable atmosphere. What is this for? Is this where they will start a new society? Is this project Genesis?

To round of the episode, Oliver gives a Christmas speech to the media and proposes to Felicity!


She of course says yes and the two leave in a limo to celebrate. Inevitably the limo gets surrounded by Ghosts and a hail of bullets strikes the vehicle. Oliver manages to get the limo out of harms way but Felicity has been shot! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Just like always here are some things that jumped out at me!

  • Donna Smoak found the ring that was ‘so cleverly hidden’ by Oliver!
  • Malcolm is trying to be a good dad by coming to check on Thea.
  • Donna Smoak and Quentin Lance are officially seeing each other and aren’t subtle about it!


  • We meet Curtis Holt’s husband!

curtis husband

  • When Darhk crashes the Christmas party he seems to recognise Thea!
  • Oliver apparently learnt how to free dive in an hour!
  • Inside the sunken ship Oliver finds a perfectly preserved map! Like it wouldn’t have been ruined by spending a long time underwater.


  • Oh and he gets bitten by a shark but fights it off somehow?!
  • Malcolm makes a joke about Laurel’s outfit being bondage gear. A reference to the racy outfit from the comics as well?
  • We see Darhk with his wife and kid during the sequence when Felicity gets shot, is Oliver going to use them to get to him? Darhk days are ahead (pun intended)

It was a pretty good episode for a mid-season finale. I don’t think Felicity will die from the gunshot but they clearly want to make you think that she is going to be the one in the grave.

There is an outside chance that she will be the Arrow equivalent of Oracle from the Batman universe. She already fills the same computer/tech role as Barbara Gordon and now with this injury could she be paralysed from the waist down? One of the episodes from the previous season was named Oracle but had it’s name changed for some reason.

It was really good to see Malcolm Merlyn with a bow again although it seems that no one can go toe-to-toe with Darhk. He can be injured though and we have seen a possible weakness (his family). Team Arrow might be able to use this as a way to stop him. Oliver has upset him quite a lot by revealing him to the media so he might be on a bit of a warpath, especially because the latest stage of Project Genesis is complete.


I predict the next few episodes to be full of challenges for the team, Oliver will be full of rage, Laurel is upset with Lance, Thea’s bloodlust will no doubt return, Diggle has had enough of his brother’s resistance and Felicity will be recovering. When the show returns next year anything could happen!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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