‘Brotherhood’ is the name of the latest episode of Arrow. Even though Diggle has learnt some less than pleasant information on his ‘late’ brother, he still does not have a sense of closure. If Damien Darhk is to be believed (which he probably shouldn’t be) then the man Diggle thought he brother was is a lie. This episode sees John’s demons come to life (literally!) Let’s jump straight into the recap and review.


John Diggle is the main focus of the episode. Starting out taking part in what has become a regular chase and take-down with some of HIVE’s ‘Ghosts’, the Team fail to stop them blowing up a truck full of money heading to Star City bank. Hive want the city to die so they can have a base of operations.

John gives Oliver the file on his brother and explains that Andy was killed because his criminal activities conflicted with HIVE operations.


Learning that this information has come from Darhk causes Oliver to question its validity.

After Felicity and Ray trace the ‘Ghost’ tooth (remember that from a few episodes ago?) to a chemical lab Team Arrow infiltrate to try and obtain the chemical used for the process of decoding the ‘Ghosts’ DNA. All does not go as planned (as usual). Some Ghosts confront the team and Diggle ends up taking one down and removing his mask to reveal….his brother Andy!!!


Andy manages to escape and the team ex filtrate.

Does this mean that the term ‘Ghosts’ could be literal? Are the soldiers actually dead people revived somehow? Or just all identity of them erased? This was what the device Darhk told Lance to install in the server was all about. It was deleting records of the ‘Ghost’ soldiers!

Diggle is understandably confused and Angry and decides that Andy has gone over to the other side so he is just one of them. Oliver tries to convince him to give Andy the benefit of the doubt, they don’t know the whole story. Anything could have happened to Andy.

Later on at an event for Oliver’s Mayoral campaign, Diggle and Laurel have a heart-to-heart.


They share a similar experience of having a sibling who was thought dead actually still be alive. And the most heart-wrenching part of the episode, when Diggle cries!


Diggle is really struggling with the whole thing and can’t bring himself to tell Andy’s family about him being alive. Oliver eventually convinces him to go in search of Andy and try to find out what happened. The two venture down to the docks and are of course spotted by the ‘Ghosts’. Andy pulls of his mask and orders the other to “kill the green one”.


Does this mean he doesn’t want Diggle dead? Is there still some Andy left in there?

Oliver gets overwhelmed by some ‘Ghosts’ and dazed by a flashbang but Diggle comes to the rescue by throwing one of Oliver’s arrows at an approaching Ghost.


Recovering in the Arrow cave, Diggle tells Oliver to let it go, there is no excuse for what Andy has done. But Oliver can’t accept this, he needs to believe that everyone can come back from the darkness that consumes them.

Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow decide to go and rescue Andy from the HIVE staging area. Diggle stays behind as he thinks Andy doesn’t deserve rescuing. As with all their infiltrations recently, it goes horribly wrong and the Team are massively outnumbered. Thea manages to locate Andy with the help of some new in-fared cameras which can identify someone through their mask (apparently).


When all seems to be going wrong for the Team, Diggle arrives to save Oliver saying “My brother needed me, The Green one” Loving the bromance!! Diggle’s episode arc ends with him going to see Andy who the Team have locked up in the Arrow cave. He asks him about the things in the file and Andy coldly replies “It’s all true” Diggle’s heart breaks all over again. This can’t be his brother.

Much of Oliver’s story this week involves his non-vigilante persona. His Mayoral campaign is picking up speed and first on the agenda is an event to show support for the SCPD in the hope that they will support his campaign.


At the event Lance and Oliver seem to be getting on a lot better, and Lance is continuing his double agent mission.


Darhk suspects that Lance is leaking information to Team Arrow and threatens him with something worse than the death of Laurel. As Darhk leaves Lance notices a very obviously placed note on his desk which says “Slip 52” (another reference to the New 52 series) Darhk is clearly trying to catch Lance out! He falls for it and tells Oliver about this meeting.

In a professional capacity, Darhk approaches Oliver to offer support for his campaign as long as he leaves certain areas of the city alone.


Darhk threatens Oliver by saying that if he does not stop his plans for regenerating Star City Bay, he will no longer be ‘un-opposed’.

Oliver and Diggle spy on the meeting at Slip 52 where Darkh is displaying the drug which controls his ‘Ghosts’, and he smiles when he realises the meeting has been watched. He has caught Lance out!


The events in the episode have not phased Oliver and he continues with his plans for the City. Taking Diggle’s advice, instead of trying to infiltrate HIVE he will fight them in the light of day and pledges his support for the development of the city, while an angry Darhk looks on.


Thea has a tough time this week as her blood lust is returning. On several occasions she goes a bit crazy when taking people down. And things are made worse when Malcolm Merlyn arrives with the intention of quenching her thirst for killing by giving her information of people that ‘deserve’ to die.


Thea refuses to be a murderer but is still struggling, perfectly displayed by the fact that she almost beats a guy to death while on a date with Oliver’s campaign manager!

There is hope for Thea though. During the rescue attempt she meets Damien Darhk and he tries to do his life-drain trick on her, but it backfires!

thea damien

Is this an effect of being in the pit? It reduces her blood lust a little and leads her to think that Darhk is the key to ridding her of this burden. This surely won’t end well for Thea, how is she going to get Darhk to help?

The flashbacks hold little interest this week but they do reveal that the man Oliver was tricked into killing was the brother of the woman that he rescued.


Reiter believes that Oliver was not responsible for the death and punishes Conklin by getting Oliver to administer lashes!!

Here’s some other interesting things that jumped out this week!

  •  Laurel uses her Canary Cry again! Works pretty well this time.
  • Team Arrow appear to have bullet-proof motorbikes.
  • Oliver calls Thea ‘Speedy’ infront of his campaign manager. Will he work out who Thea is?


  • Felicity is over-heard talking about leather and chains and gets a very strange look!
  • Oliver and Lyla still have a very frosty relationship.
  • Where has Lyla been?
  • Ray doesn’t want to be back in the public eye because he feels like he hasn’t got a reason to come back. He want to go and do something different (Legends of Tomorrow anyone?)


  • Laurel’s fighting is getting really good!
  • As is Atom’s he has improved a lot.


  • New powers on display by Damien. Teleportation? Decoys?
  • In the Flash backs, Oliver steals a map to Lian Yu from Reiter which has details of mystical/magical locations?

I like how the show is becoming more intimate and dealing with personal stories of each character while at the same time still being a very action orientated series. They are introducing the mystical aspect quite well, even if the Constantine episode was a bit forced. And the Legends of Tomorrow set up is almost complete, which I cannot wait for ever since watching the recent trailer!


Our next episode will see the Arrow/Flash crossover so expect things to be epic! Don’t forget about Diggle and his brother, what will come of that? And who was in that grave in the flash forward? We still don’t know. At this point it could be anyone, I’m putting my money on either Thea or Diggle but Lance could be possible too.


Overall the episode was good but I have noticed they seem to be reducing Oliver’s hero level to be closer to his team-mates. In previous series he was virtually unstoppable and almost at super human levels. But now the rest of the team are close to the same level and the show doesn’t shy away from Oliver making mistakes or being in over his head. What threat will require all the active heroes to come together? Bring on the crossover!

What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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