Team ‘Flarrow’ received a bit of a knock during part 1 of the crossover episode. Vandal Savage appeared and retrieved the Staff of Horus and made it very clear that he is out for the blood of Kendra. Part 2 sees the team learning more about Savage’s motivation and the team preparing to take him on. Let’s see how they got on in our recap and review.

This is technically an Arrow episode so of course there are flashbacks. But is time around they don’t belong to Oliver. Kendra is starting to remember parts of her first life and we see her as Priestess Shiera and Carter as Prince Khufu in Ancient Egypt.

They both worship the god Horus and appear to dislike each other in front of the Pharaoh. When they are out of sight however they locks lips, and are seen unbeknown to them, by Vandal Savage who is some kind of cleric/advisor to the Pharaoh.

Back in the present, Oliver has taken them to a secluded farmhouse to hide out and prepare for the upcoming battle.

Felicity and Cisco go to work out a way to get the Staff of Horus away from Savage, while Oliver suggest Kendra starts her training now that she has ’emerged’. Barry jokes that she doesn’t let Oliver train her, as he can still feels where the arrows hit him in the back!

We get a brief period where each character is off doing their own thing. Kendra has a ‘talk’ with Cisco. She is struggling with what her life is turning into and isn’t ready for it. Their talk is interrupted by Hawkman/Carter who says it’s time to start preparing.

He presents her with her Hawkgirl armour, and says that she will start to remember things, wearing the armour might help her remember faster.

Oliver goes back to Central City to find his ex-girlfriend Samantha (after brushing Felicity off when she asks where he’s going) He confronts her and asks if the boy is his son. Samantha gets very defensive and claims that her son William (not Connor Hawke dammit!) is not Oliver’s. Just to be sure Oliver takes a strand of the boy’s hair to test the DNA.

Malcolm Merlyn arranges a meeting between the heroes and Savage, and on his way to the meeting Barry see a Flash ghost!

Looks like he is going to time travel again soon, but why? At the meeting Savage issues an ultimatum to the heroes, he wants the life force of Shiera and Kufu. If they don’t hand them over he will kill all their loved ones.

The heroes react predictably as Oliver looses an Arrow at Savage who only responds by saying that he taught Robin of Loxely how to use a bow, and Robin taught him how not to feel pain. Savage leaves and Merlyn says that they should hand over the Hawks. He warns Oliver that if he does anything that results in Thea getting hurt he will do worse than kill him!

Carter and Kendra start their training, even though Kendra is still not convinced that she is ready. Carter tells her to seek out the warrior within to activate her powers and feel the rage.

Meanwhile Laurel, John and Thea have uncovered an old BetaMax tape on which a professor from St Roch University says that Savage’s power is linked to a calamity that happened and that any objects related to this calamity could stop him.

Remember that strand of hair? Barry gives Oliver the results which show the match to his DNA, the boy is his son. Just as Oliver leaves, Felicity arrives asking if Oliver has been around. He super-speeds the DNA results into his pocket but not before Felicity sees it and demands to know what it is. Barry doesn’t know what the results mean but Felicity does!


Time for some confrontation, Oliver goes to see Samantha and gets her to tell the truth. She tells him that Moira Queen gave her $1,000,000 to walk out of Oliver’s life. Oliver wants to get to know his son but Samantha will only allow it if he can keep it secret from everyone, she doesn’t want William sucked up into Oliver’s crazy life.

If Oliver wasn’t already upset felicity confronts him with the test results. She says that if he doesn’t trust her enough to tell about his child then how can she be with him? Are they breaking up?! All Olicity fans scream noooooooooooo!

The team makes final preparations for the attack on Savage. Cisco has developed some Gauntlets for Barry to wear so that he can hold the staff and use it on Savage without getting any feedback (so that’s what Barry was wearing in those promo images) and Oliver demands that only he, Barry and the Hawks go to confront savage, he won’t risk anymore lives.

The plan starts to work, Barry and Oliver pretend to hand the Hawks over then they strike. Oliver engages Savage in combat and knocks the staff away while Barry releases the Hawks. Carter tells Kendra to go full Hawk but her powers won’t work! Savage uses this distraction to kill Carter with some throwing knives. He then kills Kendra before Barry starts using the staff on him.

The gauntlets don’t work as Barry and Oliver start getting hurt by the feedback. Oliver tells Barry to run as he is the only one that is fast enough to get away. Savage has had enough and causes a massive explosion which Barry has to run as fast as he can to escape, it kills everyone in its path.

Barry runs so fast that he travels back in time, he has been given a second chance.

Barry tells Oliver that the plan doesn’t work because his head wasn’t in the game and the gauntlets didn’t work. He tells Oliver that he is someone’s father and that Kendra wasn’t ready. Oliver tells Cisco to talk to Kendra as he clearly loves her. He takes this advice and interrupts the Hawks training. Cisco advises her to focus on her priestess self instead of the warrior and it works instantly, we get another flashback.

Savage catches the Shiar’ra and Khufu in the act and they fight. savage kills them both at the same time as the ‘sky rocks’ fall. Savage does some chanting and it gets a bit confusing as to what actually happens. did he cause the reincarnation cycle deliberately? Or what it a coincidence and the sky rocks that caused the staff and dagger to be imbued with some magic?

The team work out that the sky rocks are made of some kind of Nth metal (good comic reference) and that they need to use their metal to make the gauntlets work. Barry nicks some and then Oliver asks for everyone to suit up.

Things go much better this time, Kendra and Carter attack with full power to knock Savage back with the help of team Arrow, Barry steals the staff and uses it on him with the help of Oliver. Savage is turned to ash remarkably quickly!

As everyone relaxes, the Hawks decide to leave to discover more about their past and see how their lives continue without Savage chasing them (and because they aren’t needed in the show anymore and will probably just show up in Legends of Tomorrow) Barry advises Oliver to try and get to know his son, as Felicity doesn’t know about him yet (thank god for time travel).


Oliver goes to ask Samantha again and promises that he will keep it secret from everyone. Oliver meets William and they bond over his Flash and Captain Cold  action figures.

And to finish the episode in a way which reminds everyone that Merlyn is in fact a really bad guy, he gathers up some of Savage’s ashes and is presumably going to bring him back in some way. Barrowman!!!!

A few things jumped out of me this episode:

  • Thea jokes about superheroes living in a farmhouse. Excellent Superman/Smallville reference.
  • Barry is a lot more jokey and cocky and much more like his comic persona.
  • Cisco calls Hawkman He-man!
  • Cisco also says that the staff belongs to Gandalf.
  • Are the Hawks immortal now that Savage is dead?
  • Cisco makes a GPS for Kendra out of some remaining Nth metal. Is it me or should he have made it into the Hawk symbol?
  • There was not nearly enough Felicity or Diggle in this episode.

A good episode but quite a sudden end. Confusing until we saw Merlyn gather the ashes. We know that Savage is the villain in Legends of Tomorrow so he has to come back and soon seeing as the show starts in January.

The fight with Savage could have been better, we still didn’t really get to see what he was capable of other than throwing knives really well. A bit more detail into his power set and his background would be good, although that will probably be expanded on in Legends.

The whole thing with Oliver’s son is clearly going to blow up in his face as he is now keeping it secret from an already suspicious Felicity.

Does this increase the chances that Felicity will be the one in the grave that’s was teased at the beginning one the season. If there is no Olicity then the show can kill her off!

The crossovers were bigger scale than last season but they lacked the novelty and I think it was only the improved chemistry between the teams that set this above last seasons ‘Flarrow’ episodes. How will the teams deal with the fallout of the Savage situation? We shall wait patiently.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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