The Vandal Savage crisis has abated (for now) and each hero team has returned to its respective city. It almost feels like the events of the last episode didn’t even happen. There is no mention of Savage or the Hawks or even Team Arrow for that matter, but then the team has other things to worry about this week. It is the Christmas episode and as such the general theme running through is loved ones or family. Here’s our recap and review!

Let’s get Wells out of the way. Earth-2 Harrison Wells is still hanging around with Team Flash trying to figure out a way to stop Zoom.


Things don’t seem to be going too well for him (excuse the pun), Zoom is back in S.T.A.R. Labs chasing Wells through the corridor. After a failed attempt to shoot him, Wells is held up by the throat and pleads for Zoom to return his daughter Jesse.


Zoom simply replies ‘Merry Christmas’

We don’t see much of Wells for the rest of the episode, but when we do he is clearly distracted and we get an explanation later on when Wells confronts Zoom as he has figured out what his plan is.


He wants Barry to get faster and stronger, fattening him up like a Christmas Turkey so that he can steal his speedforce.  Wells agrees to help steal Barry’s speed if Zoom returns his daughter!

Iris is struggling with a secret this week. She is the only one that knows about Francine’s son Wally and every time she talks to Joe she feel like she is betraying him.


After speaking to the shows resident moral compass, Barry, she agrees to tell Joe what she knows.

The talk goes as expected. Joe is shocked by the news that he has a son and needs time to process the news. Later on Joe and Barry are having one of their usual moral talks and Joe confesses that he blames himself for not knowing his son.


He says he could have tried harder with Francine and hated himself for not being able to rescue her from herself. Barry again gives Joe a pep talk and tells him it’s not his fault.

Much later after the weekly crisis has died down, Joe tells Barry he is ready to meet his son. He has let the news sink in and is actually excited to meet Wally.


Before he moves on with this he makes it clear that he has always thought of Barry as his son, he gives him his own father’s watch as a gift that was meant for his son. They embrace and the bromance continues stronger than ever.

The episode comes to a close with a Christmas party at the Wells residence. Everyone is all smiles and it is a typical cheesy Christmas scene until the doorbell goes. Iris opens the door and none other than Wally West is standing there.


Joe invites him in and the introductions begin. How will his arrival affect the team or more specifically the West family. Will it change the dynamic between Joe and Barry now that Joe has a real son?

This week’s villain threat is multiplied by three. Mark Mardon, known by Cisco as the Weather Wizard is back and breaks Captain Cold and the Trickster out of Iron Heights Prison.


He creates a blizzard to blind the security systems and uses ice blocks to smash the locks. He broke the pair out so that they can work together to kill the Flash as each one of them has failed on their own.


Mardon thinks the Flash is vulnerable now because of his recent defeat by Zoom so it is the perfect time to strike. The Trickster is in mainly because he just wants the Flash dead and to cause chaos, Captain Cold however does not want to be part of it.

While the criminals hatch their plan, Team Flash try to work out a way to track them down. Cisco starts talking about developing a device that can detect Weather Wizard and Barry finishes his sentences.


In the previous timeline, Cisco made a Weather Wand to nullify Mardon’s powers so all he has to do now is figure out how to make it again.

Mardon’s return sends Patty into a rage. She gives Barry a bunch of attitude which he doesn’t understand until Joe tells him that Mardon killed her father. She won’t talk to Barry about and takes it upon herself to deal with the the Rogues situation.

Honoring the gentleman’s agreement that Barry and Captain Cold have, Snart turns up in the West house to warn Barry about Mardon and the Trickster.


Barry tries to convince Snart to help them but he says he ‘has no interest in being a hero’ and Barry replies by saying ‘you’re doing a lousy job at being a villain’. This is a clear set up for Legends of Tomorrow and shows that Snart isn’t all bad.

The Trickster is the first to stick his head above water as he calls Barry out by hi-jacking the city’s TV screens.


The Team figure out where the Trickster is and Barry goes to meet him. The Flash runs into Patty when he arrives and the pair quickly spring the trap and are surrounded by Dreidel bombs!


The Flash ends up saving them by effectively flying through the roof using his tornado hands pointed towards the floor!

The Flash warns Patty that she is being reckless which causes her to explain that she blames herself for her father’s death.


Her whole life has been about getting justice for her father and she doesn’t want the amazing guy she is seeing to see how much anger she has inside.

The next threat comes in the form of bombs placed in 100 random presents given out to the children of Central City by the Trickster (disguised as Santa). The Flash confronts Weather Wizard and a chase begins which see WW display a new power, he can fly!


We also get a particularly cool shot of The Flash running along the rotar blades of a helicopter as it is airborne! Barry uses the weather wand to bring Mardon down before being stopped in his tracks.

Mardon reveals that there is no way for the Flash to find all the bombs before they explode. In order to save the children Mardon says he wants to kill him publicly and without him using his powers. Barry doesn’t have a choice so he lets Mardon and the Trickster beat him down.


Meanwhile Team Flash figure out that if they can find one bomb they can use one of the breaches to magnetically draw all the other through and detonate them. The plan works, the children are safe and Barry takes both villains down in the blink of an eye.

Before he can celebrate, Patty arrives and uses Cisco’s boot weapon to anchor The Flash to the floor and stands over Mardon ready to kill him. The Flash manages to convince her not to kill him as it will end her life too so she arrests him. This whole ordeal has brought Patty to a place where she is ready to tell Barry what has been bothering her.


Will this mean that Barry will share his secret too? Barry had previously told Joe that Patty is what makes him happy so he needs to be very careful about keeping secrets.

There was a bunch of little things that jumped out at me this week:

  • Barry and Patty are more open about their relationship in front of people.
  • The Jay/Caitlin romance feels forced. I am not invested in it and at times is cringeworthy.


  • Jay’s jokes about not knowing what Christmas or Mistletoe is are not funny.
  • Barry has no qualms with talking to people about the fact he time traveled! Like it’s the most normal thing ever!
  • Captain Cold has upgraded his Cold gun with a deadman’s switch.
  • Earth-2 has no Trickster!
  • Everyone was able to track the Trickster by seeing a reflection of a Teddy Bear in his Cornea! Also he is called Mr Jiggle Wiggle!!!!


  • Wells demands kids toys on their doorstep!
  • Cisco shows his appreciation for Breaking Bad by uttering the line “How do you like the magnets, bitch!”
  • Barry isn’t recovering from his beatings as quickly as he has done before.
  • Barry forgives Earth-1 Wells for what he did. He can’t physically hate him anymore, he is done.

It was good to see some of the Rogues back in action. And any episode with Mark Hamill in is golden. He plays crazy very well. Earth-2 Wells is becoming more like his Earth-1 counterpart with every episode, now he is working with Zoom to try and push Barry faster. This clearly isn’t going to end well. The episode felt a bit out of place as there was no reference at all to Vandal Savage or the Hawks, things just felt off throughout.

The Jay/Caitlin romance needs to stop. Not only has Caitlin got over the ‘death’ of Ronnie very quickly, the two just don’t seem natural and it is clear the show is just setting them up ready for Ronnie to come back and mess things up. I want to see more of Jay but less of Caitlin, she has not been great this season.

Barry and Patty are going to have some important conversations coming up when each one reveals something to the other. How will they react to each other’s secrets? Patty should have worked it out by now!

It wasn’t a great episode for a mid-season finale and the revelation at the end of the episode that Wells is working with Zoom was so predictable. Hopefully when the show returns it with regain some of the energy it had at the beginning of the season. Come on Barry, bring the Flash back to form!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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