With the Arrow/Flash crossover episodes taking place in the same week as episode 7 of Supergirl there was always going to be a lot of competition. I’m sure the established heroes of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen grabbed high audience figures but this episode of Supergirl was one not to be missed. It appeals to the comic fan-boy/girl in all of us and it was the first time in the series that I had been genuinely surprised! Here’s our recap and review!

At the end of the previous episode we saw Kara lose her powers as a result of the fight with Red Tornado.


Now we see the DEO running tests on her to see if they can work out what has happened. It is revealed that her Kryptonian energy has been depleted, and as Maxwell Lord states later on, it is like she is a walking dead battery.

When talking to Jimmy Olsen about the loss of her powers he references Superman using a ‘solar-flare’ power.


This is a fairly new power for Superman in the comics so that was a good reference. By letting go Kara has basically burnt herself out.

Now that she is pretty much human Kara has to live like a human. He first obstacle is the common cold.


Her Kryptonian immune system no longer functions so she is vulnerable to disease. As Cat Grant has an absolute hatred for germs, she sends Kara home from work. Meeting up with Jimmy the pair talk about her loss of powers shortly before an earthquake rocks the entire city.


It causes widespread destruction and results in Kara breaking her arm (which is a lot more painful than she realised).


After the tremors die down, Maxwell lord is pretty much straight on TV trash-talking Supergirl by saying she is the world’s most unreliable superhero.


Where is she in their time of need?

Kara wants to go and stop Lord from putting so much negativity out to the public but to rub salt into the wound, he is currently running a relief effort to help the people affected by the quake. He says the city doesn’t need Supergirl and wants the city to see a human saving it instead which is why he has taken the lead.

Shortly after this there is an after-shock which causes a car accident near by the relief. Jimmy, Kara and Lord go to help and the driver is severely injured.


Lord assess what is wrong but says he can’t save the man here, he needs a hospital and says Supergirl could get him to one. The man dies and Kara cannot deal with the fact that she couldn’t save him. She thinks she is nothing without her powers.

In comes Jimmy to give her a pep talk again!


He tells her that the real heroes are the ones that don’t stop trying even when the odds are against them. Taking this advice literally Kara immediately goes to stop some looters at a nearby electronics store. They are armed but Kara pretends to still have her powers.

She manages to talk them down while Jimmy takes some photos.

After this incident Jimmy and Kara are bonding over stories of Jimmy’s dad and why he became a photographer, they hug but are interrupted by Winn! He is visibly upset and rushes out of the room after telling them he has figured out how to restore Kara’s powers. She needs a kind of Kryptonian adrenaline burst to kick start her system.

Another disaster strikes! The earthquake has damaged the Catco building causing a gas main to explode. There are people trapped on the floors above so Jimmy climbs up the inside of a lift shaft to rescue them.


Another shake of the building forces Jimmy to dangle from the lift cables which inevitably snap! The fear and the intense situation kick-starts Supergirl and she flies down the shaft to catch Jimmy as he falls.

We then get a short montage of Supergirl flying around the city saving people and being the visible hero the city needs. Before Kara got her powers back, Cat Grant made a live broadcast to the city in which she asked the people to send in stories of heroism.


Even though Supergirl isn’t around the city can save itself. Later on when Supergirl is back she goes to thank Cat for inspiring not only the city but her too. She flies away happy but is quickly taken down by Astra’s soldiers!


While all this is going on the DEO have their own problems. The earthquake strikes just as they are trying to carry out a prisoner transfer of someone called Jemm. He has psychic powers and is incredibly dangerous.

Jemm escapes when the power goes out so the DEO goes into lock-down. Hank Henshaw organises search parties for him, equipping his agents with neural disruptors to protect them from psychic attacks. He doesn’t give one to Alex and tells her to stay in the control centre. Does he not trust her?

During one of the searches, Henshaw goes missing and the other agents he is with get taken out. Alex decides to go against his orders and goes out to find the missing agents.


Just as they leave, Henshaw turns up completely unharmed saying that the other agents inhibitors didn’t work. Jemm has read the mind of the security chief so he could know all the door codes, they aren’t safe anywhere in the base. Henshaw again tells Alex to stay behind when he goes in search of Jemm.

Expressing her distrust of Henshaw Alex and another agent go in search of Jemm. They find the missing agents, with their inhibitors still working, and Alex confronts Henshaw.


He claims he lied about the inhibitors because he didn’t want other people to get hurt by doing something stupid. She asks him about her father but when he won’t answer she handcuffs him to a pipe and calls Jemm out.

Gem arrives and Alex goes full throttle and unleashed guns and grenades at him, eventually destroying the gem in his head.


It isn’t long before the element of surprise if gone and Jemm beats her down, but she is rescued by Henshaw who beats Jemm down, telling her ‘I am not the enemy’.

Time for the reveal! Henshaw explains what happened with her father. He and Henshaw were tracking an alien, Henshaw wanted to eliminate it but her father realised that the alien was innocent, he sacrificed himself to save the alien. As a promise to her father, the alien said he would protect the planet and his daughter.


The person we know as Hank Henshaw is in fact the shape-shifting alien J’onn J’onnz aka Martian Manhunter!!!!

Here’s a few things that jumped out at me:

  • The Allura hologram has information on Kryptonian powers being drained. They didn’t have powers on Krypton!


  • Hank Henshaw says that he has no loved ones left. Is this about Henshaw or was it a clue to him being Martian Manhunter? He is the last son of Mars after all!
  • Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane are looking for a place to live together.
  • Jimmy will jump at any excuse to rip his shirt off in front of Kara!


  • Winn appears to be a technical expert in everything computer based but I still don’t know what his actual job is.
  • Maxwell Lord claims he got through medical school in one year!
  • Winn is disappointed that Kara is still hoping that things will happen with Jimmy.

I thought this episode was pretty good, if not the best of the season. The reveal of Martian Manhunter was completely unexpected.

I had seen a picture online of him but I though it was going to be Jemm who was actually hiding his true identity because he shares some similar powers. The vagueness of the real Hank Henshaw’s demise leads me to think that he could still come back as Cyborg Superman maybe towards the end of the season or next year as a big villain!

It was about time that MM was seen in live action, and don’t forget in the comics he is a member of the Justice League. I doubt they will do that in this show but it would be really cool if they acknowledge some kind of interaction between him and Superman. The mid-season finale is next week so it looks like Astra is returning to be the challenge and will inevitably cause all kinds of problems for Kara.

What did you think of the episode? let us know in the comments below.

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