We have finally reached the Flash/Arrow crossover episodes! The Flash and Arrow episodes this week form parts 1 and 2 of the same story so don’t be surprised if this week’s Flash finishes somewhat suddenly. Let’s get right into our recap and review!

We start off with Team Flash trying to find a way to get Barry to go faster. Before his speed naturally increased as he met each new challenge but now he seems to have reached a peak. Earth-2 Wells says that is is not fast enough to beat Zoom, but he may have a way to temporarily increase Barry’s speed.

This is developed later on in the episode after Wells and Caitlin have developed a serum they call Velocity 6. Wells wants to test it on Jay Garrick before giving it to Barry. But Jay still doesn’t trust Wells and refuses to take it.

Jay changes his mind when Patty Spivot, who spots Wells in the open and decided to follow him back to S.T.A.R. Labs, shoots Wells thinking he was going for a gun. Jay agrees to take the serum to temporarily restore his speed so that he can phase a hand into Wells’ body and pull a bullet out to save his life.

Jay and Wells come to an uneasy alliance but Jay refuses to ever take the serum again and tells Wells to keep any serum away from Barry.

The main focus of the episode is the new villain. Introduced by apparently being captured but proceeding to kill his captors with ease (while using some possibly mystical skills), we can tell that Vandal Savage is not some one you want to mess with!

The next time we see Savage is interrupts Cisco and Kendra’s date. He calls her Priestess Shia’ra and mentions something about a previous life. Cisco tries to defend Kendra but is face with some flying knives for his trouble. The Flash speeds in to catch the blades and knocks Savage back causing him to retreat. This leads to Kendra being officially classed as one of the group when Cisco accidentally blurts out The Flash’s real name in front of her.

Barry suggests that they take Kendra to Star City so Team Arrow can protect her as they have more experience with the mystical, magical side of things. Unfortunately Team Arrow are a bit busy dealing with Damien Darhk. Darhk has broken into a ARGUS facility to steal a chemical bomb. 

The team strike and Oliver ends up being caught by Darhk and has his life force drained. The Flash has to come in and save the whole team!

The two teams meet up in the Arrow cave (which Barry is very impressed with, but Cisco says they set up all wrong!) Barry explains the Vandal Savage problem and uses a new skill of ‘speed drawing’ to create an incredibly good likeness of him on a conveniently placed notepad near by.

 Felicity puts this image into some facial recognition software and only finds one image from 1975.

Oliver gets really pissed at Barry for not finding out more information on Kendra and Savage before bringing her to Star City. They are all now in danger because of his quick thinking! Felicity suggests cooling things down by the group getting together for some drinks.

There is some good character interaction in this scene. Thea and Cisco discuss coming up with a different hero name for her,  Felicity and Barry talk about other worlds and his relationship with Patty . Oliver and Barry make up and Barry notices that Oliver is actually happy. He reminds Oliver that he once said himself that guys like them don’t get the girl. Oliver only replies that he was wrong.

The merriment is interupted by Savage as he jumps through the window. Barry super speeds Oliver bow into his hands and Savage throws multiple knives at the group.

 Barry manages to catch all but one that strikes him as Oliver lets some arrows fly and enters into hand-to-hand combat. He gets quickly beaten down by Savage but when Barry reveals he can catch the knives, the the team push Savage back with more arrows right to the edge of the balcony where he teeters. Oliver screams for them all to stop but Thea finishes is with one more arrow, sending Savage falling.

The team recover in the Arrow cave and get a surprise visit from Malcolm Merlyn.


He tells them a bit more about Savage including that he is immortal. Kendra can’t take any more so she leaves the cave to get some air but is quickly snapped up by Hawkman!

After some initial friction (Olive is no match for a flying Hawkman who also takes out the Flash!) 

Hawkman explains to Kendra and the team that she needs to emerge to fight Savage, until then he needs to protect her. He explains that he and Kendra are the reincarnated spirits of Ancient Egyptians Prince Kufu and Priestess Shia’ra. Their life-force is tied to Savage, every time he kills them he grows stronger.

As Kendra cannot remember her previous lives or activate her powers, Hawkman (aka Carter) wants to force her to emerge by pushing her off a building. Oliver is in favour of this as they need all the help they can get but Barry thinks it’s crazy. Barry catches her just before she hits the ground on her first failed attempt.

Oliver thinks the Hawks are drawn to objects that can help them fight Savage, which is why Kendra was drawn to Central City as the Staff of Horus is there. Savage is looking for this too as it will make him stronger.

Barry and Oliver find the church that the staff is in only to find that Savage has got there first. 

He uses it to fire energy blasts at the pair and then causes a massive explosion which destroys the entire church. Barry saves them in the nick of time. At the same moment Kendra launches her self off a building and her powers emerge! She is now Hawkgirl!

If the business with Savage wasn’t too much to handle, Oliver and Barry are in Jitters when Oliver spots Samantha, his old girlfriend with a young boy who is about the same age as the amount of time since she left him! Does he have a son!?

  After all Moira Queen did pay Samantha off to leave the city.

There was lots of little extra bits that jumped out at me this week:

  • Joe says it’s cute that Barry and Patty are hiding their affection in front of him, while they say they are just being professional.
  • Cisco calls Savage Highlander, even before he knows he is an immortal.
  • Felicity has developed some magnetic arrows which Oliver didn’t think would work, but they really do!
  • Diggle’s fighting is awesome! He is almost as good as Oliver now.
  • Thea didn’t know they knew the Flash.
  • Barry asks if Oliver gets cold with no sleeves on his suit!
  • Felicity scolds Barry for not telling her he broke his back!
  • Hawkman’s flying and fighting effects were pretty good
  • The fight between Hawkman, The Flash and Green Arrow was really good and showed the two heroes teaming up perfectly
  • Caitlin is starting to worry that Earth-2 Wells is very similar to Earth-1 Wells, particularly with his obsession of making Barry faster.
  • The Staff of Horus is the item of interest for Savage and the Hawks, in a previous episode in Oliver’s flash backs, Constantine was looking for the Orb of Horus.
  • Barry fills the role of the audience by calling out the ridiculous scenarios they have been through e.g. psychic gorilla

The first part of the crossover episode was mainly dealing with set up. We were introduced to the villain and the team starts working towards a plan to take him down. It’s good to see the two teams working together again and the interaction between the groups is much more fluid and natural. Even though Vandal Savage appears to be just good with knives and fighting, we haven’t seen him do anything particularly mystical. If anyone takes him on one-on-one they will lose and those knives are pretty awesome (Nth metal perhaps?) We have now seen all the characters that will form the Legends of Tomorrow and if they recent trailer is anything to go by that is going to be awesome! Bring on Part 2 of the crossover!!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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