The theme of this week’s episode is anger! The title ‘Red Faced’ could have a double meaning of either anger or embarrassment and it could apply to more than one character this week!. Supergirl faces up to a new threat and we get to see a few more well-known comic book characters on screen. Here’s our recap and review!

In the comics Supergirl has a bit of a reputation of getting mad! On numerous occasions she has let her rage get the better of her, particularly when she became a member of the Red Lantern Corps.


Some of this anger displayed this week when she almost breaks the arm of a road rage driver who tries to punch her after she damages his car (she saved the lives of a bunch of school children in the process (but he obviously doesn’t care about that).


Hank Henshaw gives her a dressing down and tells her to control her anger. He says that people are scared of Superman not because of his strength but of what he might do if he loses his temper.

The DEO gets a visit from General Sam Lane (yep, Lois and Lucy’s dad)


He and Lucy introduce the military’s latest combat machine, code name RT otherwise known as Red Tornado!


General Lane wants Supergirl to test out the robot’s capabilities in a fight. RT is possibly the least convincing android I’ve ever seen and pales in comparison to a recent big screen Android, Vision at least looks believable.


Kara is up for the fight as she wants to show ‘her’…erm…’him’ that she can be trusted. This is a reference to wanting to show what Supergirl is capable of in front of Lucy Lane.

Kara is still struggling with her jealousy over Jimmy and Lucy. Things are made worse when Cat Grant, angry already by the presence of her incredibly annoying mother, takes her frustration out on Kara and says that she has been making a fool of herself over the whole Jimmy situation, and the whole office knows it.

To make matters even more uncomfortable, Jimmy invited Lucy to the office game night. Kara has to sit there while Jimmy and Lucy are all over each other. When the subject moves onto Supergirl Lucy starts criticising her and neither Jimmy nor Winn defends her. The anger is bubbling away.


When the arranged fight with RT begins, Kara is raring to go. The Fight doesn’t last long, even with RT using a hand tornado technique which is very similar to one employed by The Flash on CW Network.


When RT fires some rockets at Supergirl she flies underground to deliver a stealth uppercut. Supergirl beats the android down and ignores any orders to stop as her anger takes over. She even uses her freeze breath on RT’s arm and snaps is off before she comes to her senses.


According to RT’s creator Dr Morrow, this ordeal has activated RT’s Emergency Self-preservation program as it flees and goes into stealth mode. Even though she won the fight, she has unleashed an undetectable, lethal killing machine into National City!


As a result of this General Lane fires Dr Morrow and scolds Supergirl and the DEO!

Another encounter with an angry Cat Grant sends Kara over the edge, she shouts at her boss and calls her mean!


Coming round from her outburst, Kara apologises, Cat’s only response is to take her somewhere. She takes her to a bar and the two women bond over drinks. Cat is definitely the mentor figure for Kara and advises her that everyone gets angry, but you cannot get angry at work, especially if you are a girl.


She tells Kara to find a release and find out what she is actually angry about.

Before she can properly process this advice she is called away to defend Lucy and general Lane from an attack by Red Tornado. RT creates a small tornado which Supergirl dissipates by flying around it in the opposite direction really fast (again from the Flash).


General Lane blames this attack on Supergirl but Henshaw is quick to defend her as she saved their lives.

Kara and Jimmy work through some of their frustrations by using some punching bags (although Kara’s punching bag is a car!)


Kara reveals to Jimmy that she is angry because she will never be able to have a normal life. Her normal life ended when she left Krypton. She is almost honest with Jimmy when she says every time she looks at him and Lucy she is mad that she can’t have what they have!

The team develop a plan to take down RT which involves Kara keeping the android busy while Alex locates Dr Morrow who it has been revealed (with some help from Maxwell Lord) is still controlling the android.


This fight is much more difficult for Supergirl as RT has learnt from their previous encounters. After Alex takes out Dr Morrow RT becomes sentient and goes all out on Supergirl.

She is losing the fight until she uses her heat-vision. At first this only slows RT down but then Supergirl unleashes her anger and with flashes of memory of her time on Krypton, her heat-vision goes into overdrive and obliterates RT.


