Last week’s episode ended very badly for Barry! He had lost the use of his legs as a result of his battle with Zoom. How ever much I wanted the show to do a different take on the Wally West / Hunter Zolomon storyline, we get a different resolution to Barry’s paralysis. Before I reveal any more let’s get straight into the recap and review!

Let’s start with the bad guy. Grodd makes a big return to the show! It’s been a while since we last saw him and it’s surprising that an enormous, intelligent psychic Gorilla can stay hidden for so long!


We find out that Grodd is collecting certain chemicals that increase intelligence shortly before Caitlin Snow is controlled by Grodd and taken to his lair.

The King Kong imagery is quite prominent in this episode, as Grodd asks for Caitlin’s help to create more versions of him. Caitlin was always kind to Grodd so he doesn’t want to hurt her.


A bond starts to form between the two and she even feels sympathetic towards him. She agrees to try and help him while the rest of Team Flash are trying to find where Grodd has taken her!

Back to Barry. He has regained some of the movement in his legs but has lost his speed. We see him rolling around S.T.A.R. Labs in a wheel chair much like Professor Wells did and it’s no accident that his mood seems to reflect that of his former mentor.


Since he has been out of action he has been avoiding Patty saying he is sick but Patty is starting to suspect that he isn’t telling the truth. She catches him and Joe out in a lie, and later on says that if they are going to continue seeing each other she needs to be able to trust him.


He is going to have to tell her his secret or he will lose her!

Using the cosmic treadmill Barry is trying to re-gain his speed. It becomes apparent that he is being held back by the humiliation and shame over the Zoom incident.


He explains to Joe that the City has seen him fail and that they now don’t think he is strong enough to protect them. Joe, being the voice of reason once again, tells him that he can still protect the city, “You may not have your legs but you still have that brain”

Barry’s recuperation is assisted by the return of his dad Henry Allen.


I completely forgot that Henry used to be a medical scientist of some sort before he went to jail and he looks at Barry’s scans to confirm that his body is completely healed. It is only his mind that is holding him back. Henry tells him that he knows what it is like to be destroyed by something, but you have to accept it, get past it and move forward or it will consume you.


Now that Barry has got his mojo back Team Flash develop a plan to get Caitlin back and stop Grodd. Earth-2 Wells dresses up as the Reverse Flash (using a spare costume Cisco found in the time-vault).


Grodd sees Earth-1 Wells as his Father so they hope to be able to convince him to let Caitlin go by pretending to be his Father.

The plan doesn’t go so Well when Grodd figures it out because “Father never asks – Father take” After a very convincing Reverse-flash impression from Wells which left me wondering if there is another secret he is keeping back, the team manage to subdue Grodd and escape with Caitlin.


Team Flash come up with a plan to send Grodd to a place on Earth-2 where Gorillas that have been experimented on can live in peace. They use Caitlin to draw Grodd out and then the Flash takes herto the breach as Grodd chases.


The Flash attempts to knock Grodd back but he gets another flashback to his Zoom fight and chokes. Grodd smashes him back. Caitlin lures Grodd towards the breach and then Barry uses his super-speed punch to knock him through it.


We see Grodd come through the breach on Earth-2 and the camera pans round to show a city surrounded by Gorilla-shaped mountains, it must be Gorilla City!!! I can’t wait to see Grodd seize power here!


Caitlin is the central character of this episode. When Earth-2 Wells decides he is going to go home because his plan to get The Flash to help stop Zoom fails, he says that his only other plan is to face Zoom himself!

Caitlin convinces him to stay and help the team stop him from this world. Wells figures out that if they close all but one of the breaches then Zoom will have to come through the one they leave open. That way they can set a better trap for him!


Caitlin defends Grodd when the other just want to beat him down and lock him up. He didn’t choose to be the way he is and he is getting smarter. He just wants more like him. I foresee another episode where Grodd rescues Caitlin from something, maybe from Zoom?

Cisco has a smaller role this week. His focus is on his date with Kendra Sanders. When they hold hands Cisco ‘vibes’ on her! He sees an image of a person with wings!!!


This freaks him out and he leaves! Later on they try the date again and he ‘vibes’ when they kiss! This time he sees that the person is a woman with a hawk mask and wings!


I’m not sure if he has figured out that it is Kendra but He doesn’t get freaked this times and they continue their date! Cisco sure is going to have competition when Hawkman shows up! Those two are bonded through time so Cisco doesn’t really stand a chance!

Here’s a few more things that jumped out at me:

  • Even considering his advanced healing abilities, Barry recovers from a broken back very quickly!
  • Cisco’s ‘date alarm’ on his computer shows how super-excited he was!
  • When controlled by Grodd Caitlin packs a mean punch!
  • Wells acknowledges the presence of talking gorillas on Earth 2.
  • The CCTV footage of Grodd was really bad CGI
  • Cisco teaching Wells to be more like Reverse-Flash was funny and terrifying. I certainly wouldn’t want to teach someone to pretend to be like the person that killed me!


  • Team Flash have developed anti-telepathy earbuds!
  • Barry wants to use the Reverse-Flash ring to store his suit in! Just like in the comics!
  • The breaches on Earth-1 open up at different places on Earth-2, curious!
  • Henry actually gives a proper goodbye to everyone this time. He has redeemed himself a little bit.
  • Joe wonders what it would have been like to have his own son. He will find out soon enough!


Less happening in this episode than there has been previously. I think this is mainly because they wanted to remind everyone that Grodd was still around. At the start of the episode I would have said that Grodd would probably end up being an ally of Zoom but after seeing his relationship develop with Caitlin he good aid Team Flash. Although Caitlin did betray him to send him through the breach so maybe he will want revenge. I was disappointed how they shoe-horned the appearance of Hawkgirl in.


I know it’s because the next episode is the big Flash/Arrow crossover and they needed to introduce the characters for Legends of Tomorrow, but it was rushed and didn’t add anything to the show. I’m looking forward to the crossover and the Legends of Tomorrow trailer released this week looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the time-travelling team in action!


What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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