Kara is visibly exhausted from this and retires victorious. Later on during a conversation with Cat, Kara smashes a glass, going to pick it up she cuts her finger! How is she bleeding?


Has her rage affected her in some way? Has she lost her powers? I need the next episode!!!

While Kara is dealing with her internal and external demons, the rest of the cast are tackling their own challenges. Jimmy and Lucy Lane seem to be happy but things take a turn for the worse when Lucy’s dad General Lane comes to town. Jimmy comments that her dad doesn’t like him because he consorts with aliens!

Lucy convinces the two to have dinner and things go fine, if not very awkwardly.


When Lucy goes to the bathroom, General Lane outright says that he does not think that James is good enough for Lucy, and that aligning himself without someone special does not make him special. This cuts James deep as it is similar to something he told Kara a few episodes ago.

After the business with Red Tornado has concluded, Lucy decides that Jimmy is the one she wants to spend her life with and she quits the position her father gave her. Instead of trying to reason with her, General Lane simply says that she has made a terrible mistake.


What will this mean for their relationship? Will Jimmy full commit now?

Cat gets a visit from her mother this week. She appears to be some sort of high society person. I didn’t pay that much attention to her as she was incredibly annoying. It was easy to see where Cat got her attitude from as they speak to people in the same put-down kind of way, and she even calls her ‘Kitty’ instead of Cat.


When having drinks with Kara it is clear that Cat is talking to herself as well as Kara. Telling her to find the anger behind the anger and work out what is really bothering her. She takes her own advice and stands up to her mother to defend Kara (and she even compliments her!)Cat

Alex is in investigation mode this week. She is trying to find out more about what happened to her father. Alex rocks up to Catco to ask Winn to hack into the DEO mainframe! Winn refuses at first but relents when Kara and Alex play the dad card. Winn even acknowledges the fact that he has daddy issues so they knew that would work.


Alex is also the one that gets the assistance from Maxwell Lord in finding Red Tornado. There is clearly something developing between them and Alex surprises herself by opening up to Lord about her family and she just hands over top secret military technology for him to ‘look at’.

I foresee a romance between these two that will be kept secret at first but will be uncovered and might result in her departing from the DEO or worse!

Agent Danvers is the one that down Dr Morrow when Supergirl is fighting Red Tornado.


God only knows why they would only send one agent looking for him! The fight is short and of course it looks like at first Alex is being beaten down but she comes back before accidentally shooting Morrow dead.

Later, Winn informs the girls that he has found some information. Their father’s last mission ended with him missing and another agent with no memory of what happened.


That agent was Hank Henshaw! They are getting closer to finding out what happened but it looks like their next obstacle is Henshaw himself.

Here’s a few other things that caught my attention!

  • Maxwell Lord is still voicing his opposition to Supergirl to any media outlet that will listen.
  • Kara has decided to be Olsen’s friend and push her feelings aside, for now.


  • Winn is fast becoming my favourite character. He is the Cisco Ramon of the Supergirl show!
  • Lucy is incredibly unobservant – Kara references Superman as her cousin in a game of charades but she doesn’t seem to notice! Even when the conversation moves to Superman’s cousin Supergirl!
  • Kara and Winn are really bad at charades!
  • James is not shy about talking to General Lane about top secret information he should not know!
  • The best effects of the episode are Supergirl’s rage vision and Red Tornados flying!
  • James uses his Superman signal watch but is it now tuned to Supergirl instead?


  • The DEO are using Kryptonian and other technology for lots of things!
  • Henshaw really isn’t subtle about using his glowing eyes anymore!

This episode was really good for showing the developing relationships between certain characters. I like how Cat is starting to take Kara under her wing properly and has acknowledged that she actually does a really good job. Alex and Maxwell Lord’s relationship can only end in disaster but it will be an interesting journey to be sure.

Henshaw’s secrets are close to being revealed as Alex delves deeper into her Father’s death. James and Lucy are on a peak of their roller coaster relationship. I’m sure next week there will be an issue which will mess things up again. Most importantly Kara seems to have lost some if not all of her powers! Has losing control stripped her of her abilities or is she experiencing a mental block to her powers as we have seen many times before on other shows. All I know is that I am genuinely excited to see the next episode!! Keep it up Supergirl!

What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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